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First look at new Battlestar Galactica Episodes 225

mikrorechner writes "GateWorld has had a look on five new episodes of the upcoming season 2 of Battlestar Galactica. Beware of spoilers. In other news, season 2 will be shown first in the US by the Sci-Fi Channel starting July 15, with UK's Sky One following in October." If only UHD would simulcast in HD this would be perfect.
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First look at new Battlestar Galactica Episodes

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  • My own little pipe dream:

    Oh how I wish they would come out with a VR reality game for this! Imagine, a 3D game for Battlestar Galactica! :)

  • Torrent? (Score:5, Funny)

    by angrist ( 787928 ) on Tuesday May 31, 2005 @09:37AM (#12683357)
    Ok so who has the .torrent link?


  • Interesting (Score:3, Insightful)

    by taskforce ( 866056 ) on Tuesday May 31, 2005 @09:40AM (#12683384) Homepage
    A sure sign of the show's success is that it is now being shown first in the US as opposed to the UK as the first season was.
    • Re:Interesting (Score:4, Interesting)

      by youngerpants ( 255314 ) on Tuesday May 31, 2005 @09:48AM (#12683448)
      Why is this a sign of success?? I think this behaviour by the studios is disgusting.

      OK, I can understand a simultaneous broadcast, but why doe the UK have to act as testers for the program, and then have to wait an additional 4 months because the test went well???

      Karma be dammed, I'm going to download these episodes and boycott the TV showings. The UK are NOT second class consumers despite what the studios believe.

      • >I'm going to download these episodes and boycott the TV showings

        same here. I'll buy it if you want to sell me it, but I won't beg.

        • same here. I'll buy it if you want to sell me it, but I won't beg.

          Christ when will they get it. Newsflash: the intarweb makes the entire world one big market, and we laugh at the attempts to use 20th century notions of regionalism on us.

          How about you try to change your models to accomodate piracy, instead of just whinge about it? 'Cause it has been amply demonstrated by now that there is no technical or legislative fix. The only way to manage piracy is by changing the demand structure, which, believ
      • Re:Interesting (Score:4, Insightful)

        by slapout ( 93640 ) on Tuesday May 31, 2005 @09:56AM (#12683522)
        Have you seen most of the junk Hollywood puts out? They seem to think that all consumers are second class.
      • Re:Interesting (Score:5, Insightful)

        by Durandal64 ( 658649 ) on Tuesday May 31, 2005 @09:58AM (#12683540)
        Hey, you guys gave us the first season before it aired over here, and we'll return the favor. BitTorrent makes all this "who gets what first" bullshit meaningless.
      • Re:Interesting (Score:2, Insightful)

        by toad3k ( 882007 )
        This is not national favoritism, dude. Every station does this with every show, and they have since the beginning of time. They wait until their magic eight ball says they'll get the best ratings or ad revenue, then they show the show.

        The networks just haven't brought their marketing department to the realization that cnosumers now have a choice in this matter now.

        I'll watch the first 10 on sci fi, but after that it may well be that I'll download the rest, as I don't feel like waiting 3 months to resolv
      • Re:Interesting (Score:4, Informative)

        by wbattestilli ( 218782 ) on Tuesday May 31, 2005 @10:16AM (#12683683)
        Because SkyOne and SciFi worked it out that way. Neither really care about pissing off Brits or Yanks. They only care about $.

        The show was very expensive. To mitigate risk, SciFi asked SkyOne to split the costs with them. SkyOne said fine but we get to show it first in exchange for helping you out.

        Now for season 2, SciFi is confident and probably didn't need any help funding it. As a result SkyOne gets to wait for syndication like everybody else.
    • Isn't this the same pattern they followed last year? The first half of the season is aired in the US first, with a break, followed by the second half. During the US break, the UK shows the whole thing.
      • No, last year SkyOne got the entire season before it started airing in the US, it started and finished in the UK before the US, we had a short break around Christmas (a week iirc) and that was it.
  • by http101 ( 522275 ) on Tuesday May 31, 2005 @09:40AM (#12683386) Homepage
    They may be able to curb some of the pirating if they would just broadcast simultaneously.
    • They may be able to curb some of the pirating if they would just broadcast simultaneously.

      No kidding! I've got every episode on my drive until it comes out on DVD. I can't believe a date still hasn't even been announced for the release of season 1 when it has been out overseas for months. I'm not pirating, I'm just impatient and want my copy now. I'm definitely anxious to get it on DVD 16:9 and free up a few gigs of space.

    • by Kjella ( 173770 ) on Tuesday May 31, 2005 @09:53AM (#12683495) Homepage
      ...very often, to price a show, to sell a show or to evaluate purchasing a show, you need to have numbers to go on. Living in Norway, I can assure you *no* show is broadcast simultaniously with the US. They always go by first season's US figures when selling here. I'm not sure how they do it for movies, but my impression cinemas they run all the big hollywood blockbusters, and then see how many weeks to keep it on. TV shows are like a one-off airing, a bit different.

    • +5 Insightful (Score:3, Interesting)

      by vrai ( 521708 )
      There's no way I'm going to wait until October to see this, and I suspect that the final few episodes will be heading the other way across the pond (if they break for three months in the US).

      There is no excuse not to broadcast shows that already have a UK distributor in the UK at the same time as in the US. I'm quite happy to sit through adverts if something is worth watching; but I'm not going to wait months for a show that's available as a torrent.

      • I suspect that the final few episodes will be heading the other way across the pond (if they break for three months in the US).

        BSG season 2 is reported to be 20 episodes, just like the Stargate series. Additionally, they all premiere on the same date, July 15th, so what SciFi will do is fairly obvious. All 3 shows are going to be played together, so that they will end up going on break after the 10th episode airs, meaning that Australia/Canada/England should all end up ahead of the US at the end, just li

    • That might be a problem. If they show it at, say, 7pm in Britain, that'll mean it'll be 2pm the Eastern part of the US, or even earlier further West. Most Americans will be either at work, or if the weekend, at the stores or in church of having their lunches at that time.

      Alternatively, if they were to show it at 9pm Eastern, in Britain it'd be two in the morning.

      Ultimately I don't think there's an easy solution for this. Perhaps the best would be if the TV show is initially made avaiable for pay-per-vi

      • I forgot one thing: ultimately they should use a modern streaming technology such as Windows Media, or even better the cross-platform Real Media - the la[tt]er may have its critics, but it is, at the end of the day, available to more people. Sorry, I intended to put the above paragraph in the parent comment, please read the parent comment as if it had that paragraph in it.
      • "Simultaniously" in this context means on or about the same day, as opposed to several months apart. It does not mean at the very same moment.
  • If only... (Score:5, Insightful)

    by yotto ( 590067 ) on Tuesday May 31, 2005 @09:41AM (#12683397) Homepage
    I missed season 1, but should be able to catch season 2 on TV. Too bad season 1's not coming out on DVD until (apparently) after season 2 starts. Really, do they realize the benefits of releasing a DVD of a seson of a television show BEFORE the next season starts?
  • ...but I hope the captain doesn't die. he's a great character played by a good actor.

    if you need to kill someone, kill that alcoholic 2nd in charge. he was just a bit boring and had a slut for a wife.
  • University of Houston Downtown []? Have I been living under a rock, that I fail to instantly parse UHD? It might as well be the zcjisnx captcha below, that I may or may not get right on the first try.

    • It's Universal High Definition, SCIFI/USA/NBC's parent company's HD channel. And as with anything HD, I don't receive it on Comcast.

      UHD ran the entire first season in HD shortly after its run on Scifi.

  • spoilers!! (Score:5, Informative)

    by Cat_Byte ( 621676 ) on Tuesday May 31, 2005 @09:51AM (#12683472) Journal
    Argh I read the first page and stopped. Those aren't spoilers, its a walk-through of what happens just like the overview of 'Lost' on the ABC website. Don't read it if you don't want big time spoilers. It even ruins the suspense of the cliffhanger at the end of season 1. BAH!
  • "In other news, season 2 will be shown first in the US... starting July 15, with UK's Sky One following in October."

    I think I speak for all UK Slashdotters when I say... bollocks.

    But seriously (and no doubt unpopularly), why? Like the US doesn't get enough of the good stuff first, now Sky's giving away one of the few programs we get to premier? Bastards.
    • I think I speak for all US Slashdotters when I say... HA HA :)

      It was a tough few months not downloading those episodes. I wanted the show to survive here in the US. Though I can't understand why they won't show them in both countries at the same time considering how successful they were, unless Sci-Fi paid more to get a 'world' exclusive

      • I wanted the show to survive here in the US.

        Are you aware of how the rating system actually works? Did you call up the SciFi channel to let them know that your TV was on and tuned to their station? You should at least have let them know if you wanted to be counted. It doesn't happen automagically.
    • Explain then how the UK gets Season One on DVD before the US does? Since my cable company took away my Sci-Fi channel and replaced it with Lifetime, I'm totally up a creek.
    • But seriously (and no doubt unpopularly), why? Like the US doesn't get enough of the good stuff first, now Sky's giving away one of the few programs we get to premier? Bastards.

      Oh bollocks, What does the US get that's better than what you have in the UK? Lost? Surivivor? Fear Factor? Big Brother? There are 4 (sometimes 5) shows I watch a week. SG1, Atlantis, CSI and Battlestar Galactica. Everything else I consider trash at this point. I would much rather have access to the BBC programming than anyth
      • Besides, You're getting Dr. Who right now (among others). Who knows if it will ever be ported across the pond to the US.

        It's already been "ported across the pond". Both ponds, in fact: Dr Who airs on both Canadian and Australian television, and none of that 3-months-later bullshit either. At least in Canada, it's a mere two weeks behind.

    • by Anonymous Coward
      > bollocks

      Indeed. I will therefore be downloading it.

      I might have not bothered downloading it if there was less than a month difference between US and UK.

      I would even not download it if they released the season on DVD in the UK within a month of the US showings. Yes, I'd PAY FOR IT.

      Let's see, I have a choice between:

      waiting three months (and being spoilered to fsck)


      three megabit per second download ... I think I know which is going to win.
  • HDTV? (Score:3, Informative)

    by carlhirsch ( 87880 ) on Tuesday May 31, 2005 @09:56AM (#12683526) Homepage
    Sci-Fi channel doesn't provide an HDTV signal anywhere, right? Isn't the DirecTV signal SD?

    One of the nice things about downloading the Brit Sky torrents was the fact that they were in hi-def.
    • Re:HDTV? (Score:4, Informative)

      by vrai ( 521708 ) on Tuesday May 31, 2005 @10:11AM (#12683638)
      Sky doesn't broadcast in HD TV, they won't even be shipping set-top boxes that support it until Q4 2005. The torrents were nothing but bog-standard PAL (576 lines interlaced at 50 half-fields per second).
      • But that's the rub. PAL is better quality than NTSC standard definition. I think it will be harder to sell HD over here because although it is better the difference is not so great.
    • Re:HDTV? (Score:2, Informative)

      The Canadian downloads have been the cleanest. They don't have that annoying SciFi logo in the lower right corner of the screen. I've seen the Sky One logo on their feeds in the upper left corner, but it's not as annoying as SciFi's.

      There have been HDTV torrents of Stargate Atlantis and Battle Star Galactica, but I don't know the origin of the broadcast source.

    • universal has an HD channel that broadcasts the episodes in HD, just not at the sametime as they are shown on scifi.
  • by TheHornedOne ( 50252 ) on Tuesday May 31, 2005 @10:51AM (#12684009)
    If Starbuck needs help with that repopulation thing... /all I'm saying is that I'm here to help
  • by EvilStein ( 414640 ) <(ten.pbp) (ta) (maps)> on Tuesday May 31, 2005 @11:26AM (#12684322)
    I got a block of 4 ads - all but 1 were for "Miss the show? Download it here!" sites.

    I bet the MPAA would blow an artery if they saw that. :P
  • by 0111 1110 ( 518466 ) on Tuesday May 31, 2005 @12:39PM (#12685022)
    Great spoilers and all (wish I hadn't read it) but who is going to be doing the writing?

    I hope they have axed Carla Robinson and Jeff Flaming and hopefully even Bradley Thompson and David Weddle from the writer lineup. They suck. They aren't science fiction writers and can't write. They are responsible for the only bad episodes in season one. And why in the name of god is it necessary to use a different writer for each episode? It's so fracking stupid. Obviously the episodes are going to be uneven if you do that.

    David Eick, RDM, and Michael Angeli should be doing all the writing. They actually know how to write. Toni Graphia is not that bad either. I pray to the Lords of Cobol that these folks will be doing all the writing for season 2. We don't need any more filler episodes like Secrets and Lies or You Can't Go Home Again. I'd rather have fewer episodes and better writing.
  • by Gorimek ( 61128 ) on Tuesday May 31, 2005 @12:59PM (#12685240) Homepage
    Frome the article; Sagitaron representative Tom Zarek, played by Richard Hatch

    Is that that Richard Hatch?? Fat naked gay survivor winner Richard Hatch?
  • I was so used to hearing the theme music they use in the UK, it will be wierd hearing the one on Sci-Fi.

    Or, um, my friend says he was used to that music.

    Whatever he means by that :D

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