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Comment Re:Intellectual property is the only hope left (Score 1) 126

We can only hope for and wait for the total downfall and collapse of the US economy, before this madnes ends.

Disney can produce a film like Zootopia, distribute it globally, and sell a billion dollars worth of tickets. Disney can repeat and do it three times in one year You think just maybe India, Japan, China might be wondering why the lightening never strikes them --- and if they had a marketable export product in the Arts and Culture, where do you think they would come down on IP?

I am betting that it would be right where we are now.

Comment R.I.P. Jefferson (Score 0) 126

There is a problem in quoting Jefferson on IP.

Jefferson was an aristocrat wholly dependent on slave labor. He spoke for a pre-industrial agrarian society that would ultimately be destroyed by the Machine --- and the Machine was the creation of those who did believe in IP.

Jefferson had the good life handed to him on a plate. The kid up North? He had to work for it.

Comment Re:Lawyers get millions (Score 1) 231

This is injustice handed to the people by the state. Once again, the state settles problems for corporations at the expense of the average citizen.

The average citizen never gave a dawn about Linux on the PS3. Best guess I heard at the time was about15,000 --- based on downloads of a PS3 distribution. That is why you take SONY into court on your own. But you are bound by the way you frame your case and the remedies which are available. If you are suing for damages you have to prove you've been damaged. I'm sorry you can't do that, but now it's too late. You're stuck for it.

Comment "I'm a loser." (Score -1, Troll) 223

Our "democratic" process is just an elaborate dog-and-pony show designed to make us feel like we have a voice in governance, when really the only voiced that matter are those of the super-rich.

I am sick of what passes as "Insightful" to the geek's adolescent mind.

You win political battles by getting up out of the trenches and fighting them. You find allies, you build coalitions. You put people on the ground and you keep them there. You are realistic about which issues matter to your city, your state, your country as a whole.

You claim to have a brain? Use it.

Leave trash-talk about bribery to political imbeciles like Trump.

Comment Dead in the water. (Score 0) 255

That just a natural response to steam/linux.

Hardware sates of Steam Machines have been pathetic. WIn 10 adoption by Steam gamers is about 40%, Linux a bare 1%. The only real surprise in the Steam Hardware and Software surveys is OSX at 3%. Nothing ever moves the numbers for Linux.

Comment Married with kids. (Score 2, Funny) 507

I don't even want a regular TV. I watch Netflix on a 25" monitor that I plug into a laptop.

Ah, the single life. Still thinking like you are living out of the dorm. But for social engagements with your wife and kids, friends and family, you are going to need that big screen TV and the sound bar to match --- say hello to the pre-order Disney Blu Ray from Amazon Prime, and goodbye to the rip off from the Pirate Bay.

Comment The geek is not the market. (Score 0) 507

The smart TV has become standard in all but the smallest screen sizes. If you are shopping for a new set, 4K UHD in large screen sizes is becoming very affordable and those are all smart sets and that isn't changing no matter how loudly the geek bitches and moans.

It is a marketable feature that adds next to nothing to the cost.

The geek may enjoy trying to get multiple devices to interconnect properly, wired or wirelessly, ideally with seamless remote control, but most people don't have the time or patience to set that up. If the Netflix app is one click away, it gets used.

Comment Just not worth it any more. (Score 1) 175

All releases will still be available via the usual free channels, worldwide, downloadable without streaming, and likely to work on any device you might care to copy them too.

I am not going to waste my time searching the P2P nets for a serviceable rip when the HD or 4K stream is one click away on Netflix. Not after having made the investment in theatrical quality sound and video and the Netflix app is on screen.

Comment Slashdot Faux Fox News For Nerds. (Score 1) 175

Let's be clear about what Neflix has here

Exclusives are never exclusive forever in this business:

Essentially what this means is that right after movies hit the shelves on DVD and Blu Ray, they will make their way to Netflix and will never make it to other streaming services as long as the deal is in place. The movies will be available exclusively to stream on Netflix for the same period of time that they would usually be shown on standard cable TV, so though the movies will eventually find their way to more traditional outlets, it will be an even longer wait than usual.

Netflix Gets Disney, Marvel, Star Wars Exclusively in September

I am not crying any tears for Amazon. Films from the Disney collective have dominated home video sales since their first release on VHS. Zootopia will be released on June 7th and pre-sales of the DVD/Bllu-ray/Blu-ray 3D have already made the film a top ten/top 100 bestseller.

Though things could get interesting when Disney makes its move in 4K.

Comment Dropping off the cliff. (Score 3, Insightful) 145

The real test of a movie is how well it performs in the first and second weeks after launch. Word of mouth and all that. Some films like How To Train Your Dragon can recover from a weak opening and show extraordinary strength down the road, but that doesn't happen very often.

The Tomatometer rates Angry Birds at a Rotten 43%. Zootopia, Fresh, at 98%, The Jungle Book, Fresh, at 95% ---- and. if you have taken your kids out to see Zooptopia and The Jungle Book, there isn't much of anything else out there for them right now.

Disney doesn't need Angry Birds.

Not when it is adding originals like Zootopia, Frozen, and Wreak-It Ralph to its animated cannon and vivid live-action remakes of films like Cinderella and The Jungle Book. Not after it after added Pixar, The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars and Indiana Jones to its roster.

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