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Comment Re:Why not? (Score 1) 465

Yes yes yes. Whenever Trump says something so blindingly idiotic it always is handwaved away as a joke... Unless of course the audience eats it up. You know, like making Mexico pay for a big wall, something Trump has no power to do, but because it gets idiots like yourself to jump up and down like five year olds in a blow-up castle, well, yay Trump meant it!

Comment Re:Why not? (Score 1, Interesting) 465

So you don't think the Republican candidate for the Presidency of the US inviting a foreign power, one that is at the best of times in a rather tense relationship with the United States, to hack into US systems just to gain dirt on the other party's nominee is reasonable?

Comment Re:"most secure" (Score 5, Insightful) 91

Most secure if you also ignore Chen's frequent attacks on Apple for not just handing data over to the US government... which, when you think about it, rather suggests that Blackberry's products are not really all that secure at all.

I'd get worked up, but the reality is that no one really gives a flying fuck anymore about Blackberry.

Comment Re:Who is Kurzweil? Why should I care? (Score 1) 203

I think life is probably fairly common. Intelligent life very likely much less so. Even on Earth, intelligence is a solution to the problem of survival used by only a small fraction of organisms, and even among the organisms that use intelligence as a solution, that intelligence doesn't have to be at the level exhibited by a rather small number of tool-using animals.

But it's going to be a long time before we figure out whether intelligence is rare or not. I don't think SETI is the answer, since incidental transmissions (like TV and radio) only propagate out a few light years before they become indistinguishable from ordinary background radio sources. No, I actually think we'll ultimately identify other civilizations through advancements in optical and radio telescopes which will betray tell-tale signatures like pollution in the atmospheres of Earth-like exoplanets. That's still many years away, but eventually we're going to build large scale space-based interferometer array that will be sensitive enough to image continents and oceans on exoplanets.

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