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Comment Just not worth it any more. (Score 1) 174

All releases will still be available via the usual free channels, worldwide, downloadable without streaming, and likely to work on any device you might care to copy them too.

I am not going to waste my time searching the P2P nets for a serviceable rip when the HD or 4K stream is one click away on Netflix. Not after having made the investment in theatrical quality sound and video and the Netflix app is on screen.

Comment Slashdot Faux Fox News For Nerds. (Score 1) 174

Let's be clear about what Neflix has here

Exclusives are never exclusive forever in this business:

Essentially what this means is that right after movies hit the shelves on DVD and Blu Ray, they will make their way to Netflix and will never make it to other streaming services as long as the deal is in place. The movies will be available exclusively to stream on Netflix for the same period of time that they would usually be shown on standard cable TV, so though the movies will eventually find their way to more traditional outlets, it will be an even longer wait than usual.

Netflix Gets Disney, Marvel, Star Wars Exclusively in September

I am not crying any tears for Amazon. Films from the Disney collective have dominated home video sales since their first release on VHS. Zootopia will be released on June 7th and pre-sales of the DVD/Bllu-ray/Blu-ray 3D have already made the film a top ten/top 100 bestseller.

Though things could get interesting when Disney makes its move in 4K.

Comment Dropping off the cliff. (Score 3, Insightful) 144

The real test of a movie is how well it performs in the first and second weeks after launch. Word of mouth and all that. Some films like How To Train Your Dragon can recover from a weak opening and show extraordinary strength down the road, but that doesn't happen very often.

The Tomatometer rates Angry Birds at a Rotten 43%. Zootopia, Fresh, at 98%, The Jungle Book, Fresh, at 95% ---- and. if you have taken your kids out to see Zooptopia and The Jungle Book, there isn't much of anything else out there for them right now.

Disney doesn't need Angry Birds.

Not when it is adding originals like Zootopia, Frozen, and Wreak-It Ralph to its animated cannon and vivid live-action remakes of films like Cinderella and The Jungle Book. Not after it after added Pixar, The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars and Indiana Jones to its roster.

Comment Reality Check, (Score 0) 265

For any competent user that is able to use a debugger the ability to actually figure out what is broken, and save significant amount of time doing so, is something that doesn't work for closed source software.

A debugger is a programmer's tool, not a user's tool --- and debugging a program of even modest complexity is not a trivial problem.

Close source embraces a philosophy that any outsider is not competent and the product is pure magic.

The product is not magic, but understanding does not come easy. You could say with a fair amount of truth that the core developers of an ambitious and successful open source project are no less contemptuous of the outsider who has nothing much to offer and butts in where he is not welcome.

Comment Show me your numbers. (Score 0) 265

Desktop Linux is getting to a point where it is viable for day to day work tasks, and gaming is becoming not just a wish, but actually something coming around (slowly but surely).

If it was coming around any slower, it would be going backwards.

Steam Hardware & Software Survey: April 2016

Windows All 95% Down 0.3%
Windows 10 64 Bit 38% Up 1.4%

OSX 3.6% Up 0.3%

Linux 0.9% No change
Ubuntu All 0.4%

The "Steam Machine?" Doesn't seem to catching on:

Alienware Steam Machine ASM100-2980BLK Desktop Console #3,546 in Computers & Accessories, #172 in Computers & Accessories > Desktops > Towers [7:10 PM ET May 21]

The Mac Mini is hot right now at Amazon ---- well, as hot as it gets for a desktop these days ---- and there appear to be some good values in entry-level Win 10 gaming systems.

Linux has about 2% of the desktop market, Windows 10, 15%. Desktop Operating System Market Share - April 2016 A desktop market in decline is not healthy for Linux, which has always been starved of OEM support. Microsoft plays well with Linux if you are managing a server.

But it is also doing spectacularly well on the desktop side selling things like MS Office as a service.

Comment Re:Fury Road (Score 0) 231

Fury Road featured a bunch of strong women, so feminists loved it. That's why George Miller got to be the token male.

I got news for you kid, there are quite a few males around who liked "Fury Road." Looking at the return at the box office Disney has been seeing, strong female leads in sci-fi and fantasy films --- live action and animation and targeting audiences of all ages --- is something the geek is going to have to get used to.

Comment Get your facts right. (Score 1) 499

The original polio vaccine was a weakened strain, and it was possible to get the disease from the vaccine. This meant that there was a time when getting polio from the wild was less likely than getting it from the vaccine.

Get your facts right if you want to be trusted.

The first polio vaccine was the inactivated polio vaccine. It was developed by Jonas Salk and came into use in 1955. The oral polio vaccine [attenuated virus] was developed by Albert Sabin and came into commercial use in 1961.

Soon after Salk's vaccine was licensed in 1955, children's vaccination campaigns were launched. In the U.S, following a mass immunization campaign promoted by the March of Dimes, the annual number of polio cases fell from 35,000 in 1953 to 5,600 by 1957.

An enhanced-potency IPV (inactivated polio vaccine) was licensed in the United States in November 1987, and is currently the vaccine of choice in the United States.

The inactivated polio vaccines are very safe. Mild redness or pain may occur at the site of injection. Oral polio vaccine results in vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis in about three per million doses.

Polio vaccine

The oral vaccine is inexpensive and easy to distribute in third world environments --- where I very much doubt the risk of an encounter with the disease in the wild has ever been less than the risk of the vaccine.

Comment Re:What's interesting (Score 1) 130

The interesting thing is Apple is a hardware company (makes things) while Microsoft is a software company (prints money).

It would be more truthful to say that Apple designs products rather than manufacturing them. It would also be more truthful to say that Microsoft has had a long and productive relationship with its OEM partners. The commodity PC built from parts designed for the MSDOS and Windows eco-system.

Comment Point of Sale. (Score -1) 75

Never used Linux, eh? You expended more energy typing your complaint than it takes to get the codecs.

No media play in the store = no sale.

Disclaimers on-line that media codecs are not part of the baseline system install = no sale.

Walmart spent the better part of a decade trying to explain the ins and outs of OEM Linux to its customers before throwing in the towel.

Comment Why retail hates Linux. (Score 0) 75

Linux Mint 18 will no longer provide separate, codec-free installation media for OEM and magazine distribution. Instead, the distribution will ship without multimedia support while making it easy for users to acquire media codecs during the initial installation of the operating system.

The OEM system install is essential to obtain measurable market share. Linus has said as much himself. Multimedia support out of the box is so essential in the consumer market space that excluding it from your OEM distribution is perfectly stupid.

Comment What the hell are you mouthing off about? (Score 0) 178

Once again, those poor stupid incompetent minorities are rescued from having to better themselves in any conceivable way, thanks to us heroic progressives who are always around to babysit and control them for their own good.

These neighborhoods are poorly served and over-charged by local retailers.

It should tell the geek something when subscribing to Amazon Prime at $99/yr can save the urban poor time and money they do not have to spare. It is a revelation on the same scale as the Sears, Roebuck catalogs were to rural communities of all shapes and colors in the 1890s.

Comment Famous last words: "They can't touch me. " (Score 4, Insightful) 149

He was arrested in Spain for running a business in Costa Rica. How exactly does the US have even the slightest jurisdiction to prosecute him?

The short answer is that jurisdiction lies where the body falls and not on which side of the border the gun is fired.

It is the first mistake the geek makes when he turns to crime and moves his base of operations ---- but not his customers and his marketing ----outside the US.

Comment Re:Nethack? (Score 1) 54

I mean, really, if *any* game deserves to be in a hall of fame, it's the longest-lived and longest continually maintained game of 'em all... not to mention one of the most complex and hardcore.

Which is another way of saying that only those who play the game even know that it exists.

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