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Comment Re:This would be really cool... (Score 1) 281

You've been able to get a 6850 for darn near $100 for some time now. It's a pretty good deal unless you only buy high-end GPUs, which honestly seems like a waste anymore. My 4 year old 8800GT is just now starting to feel inadequate. I'm looking for the second coming of the 8800GT to emerge from this generation so I can hold on to it for another 4 years.

Submission + - Intel Designs Faster, 3D Transistor (

lee1 writes: "Intel has found a way to keep on the Moore's Law track by making smaller, faster and lower-power computer chips by building 3D transistors. They are already manufacturing microprocessors using this new design, called a FINFET (for fin field-effect transistor), which incorporates a small pillar, or fin, of silicon that sticks up above the surface of the chip. Intel said that it expected to be able to make chips that run as much as 37 percent faster in low-voltage applications and use as much as 50 percent less power. Products based on the new technology may appear some time later this year."

Comment Re:the tax is too low to pay for smoker health car (Score 1) 978

Federal taxes nearly doubled last year. Not only that but they are closing loopholes for loose tobacco so the overall effect will be more than double the amount of federal tax collected. Add to that the outright banning of most types of flavored tobacco because somehow menthols are really roping in the kids (won't someone think of the children!), and you can see government is going nuts over the issue.

Comment Re:I wonder how long (Score 1) 162

Google tries to making using the internet faster and easier because that generally means more people will use existing Google products that serve ads and mine data. This doesn't mean Android or GoogleISP will be pulling an NSA and DPI-ing every last bit that flows through their devices. And really if you're worried about that, who can you trust because your existing ISP or mobile phone manufacturer can pull the same stunt.

Comment Re:Just use the hardware you have (Score 1) 898

1. the laptop is 2.5 years old. The battery will be almost gone and there will likely be other HW issues developing.

I have a 2006 base model Macbook and thus far I've replaced a failed hard drive and it still runs wonderfully. The battery lasts about 2 hours unless you start playing lots of video. It's much more than I can say about any cheap windows laptop I've ever seen except for older IBM-made Thinkpads.

Comment Re:CDOs weren't the problem (Score 1) 732

You forgot about the finance guys who set up a system where anyone could buy insurance on the CDO's (even ones they didn't own) so there was such a top-heavy system of people betting against them that it became impossible for any company to have been able to pay out the policy. Also the finance guys that didn't disclose they were doing this to their investors. Saying the finance guys were not primarily to blame is like saying it's your fault for standing in the way of my knife as I swing it wildly in your direction.

Comment Re:Futurama Vs Venture Bros. (Score 1) 173

Heh, I love VB but don't understand the appeal of Archer at all. Every new show the Sealab guys do gets worse and Archer finally dropped below the acceptable quality for me. It seems far too obsessed with the cheap laugh, although it may have gotten better than the first few episodes.

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