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Comment Re:And This is About... (Score 1) 295

Jesus Hieronymous Christ on a Pumpkin! Are you arguing with me or your imaginary friends? Because nothing you're saying has anything to do with my post. Which was about the fact that distro announcements never bother to explain why the distro exists. What are its goals? What are its special features? Why should I take the time to evaluate it?

Comment Re:This whole topic is full of shit (Score 1) 409

How is that when people speak their mind it is labeled "racist"? Isn't there a freedom of speech?

It's funny how trolls (and aren't racists a kind of troll?) always get all mad about their freedom of speech being violated, just because somebody points out that they're trolling. As if the 1st amendment covers saying things that are offensive, but it doesn't cover telling people that they're saying offensive things.

Comment Re:And This is About... (Score 0) 295

You know, I can't make a whole lot of sense out of your writing. Which fits. You can't be bothered to express yourself clearly, so you just throw a blob of words at me and expect me to puzzle out what you're trying to say. And by the same token, you think I should just install the distro and waste a lot of time trying to figure out whether I like it or not. Thanks, no, I got better things to do.

Comment Re:You Get What You Pay For (Score 1) 114

Yeah, I bought a cheap non-name Chinese Android tablet too. There are small outfits importing them to the U.S. As in your case, the build quality sucked, Plus the screen wasn't a touch screen! (You had to use a stylus.) Many video apps didn't work, including Netflix. And the glass broke real easy.

I think it's safe to say that $200 is the current lower bound for a 7" tablet that isn't crap.

Comment Kickstarter is not a Store (Score 1) 114

OK, they're not using Kickstarter. But the fact remains that the crowdfunding mechanism is a stupid way to buy stuff. If you think the project is unbearably kewl, by all means donate some money. But if you think "buy it in advance so we can get the money to develop it" is a reasonable way to buy stuff, I have a Nigerian prince who wants to talk to you.

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