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Comment Stat abuse. (Score 1) 214

The Model S outsells every model in Volvo's lineup so clearly Tesla is doing something customers appreciate more than Volvo

Volvo's customers have fourteen models to chose from.

Volvo sold 52,279 cars in March alone, up 12% from last year. Volvo Car Group Retail Sales By Car Model - March 2016

Volvo is serious about autodrive, with full autonomy coming soon, possibly as early as 2018. But there is no question that Volvo is building some very good cars right now.


Small overlap front G
Moderate overlap front G
Side G
Roof strength G
Head restraints & seats G

Crash avoidance & Mitigation

Front crash prevention Superior [6 Points]

Low speed autobrake 2 Points
High speed autobrake 3 Points

Child Seat Anchors (LATCH) ease of use A

2016 Top Safety Pick - 2016 Volvo XC90

Comment Be careful what you ask for. (Score 1) 72

I wonder if he'd be less likely to continue the work is a hacker collective attacked and destroyed his personal privacy.

I wonder how difficult it would be to penetrate a Slashdot alias to make life a little more miserable for the agent provocateur.

The "hacker collective" is, by the way, widely despised beyond the inbred circles of Slashdot. When one is torpedoed the sound you are mostly to hear is applause. I don't expect that to change no matter which way the elections go this fall.

The victim of the retaliation you suggest could be drawn into something like the witness protection program. That would set a precedent that could cost the geek dearly somewhere down the road.

Comment The geek as Peter Pan. (Score 1) 171

Why call for a ride if you aren't ready to GO? How long does it take to get outside from inside, all of 15 seconds?

Ask your mom, or your grandmother, if she is still around.

Better still, wait under ten or twenty years or so and a day when it is wet, cold and icy, with a bitter wind, and see how long it takes you to get out that door.

Comment Tech ain't magic. (Score 1) 96

when calling 911 from my phone the operator still asked me my location and city, I was calling in to report black ice on a state route in a city I'm not familiar with, I wasn't sure exactly which jurisdiction I was in, the freaking phone is REQUIRED to give them lat and longitude, it should have come up on their screen before they even picked up my call

In the real world, the dispatcher doesn't always get the information instantaneously and it isn't always that accurate. That is why she has to ask.

Wireless network operators must provide the latitude and longitude of callers within 300 meters, within six minutes of a request by a PSAP

Enhanced 9-1-1 [The law since 2012 in the US]

Comment Numbers, please. (Score 3, Interesting) 427

Instead of shelling out $10 for a Netflix subscription, some people now may opt to pay nothing at all to get what they want.

Some people? But how many? The Canadian market is at best about 10% that of the U.S. and 20% Francophone. These are not big numbers for Netflix or the studios, so why should they care?

Comment Don't Fear The Emoji. (Score 4, Insightful) 226

This query to stackoverflow is four years old, but that doesn't really change things very much.

I am asking for the count of all the possible valid combinations in Unicode with explanation.

1,111,998: 17 planes x 65,536 characters per plane - 2048 surrogates - 66 noncharacters
109,384 code points are actually assigned in Unicode 6.0.

How many characters can be mapped with Unicode?

There is plenty of room for growth here.

Unicode 8 supports 120 scripts and 14 collections of other symbols of which Emoji is one and typographical decorations --- dingbats --- another. Once you admit that a Unicode graphic can be purposeful, decorative or both, the battle against the admission of Emoji is lost. U 9.0 and Post 9.0 Emoji Candidates

Emoji is explicitly Asian in origin --- and that seems to be one of things ticking off the geek here --- but combining words and pictures in casual messaging to provide a touch of color or save some space is very old in the Western world, and doesn't really need a defense.

The geek who complains about this sort of thing tends to come across as humorless and prissy and a bit out of touch.

Comment Office 365 (Score 3, Informative) 140

People don't use services like GMail or Google Docs or Office 365 or Dropbox or Facebook because of the web UIs.

Just to be clear on this, Office 365 is the full standard aka "professional" suite of MS Office apps, including Outlook, locally resident, sold as a subscription service. The web component is there, but still secondary.

Comment Not anytime soon. (Score 1) 67

A primer on post employment restrictions for the geek who has no idea about how the federal government really works.

There are statutory prohibitions on a former government employee that generally prevent her from ''switching sides'' after leaving the government. The following are the main restrictions:

Lifetime Ban - An employee is prohibited from representing anyone else before the government on a particular matter involving specific parties in which she participated personally and substantially.

Two-Year Ban - An employee is prohibited for two years from representing another person on a particular matter involving specific parties which was pending under her responsibility during her last year of government service.

One-Year Ban - A senior employee includes Executive Level officials and all other employees whose rate of basic pay is equal to or greater than 86.5% of the rate for Level II of the Executive Schedule, which is $158,554.00 as of January 2015

Leaving Government -- Post-Employment Restrictions

Comment Attorney General Loretta Lynch (Score 2) 67

So, how long till the current head of the DoJ announces he is resigning his current position to join the Board of Directors of Time Warner?

The geek has tunnel vision.

There is more to the DOJ than Anti-trust.

[Lynch] joined the Eastern District as a drug and violent-crime prosecutor in the U.S. Attorney's office in 1990. From 1994 to 1998, she served as the chief of the Long Island office and worked on several political corruption cases...

In 1999, she was nominated by President Bill Clinton to serve as the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York.

2001, Lynch left the U.S. Attorney's office to become a partner at Hogan & Hartson (later Hogan Lovells). She remained there until January 20, 2010, when President Barack Obama nominated Lynch to again serve as United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. From 2003 to 2005, she was a member of the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Hogan & Hartson has been around since 1904 and even before the merger was about as big and prestigious a law firm as you'll find anywhere in the world.
Lynch has far better options than TWC.

Lynch's office prosecuted Republican congressman Michael Grimm; prosecuted Democratic politicians Pedro Espada Jr. and William Boyland, Jr.; investigated Citigroup over mortgage securities sold by the bank, resulting in a US$7 billion settlement; and was involved in the US$1.2 billion settlement with HSBC over violations of the Bank Secrecy Act.

While Lynch was US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, she supervised the investigation into senior FIFA officials from its earliest stages. The investigation culminated in the indictment of 14 senior FIFA officials and sports marketing executives shortly after Lynch was confirmed as Attorney General. For her work in the 2015 FIFA corruption case, Lynch was presented with the 3rd annual Golden Blazer by Roger Bennett and Michael Davies.

Lynch is the second woman to become Attorney General and the first African-American woman to become Attorney General. Growing up, her mother was a school librarian and her father was a Baptist minister. Lynch earned a Bachelor of Arts in English and American literature from Harvard College in 1981 and a Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School in 1984, where she was a member of the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau.

Loretta Lynch

Comment Sheep. (Score 1) 77

"We must be able to monitor everybody. Let's nuke this communication system. Tell the sheeple something about organized crime. That will suffice".

There are words the geek needs to erase from his vocabulary because they do not play well to those outside his own community. Sheep (in all its variations as posted to Slashdot) is one of them.

Comment The dream lives on. (Score 1) 141

Yep and tons of companies are switching to alternatives. Microsoft is losing it's grip fast.

Reality bites.

It is not an easy time to be in the tech business, even Google would admit to that. But Microsoft remains strong where it has always been strong.

Microsoft currently has three reporting segments: Productivity and Business Processes (covering Office, Exchange, SharePoint, Skype, and Dynamics), Intelligent Cloud (including Azure, Windows Server, SQL Server, Visual Studio, and Enterprise Services), and More Personal Computing (covering Windows, hardware, and Xbox, as well as search and advertising).

Productivity and Business Processes revenue was $6.5 billion, up 1 percent year-on-year, with operating income of $3.0 billion, down 7 percent. Gross margin also fell 4 percent. A large part of this drop was due to the strong dollar; in constant currency, revenue was up 6 percent and gross margin up 1 percent. The quarter was marked by an unusually strong performance from Office consumer products and cloud services; after many quarters of large year-on-year the most recent quarter Office consumer revenue was up by 3 percent (6 percent constant currency). Office commercial revenue was unchanged (up 7 percent in constant currency).

Both commercial and consumer Office 365 offerings appear to be doing well. Commercial seats are up 57 percent year-on-year. Consumer subscriptions have nearly doubled, from 12.4 million to 22.2 million. The Dynamics range also continues to grow strongly, with revenue up 4 percent (9 percent constant currency).

Intelligent Cloud revenue was up 3 percent to $6.1 billion (up 8 percent in constant currency), but operating income was sharply down by 14 percent to $2.2 billion. Server product and cloud service revenue was unchanged (though up 3 percent constant currency). Enterprise Services revenue was up 11 percent (15 percent constant currency). Among server products, the company saw gains in subscription revenue offset by declines in transactional purchases. Azure revenue was up 120 percent (constant currency), with Azure compute and SQL usage doubling year-over-year,

Personal Computing revenue was $9.5 billion, up 1 percent (3 percent constant currency), and operating income was also up 57 percent to $1.7 billion. As with Office, the Windows figures showed surprising strength in consumer markets: Windows OEM non-Pro revenue was up 15 percent year-on-year, outpacing the consumer PC market, driven by a higher volume of premium device sales. .

Microsoft's $20.5B quarter: Office up, Surface up, cloud booming

Comment Re:Bigger Problem (Score 1) 192

What are we going to do with the massive unemployment the horseless carriages will cause? the breeders, the whip makers, the blacksmiths, the hay balers, the veterinarians, the reinmakers, the shit shovelers.....

These analogies are nonsense.

The blacksmith was repairing plows, threshers and other farm machiney beginning around 1860 --- and began moving into auto repair around 1900. There is a reason why early automobiles looked like horseless carriages: they were using the same roads and being built and maintained by the same people.

The modern farm tractor, with PTO and three-point hitch, doesn't appear in recognizable form until the late 1930s. There were about 18 million draft animals in service on American farms in 1930 and less than one million tractors. Trust me on this, there was plenty of shit left to shovel in the thirties, just not so much in the cities.

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