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Comment Re:Linux Gaming Support (Score 1) 354

How has the way the Linux kernel is managed negatively affected proprietary graphics card drivers?

By not supporting a stable ABI and API for binary drivers. You can take a WinVista driver written in 2006 and still install it and use it today on a fully updated and supported OS. Linux doesn't offer any kind of binary compatibility remotely comparable.

Users appreciate minor OS updates not breaking their drivers. Hardware vendors appreciate not having to chase whatever direction the kernel devs are going to keep their drivers working.

Comment Sandboxing? (Score 2) 23

Perhaps I've just missed this in the reports, but is there any analysis on how this is impacted by sandboxing?

Apple tends to keep things pretty locked down and isolated, and while Stagefright was a Go Directly to Root kind of exploit, I'm curious whether this has the same risk. Can a bad TIFF file delivered via iMessage actually break out of iMessage? "Ultimately, an attack could give a hacker access to portions of a computerâ(TM)s memory" is not very descriptive here.

Side note: why the heck is anyone still supporting TIFF as a built-in image format. The TIFF standard is so complex that it has been the source of an innumerable number of security exploits over the years. It's a very risky format to support for exactly this reason.

Comment Only If You Sign Up With a Google Acccount (Score 4, Informative) 104

One thing that TFS doesn't make clear here is that this situation only occurs if you sign up for Pokemon Go with a Google account.

The game supports two different account types, either a Pokemon Trainer Club account through pokemon.com, or a Google account. Because the game is incredibly, absurdly popular right now, Nintendo is throttling Pokemon Trainer Club account creation to prevent their servers from becoming molten silicon. Which is why so many people are signing up with their Google account.

It's signing up via a Google account that causes PoGo/Nintendo to have full access to said account. Which means that if you have already signed up via the Pokemon Trainer Club, or will do so in the future, you'll be fine. It's only users signing up via the Google account system that are getting their Google accounts linked in this fashion. So the straightforward solution is to only sign up for the game with a Pokemon Trainer Club account. Which admittedly isn't super helpful due to the aforementioned throttle on Pokemon Trainer Club account creation, but there is at least a workaround.

Otherwise the iOS-centric aspect of this is a bit unusual. Obviously iOS isn't giving PoGo access to your Google account, rather it seems to be a difference in how the two apps work. It appears that the Android version of the app doesn't try to request full permissions, only the iOS version does. Why? That's a good question...

Comment Re:This is like asking "Verite 3D or 3DFX Voodoo?" (Score 1) 185

Version 1 and 2 of these things are going to be bunk. Slashdot is a mostly older nerd crowd, we've probably all been burnt as early adopters before.

I wasn't entirely sure how to respond to this post, but what you describe isn't being old. What you describe is being disinclined to try anything new. If you need someone to blaze the path for you and work out any kinks first, then that's cool. But don't confuse that with being old. Just because we're old doesn't mean we can't dive into this head-first, and in fact I think we have the advantage due to the experience we come with, having lived through the first age of VR in the early 90s.

Personally I've had a blast with the Oculus Rift CV1. It's damn near everything I wanted to do in the 90s but the technology didn't allow at the time, even in the military sims a lot of the early stuff was based on. And even if I'm not developing the hardware or the software these days, it's still fun to be a part of this, to see how things have advanced since the early days and maybe apply some of that previous experience to give developers some meaningful feedback. At this point I think I've put more time in Project Cars sight-seeing around the tracks than I have actually racing, and that's because it's such an engrossing experience.

Not that I disagree that future headsets won't be better; I think that much is obvious. But this whole thing is practically built for nerds; if you have the money and the interest, don't sit on the sidelines. Embrace the nerdiness and help shape VR. Otherwise you're just denying yourself a fun time that it used to be we could only dream of.

Comment VR Adult Interaction is the Future (Score 4, Interesting) 74

The usual jokes aside, this is going to be a part of our future. VR is going to change human sexual interaction just like ubiquitous communication devices (phones) changed social interaction. Combined with task-optimized haptics to provide the tactile feedback, and given the importance of sex (or rather, orgasm) in the human experience, and it can't not change things.

Whether it changes things for the better or the worse remains to be seen though. Japan already has a birth rate problem and this isn't going to help. Which isn't to say that the tech shouldn't exist, only that one could very easily see it as exacerbating the problem. It may very well force Japanese society (and other societies as well) to finally address the issue and enact structural change to make rearing children more desirable.

The bigger question is whether this can be meaningfully used as a tool to improve human interaction. In both Japanese and Western societies, so much emphasis is put on your first time. Maybe this improves that, reducing the massive social threshold that comes with sex and at the same time producing a generation of young adults who are more confident with sex, what they want from it, and what they expect from each other?

No matter how it ends up, it'll be interesting to see how it evolves.

Comment Uneasy About Starting Without a Physician (Score 5, Informative) 301

I'm strongly in favor of overall greater access to birth control. But I have to say that when it comes to starting any kind of hormonal birth control, I'm uneasy about the idea of doing so without the supervision of a doctor or other medical professional.

In my case I had to go through three different types of pills before I found a pill that worked well for me. The first two left me, well, hormonal and while it wasn't terrible, it also wasn't a pleasant experience. Especially compared to how much better things were once I finally found a pill that worked. There are a number of different pills on the market for a reason; not everyone responds to a given formulation the same way. And this is where the doctor was a great help, as she was able to tell me what was and wasn't normal, use my experiences to suggest other options. I suppose from a technical perspective any pill will do - they all seem to pause fertility - but the side effects can be a real pain.

This is why I'm uneasy about anyone starting a new birth control regimen without supervision. Certainly once you're established and happy, you should be able to get new packs as you please (including ordering extra for trips and such). And this is definitely something that needs to be fixed as it's harder than it should be. But starting without a physician seems like a poor idea to me. I feel like it's doing a disservice to others who will be lead to think the processes is easier than it actually is.

Comment Re:Stolen? (Score 1) 104

tinybuild invalidates game keys with chargeback

Can Steam even do that? I know that they can revoke games purchased within the Steam ecosystem, but I've never heard anything about revoking a copy that comes via a key.

Since Valve isn't involved with how that key is sold, I could certainly see them not allowing vendors to revoke games. The last thing Valve wants is customers bitching to them about losing access to a game, and of course Valve can't do a thing since they aren't the original seller and can't refund the purchase.

Comment Re:Neutral (Score 4, Interesting) 221

For what it's worth, the reports say that the car was a recent model Jeep Cherokee. Recent Chryslers vehicles have an incredibly stupid automatic shifter.



It's entirely a drive-by-wire shifter that acts more like a joystick, and what you do is that you essentially dial in the gear you want, at which point it always goes back to its default position. So people are having a heck of a time telling when it's in Park, because if they didn't dial it correctly, they'll get Neural instead.

Mr. Yelchin may very well have been the latest person to discover this the unfortunate way; there were already 30 injury reports back in February.

Comment Feedback: Better Story Title (Score 5, Insightful) 97

I know the editors are just shortening the title from TFA, but saying "this Apple II game" rather than the name of the game borders on clickbait. If you're going to rewrite the title (and you should, that's what a good editor does), then you may as well do it right and make it a properly descriptive title.

e.g. "Easter Egg Found After 33 Years in Apple II Game 'Gumball'" which is more descriptive and more space efficient, coming in at 3 characters shorter than the current Slashdot title.

Comment Re:Netflix in 4k (Score 1) 507

As of right now, Netflix only plays in 4k directly on a smart TV or a few authorized media devices but no mention of a self made computer.

Hardware that supports the PlayReady 3.0 was only just released. NVIDIA's GTX 1000 series video cards are the first I know of that support it. Netflix 4K will apparently be released for computers that support PlayReady 3.0 in the not too distant future.

Comment Re:Are there any "dumb" TV's left? (Score 1) 507

I recently bought a TV as well, and mine can also do so quite well. Two unfortunate things though. 1. All of my devices go through a receiver for audio and when I light up the TV with a cast, it doesn't pipe audio through the receiver, instead using the comparatively crappy TV speakers. Sure I could run a SPDIF cable to the receiver for that but then that brings us to point

You should look into the HDMI Audio Return Channel function. This is exactly the scenario it was designed for.

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