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Comment Perfect? (Score 1) 165

No more fighting over the remote, no complex wiring. No remote at all even - they can just touch the movies they want and it plays.

That is, if they don't mind holding their screen. If they really really want to use their large-screen TV an iPad may not be the best option, or maybe there's some iPad + Apple TV setup for Netflix?

Comment HIPAA? (Score 1) 106

This is a serious question, I don't know the answer. Does HIPAA protect pharmaceutical purchases? If you buy Viagra from (insert international online pharmacy here), that might be a little different. But for a legit online/in-person pharmacy this seems protected info, and there's enough old ladies/gents out there who'd go apeshit on their legislators if their pill-buying habits were being bought/sold like Facebook likes...

Comment "so this may very well rear its head again" (Score 4, Informative) 106

You can count on this issue never going away. For all the corporately-fueled K St. lobbiests lurking in Congress, private citizens have *VERY* few friends. The Electronic Frontier Foundation is one of them, the American Civil Liberties Union is another. Donations to these two organizations, and others like them are the only way to ensure these watchdog organizations stick around. Without watchdog organizations pouring over every amendment and potential bill we are FUBAR'd. Who else will be watching the watchers?

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