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Comment Re:December 30th (Score 1) 197

It was also the "done thing" to lurk for a while before posting. Well, that was the case before Eternal September, anyway...

This. If I would have made an account when I started using /., I'd have a 3 or low 4 digit uid, and given that both of us made accounts around the same time, I'd wager you would as well. There's something to be said for actually learning about a community before you join it.

Comment Re: They're not capable of mind control... (Score 1) 143


Your fine rant, though, ignores the fact that the Iraq war is the one without an actual reason. The war in Afghanistan started because they were harboring Osama bin Laden, and we demanded they turn him over to answer for what al-Qaeda had done. It certainly went off the rails from there, with many people believing the Taliban had something to do with 9/11, but the original reason for the war was good enough to pass muster with a large coalition, including multiple nations that have had a significant aversion to military action since the mid 20th century sending troops as well.

Comment Re:For the percentage impaired... (Score 1) 85

Your points are persuasive, but most people* would likely parse the phrases "twice as fast" and "two times faster" as meaning the same thing which throws your entire point into disarray. Percentages are obvious, "as fast/faster" appears to be a personal stylistic choice.

*: "most people" definitely falls afoul of the "no true scotsman" fallacy, but it's not like I'm going to go out and conduct a survey on the issue.

Comment Re:Laissez Faire Capitalist Here... (Score 1) 203

Remember that not all municipal utilities are not government owned. Most rural and semirural areas get their water and power from coops (where the residents are members, and (nominally) owners of the utility). The biggest problems involved are startup costs (this is where government can play a role in the form of USF grants from fedgov or loans/bonds from states and towns) and the 800lb gorillas (AT&T, Comcast, etc) who will do everything in their power to ensure these projects fail or are outlawed.

That second part is also where government needs to step in, but I'm not exactly optimistic about that.

Comment Re:For the percentage impaired... (Score 1) 85

I appear to have had a reading comprehension malfunction, and I thought OP was stating that "330% faster = 3.3x speed" which is definitely not what he was stating. With regard to your formula, I'll admit ignorance. I did some quick research and have found nothing definitive other than people arguing on the internet. I will not press my point (we've already proven that I am not responding to what people are actually saying, much less correct) but I'm unconvinced as to the accuracy of what you're saying. Can you link to something authoritative so I can cure my ignorance?

Comment Re:For the percentage impaired... (Score 1) 85

“increase [...] by 330 percent” means 4.3 faster."

Sorry, but "330% faster" is indeed 3.3 times faster, or 4.3 times as fast. "4.3 [times] faster" is actually 5.3 times as fast. You're off by one, and GP is correct.

Let's try it this way: "100% faster" and "1 times faster." Do you see how your statement is provably false, now?

Comment Re:Or... (Score 3, Informative) 82

I'm afraid that your "pre-1940s" view of the US is either rose tinted or just plain incorrect. While Teddy Roosevelt spoke of the need to speak softly and carry a big stick, the foreign policy of the United States has been largely the opposite of the isolationist position that many people seem to think is our norm. There's a reason the USMC's Battle Hymn starts with "from the Hallf of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli." We've invaded both Canada and Mexico in our history, and (prior to the 1940 date you remember fondly) had been at war on every continent save Australia and Antartica. We took the vast majority of our nation away from the people who already lived there. I'm reasonably certain that every single US extraterritorial possession (i.e. Guam, etc) was in our possession prior to the second world war, except for a bunch of tiny atolls in the Pacific we built bases on during the war and maybe kept afterward.

I personally think that, on the whole, we've been a stronger force for "good" (however you want to define that) than "evil" but I do have my biases.

Comment Re:Six million soon-to-be-unhappy Comcast customer (Score 1) 141

I think you missed the point. In this context, customers refers to individual people and families. Corporations are more important than people, and so, by definition, get better service. It does not contradict the GP who says that a happy Comcast customer is a myth.

I'm the guy who deals with the sales guys, tech guys, field guys and manages the circuits on a day to day basis. To suggest that I'm not a customer is an absurdity. With regard to your schtick that corporte customers are more important because they're "not people" I think it has more to do with the fact that the check we cut Comcast every month probably equals what everyone else in a quarter-mile radius pays, combined.

Comment Re:Six million soon-to-be-unhappy Comcast customer (Score 1) 141

I'm a VERY happy Comcast customer (so they do exist) but I'm an enterprise customer and not a residential customer, so YMMV. Something like 3-4 hours of unscheduled downtime in the last five years on the HFC circuit, and the GigE private circuit that I have for one of my remote sites hasn't seen any downtime since installation last year.

I'd like to say that "service with big telecom improves as you spend more money" but AT&T still sucks no matter how much money I give them.

Comment Re:the problem is jackboot landlords. (Score 2) 93

Thank you for your return to civility.

To reply to something you said upthread: I agree teaching people to fish that far, far preferable to providing them daily fish rations. Sometimes, though, you're faced with people who live in the middle of a desert, where teaching them to fish just isn't feasible, and is never going to be. At that point, you can either feed them on the journey out of the desert, or just leave them to die. To me, there is no choice between the two.

To goal of all welfare programs should be self-obsolecence--that people enrolled in those programs transition out of them as soon as possible. Section 8, as originally structured, was designed to do just that. We need to go back to it and come up with more programs like it.

Comment Re:the problem is jackboot landlords. (Score 5, Insightful) 93

Section 8, as designed, is a welfare program that anyone (conservative, liberal, whatever) can get behind. It was the proverbial "hand up, not a hand out" that was designed to move people out of projects, where opportunity was low (at best) and into situations where they could truly benefit themselves. The original participants were chosen very carefully, and were tightly screened. They looked for people who wanted to work. People who kept neat houses and took care of their kids. When they were enrolled in the program, they were followed up on to check their progress and ensure they were doing their part. The program was a massive success--the people it helped had overwhelmingly positive outcomes.

What we have today is a result of it being a victim of its own success. Because it was so successful, scads of money was thrown at the program in an attempt to expand it to more people. Today, just about ANYONE who meets the income requirements can get on section 8 (it is awarded typically by lottery), there is no screening, no followup, or anything else. Its use has (as your citations notes) exported crime from the high crime areas to the low crime areas, all under the guise of "equality" (where everyone lives an equally shitty life, I guess?) it's basically the inverse of the "villas at Kenny's House" gag on South Park, with predictable results.

I (strongly!) support section 8, but as it was originally designed and implemented, and not the gigantic mess we have today. If you still want me to die as a result, then (with equal civility) I suggest that you go fuck yourself.

Comment Re:First Post... (Score 1) 308

The following account has been suspended for violating our terms of service of not agreeing with us politically.

Plenty of sites will ban you for doing just that (see Personally, I don't have much of a problem with it, people who want to silence their political opponents should be marked as such, and those who self-proclaim that do us all the service of not having to go through the effort of doing so ourselves.

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