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Comment It doesn't work that way, kid. (Score 1) 376

They ship a lot retailers for sure, but they don't sell any.

Retail margins are thin and nothing is stocked or shelved which can't be moved quickly. The girl working check-out at the Dollar Store learns at least this much about running a business.

The numbers change hourly, but currently four of the best-selling 2 in 1 laptops at Amazon are Surface models in the $800-$3000 price range.

Comment Re:"easy" way to preserve (Score 1) 124

If there were a reasonable limit on copyright duration, then preservation occurs naturally by the public.

No it doesn't.

Preservation demands money and expertise that can be hard to find.

You have a spool of tape, but do you have a compatible recorder for playback? If the signal is degraded can you recover it? That's often not a trivial problem even for the mathematician and electrical engineer. Now and again a successful solution might win you an award.

The Disney archives remain essentially intact because they remain commercially viable and the studio has always been alert to the potential of new media.

Comment Re:Young engineers ... (Score 1) 244

These engineers went on to build software that re-created every mistake in the book about how and OS should be designed and implemented.

Microsoft had a client OS that ran on the hardware-challenged commodity PCs of the early eighties and nineties --- not a trivial achievement. It's future was not dependent on the success or failure of any single computer manufacturer --- and in the early days it presented a plausible and relatively straight-forward upgrade path from CP/M.

Comment "The Microsoft Tax" (Score 1) 376

Walmart spent about a decade trying to make the OEM Linux desktop an affordable mass market product ---but it's only real success was in unloading truckloads of sweepings off the warehouse floors to the geek looking for a bargain.

To this day, marketing will go to any lengths to avoid Linux branding in the consumer market.

That is why you have "Android" in mobile and the "Steam Machine" in PC gaming. Though the strategy doesn't seem to be working out so well for Valve.

Comment Trump University. (Score 4, Informative) 1017

You mean Hillary? Because Trump, despite all the mud being thrown this way, has done very little concrete evil in comparison.

Trump has never held an elective or appointive office in his entire life.

But there is damn little reason to believe that he is capable of playing by the rules or accepting responsibility for anything that goes wrong.

The legal actions provide clues to the leadership style the billionaire businessman would bring to bear as commander in chief. He sometimes responds to even small disputes with overwhelming legal force. He doesn't hesitate to deploy his wealth and legal firepower against adversaries with limited resources, such as homeowners. He sometimes refuses to pay real estate brokers, lawyers and other vendors.

As he campaigns, Trump often touts his skills as a negotiator. The analysis shows that lawsuits are one of his primary negotiating tools. He turns to litigation to distance himself from failing projects that relied on the Trump brand to secure investments. As USA TODAY previously reported, he also uses the legal system to haggle over his property tax bills. His companies have been involved in more than 100 tax disputes, and the New York State Department of Finance has obtained liens on Trump properties for unpaid tax bills at least three dozen times. Exclusive: Trump's 3,500 lawsuits unprecedented for a presidential nominee

Comment New York Times, Washington Post, WSJ .... (Score 1) 1017

Comment Steam OS Is Dead In The Water. (Score 1) 412

2021, year of the linux desktop confirmed.

It's a lovely dream, kid. But the numbers tell a different story.

95% of Steam gamers run Windows. 43% have migrated to 64 Bit Win 10. That is up 3% in one month. 4% run MacOS. 1% Linux. Valve posts no numbers for Steam OS. Steam Hardware & Software Survey: June 2016

Steam Machine hardware sales have been pathetic.

I'm not convinced that anyone has the foggiest idea of how to position and sell these things. The Steam Machine with decent specs costs more than a video game console and with good specs more than a mass market Win 10 gaming system with better specs.

The ZOTAC NEN Steam Machine Gaming Mini PC (Intel Skylake Core i5-6400T Quad-Core NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 8GB Memory 1TB Hard Drive) is top of the line, at $1,085 from
#7,205 in Computers & Accessories, #89 in Computers & Accessories > Desktops > Minis.

Comment Butt Hurt Much? (Score 1) 375

That's like the third story about Microsoft today. How much are you getting to promote this piece of crap?

Microsoft is a global giant in software and services. Which means that a "news for nerds" tech site like Slashdot won't be taken seriously if it doesn't provide in-depth coverage --- which Ars Technica (among others) does quite well without drawing protests like yours.

Comment The harvest isn't a make-work job. (Score 1) 384

we all know someone has to pick the peaches and no Americans want those jobs when they can sit home and draw a government check while they watch TV.

This is ladder work, kids, in 95 degree heat.

What you need to succeed in harvesting high-value perishables is a gentle touch, speed, stamina and experience.

That makes it a young man's game. Migrant labor. You cannot do this part time and get any good at it at all. Oh, and you'll need a willingness to work for sub-minimal wages without meal breaks or other amenities which were common in industrial work about one hundred years back.

Which is why seasonal recruitment from the urban welfare rolls never really works.

''For agriculture, one of our real differences if the country goes that way [increasing the minimum wage] is that exemptions really don't do us much good because we're competing in the marketplace with jobs that will be paying $15 an hour.''

Presently, agriculture employees [in California] are exempted from labor code provisions regarding wage, hour, meal break and other working conditions. Known as the Phase-In Overtime for Agricultural Works Act of 2016, the new bill would remove this exemption and would create a schedule that would phase in overtime requirements for agricultural workers over the course of four years, beginning in 2017.

Under the proposed legislation, beginning July 1, 2017, agricultural workers would receive overtime for all work after nine and one-half hours daily, or in excess of 55 hours in one work week. The thresholds for daily and weekly overtime would be further reduced each subsequent year until January 2020, at which point agricultural employees would receive overtime for work beyond eight hours a day or 40 hours weekly.

Minimum wage brings headaches for growers

Comment This is so lame. (Score 1) 162

Why? just create a "star-trek-like" open source universe. We'll call it "Cosmos Odyssey...." featuring the Starship U.S.S. Constitution.,,,

There doesn't seem much point in asking the geek to come up with something new.

That said:

The modern era of science fiction begins in the 1920s. There is a huge body of first-class work out there in the public domain that hasn't been touched in decades. But to make use of it you would have to design and build original sets and props. Re-imagine the characters and universe for a contemporary audience.

Comment The bidding starts at $1,000,000,000. (Score 1) 162

I wish a bunch of people like this would come together, and see how much of their money it would take to free the rights to Star Trek once and for all.

That would be the ownership and global distribution rights to fifty + years of commercially viable film and television productions plus all ancillary rights to books, models, toys, games, costumes. logo wear and other merchandising.

Not to mention the expense of paying out residuals for the actors, etc. Oh, and you are going to need to set aside some funds to preserve and maintain all that film and video. Not to mention sets, costumes and props.

Comment What Is Old Is New Again. (Score 1) 260

Now and again one of our neighbors is caught sub-letting his apartment.

The complaints come from all sides --- because this undermines the security and stability of the entire apartment block. The location is ideal for small children and retirees and rentals are affordable. The sub-lets have been nothing but trouble. The kind that has you dialing 911.

Comment There is no magical cure for cancer. (Score 1) 416

While commercially available cannabis compounds are FDA-approved to reduce cancer treatmentâ"related side effects such as nausea and vomiting and to improve appetite, no clinical trials have shown that cannabis products can treat cancer.

Claims that cannabis oil cures cancer are anecdotal and largely unsupportable, based on scant research done in mice and in labs. Side effects can include memory and attention loss. Perhaps most important, there is evidence that cannabis compounds may inhibit enzymes that patients need to metabolize other anticancer drugs, thereby increasing their toxicity or reducing their effectiveness.

The Truth behind Three Natural Cancer ''Cures''

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