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Comment Re:Security requires personal attention. (Score 1) 216

It all falls apart when they say "Can I buy a disk and install my own software?" and you say "No, but here's an easier way to install software from a vast repository of packages", they're done.

What's in a "package?" Is it ready-to-run? Where do I find clear and detailed product descriptions, reviews and screen shots?

Steam is successful because Valve knows how to sell software on line.

Comment Child Pornography Defined. (Score 1) 118

Define child porn for us.

Fair enough.

Child pornography is a form of child sexual exploitation.

Federal law defines child pornography as any visual depiction of sexually explicit conduct involving a minor (persons less than 18 years old). Images of child pornography are also referred to as child sexual abuse images.

It is important to distinguish child pornography from the more conventional understanding of the term pornography.
Child pornography is a form of child sexual exploitation, and each image graphically memorializes the sexual abuse of that child. Each child involved in the production of an image is a victim of sexual abuse.

While some child sexual abuse images depict children in great distress and the sexual abuse is self-evident, other images may depict children that appear complacent.
In most child pornography cases, the abuse is not a one-time event, but rather ongoing victimization that progresses over months or years. It is common for producers of child pornography to groom victims, or cultivate a relationship with a child and gradually sexualize the contact over time.

Furthermore, victims of child pornography suffer not just from the sexual abuse inflicted upon them to produce child pornography, but also from knowing that their images can be traded and viewed by others worldwide.
Once an image is on the Internet, it is irretrievable and can continue to circulate forever.
The permanent record of a childÂs sexual abuse can alter his or her live forever. Many victims of child pornography suffer from feelings of helplessness, fear, humiliation, and lack of control given that their images are available for others to view in perpetuity.

Unfortunately, emerging trends reveal an increase in the number of images depicting sadistic and violent child sexual abuse, and an increase in the number of images depicting very young children, including toddlers and infants.

Child Pornography

It can be a useful exercise for the geek to have a look at the registry of sex offenders for his state or county. No better way I think to dispel the fantasies he promotes about child pornography.

Comment Division of labor. (Score 1) 557

If the leader of the Munich Green Party is right...it's too bad they don't use all that money for hiring an army of programmers ...

It could just be that the city government feels that its competence lies in providing traditional municipal services like police and fire protection and not in the development of an office suite.

Comment Excuses, excuses. (Score 1) 313

Yeah, it's a little hard to "sell" something for free and compete with the $$ marketing campaigns of major closed-source companies

That doesn't explain why Linux distributions haven't been able to forge successful partnerships with OEMs and retailers which do have brand name recognition and big-budget advertsing campaigns.

Comment As good as dead before World War I. (Score 1) 328

Firestone Ford and Standard oil engaged in nearly illegal actions, buying bus lines and tram lines and closing them down etc.

The streetcar token cost 5 cents. The Model T Ford about a penny a mile for a family of four plus dog and cargo. "You could afford a Ford." The automobile was convenient, comfortable, and private. The tram lines went under because riders were looking elsewhere.

Comment Not everyone in the third world is poor. (Score 1) 290

It seems to me you should be looking at the commercial viability of particular markets and not the dismal per capita income of the population as a whole. Licensing AutoCAD isn't going to break the budget of a $10 million dollar construction project in Central America.

Comment It doesn't work that way, kid. (Score 1) 376

They ship a lot retailers for sure, but they don't sell any.

Retail margins are thin and nothing is stocked or shelved which can't be moved quickly. The girl working check-out at the Dollar Store learns at least this much about running a business.

The numbers change hourly, but currently four of the best-selling 2 in 1 laptops at Amazon are Surface models in the $800-$3000 price range.

Comment Re:"easy" way to preserve (Score 1) 124

If there were a reasonable limit on copyright duration, then preservation occurs naturally by the public.

No it doesn't.

Preservation demands money and expertise that can be hard to find.

You have a spool of tape, but do you have a compatible recorder for playback? If the signal is degraded can you recover it? That's often not a trivial problem even for the mathematician and electrical engineer. Now and again a successful solution might win you an award.

The Disney archives remain essentially intact because they remain commercially viable and the studio has always been alert to the potential of new media.

Comment Re:Young engineers ... (Score 1) 244

These engineers went on to build software that re-created every mistake in the book about how and OS should be designed and implemented.

Microsoft had a client OS that ran on the hardware-challenged commodity PCs of the early eighties and nineties --- not a trivial achievement. It's future was not dependent on the success or failure of any single computer manufacturer --- and in the early days it presented a plausible and relatively straight-forward upgrade path from CP/M.

Comment "The Microsoft Tax" (Score 1) 376

Walmart spent about a decade trying to make the OEM Linux desktop an affordable mass market product ---but it's only real success was in unloading truckloads of sweepings off the warehouse floors to the geek looking for a bargain.

To this day, marketing will go to any lengths to avoid Linux branding in the consumer market.

That is why you have "Android" in mobile and the "Steam Machine" in PC gaming. Though the strategy doesn't seem to be working out so well for Valve.

Comment Trump University. (Score 4, Informative) 1017

You mean Hillary? Because Trump, despite all the mud being thrown this way, has done very little concrete evil in comparison.

Trump has never held an elective or appointive office in his entire life.

But there is damn little reason to believe that he is capable of playing by the rules or accepting responsibility for anything that goes wrong.

The legal actions provide clues to the leadership style the billionaire businessman would bring to bear as commander in chief. He sometimes responds to even small disputes with overwhelming legal force. He doesn't hesitate to deploy his wealth and legal firepower against adversaries with limited resources, such as homeowners. He sometimes refuses to pay real estate brokers, lawyers and other vendors.

As he campaigns, Trump often touts his skills as a negotiator. The analysis shows that lawsuits are one of his primary negotiating tools. He turns to litigation to distance himself from failing projects that relied on the Trump brand to secure investments. As USA TODAY previously reported, he also uses the legal system to haggle over his property tax bills. His companies have been involved in more than 100 tax disputes, and the New York State Department of Finance has obtained liens on Trump properties for unpaid tax bills at least three dozen times. Exclusive: Trump's 3,500 lawsuits unprecedented for a presidential nominee

Comment New York Times, Washington Post, WSJ .... (Score 1) 1017

Comment Steam OS Is Dead In The Water. (Score 1) 412

2021, year of the linux desktop confirmed.

It's a lovely dream, kid. But the numbers tell a different story.

95% of Steam gamers run Windows. 43% have migrated to 64 Bit Win 10. That is up 3% in one month. 4% run MacOS. 1% Linux. Valve posts no numbers for Steam OS. Steam Hardware & Software Survey: June 2016

Steam Machine hardware sales have been pathetic.

I'm not convinced that anyone has the foggiest idea of how to position and sell these things. The Steam Machine with decent specs costs more than a video game console and with good specs more than a mass market Win 10 gaming system with better specs.

The ZOTAC NEN Steam Machine Gaming Mini PC (Intel Skylake Core i5-6400T Quad-Core NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 8GB Memory 1TB Hard Drive) is top of the line, at $1,085 from Amazon.com.
#7,205 in Computers & Accessories, #89 in Computers & Accessories > Desktops > Minis.

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