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Comment That's the wrong question. (Score 1) 261

You've got a lot of opportunity. I can't really tell you what a "good job" is, without knowing you. The question I would ask you, if we were sitting face to face, is "what do you like to do?" And then we would go from there.

I would probably tell you that fields like machine learning and information security are good, but competitive. I would tell you to avoid the gaming industry, unless you know someone who can get you into one of the big studios. This is more likely if you live in a city where there is a big gaming studio, like LA or Seattle.

And I would strongly urge you to look for less competitive industries like banking and insurance, where jobs are very stable, if you wanted stable. If you wanted a resume full of big names and shorter term projects with an entrepreneurial tract inline for the second half of your career, you need to get hooked up with one of the bigger staffing firms, or consulting companies, and not be afraid to travel for work. Robert Half, Yoh, Aditi, TCS, IBM, those guys.

At least your first time out, spend $300 to $700 on a good, professionally written resume, and study how it's done. Don't underestimate the power of a nice looking, well written resume. Oh, and also remember that you can still game job boards by renewing your resume every day, and using heavy keyword concentrations in the skillsets and areas you want. It works basically the same way that SEO did before the clampdown. Don't go crazy with it, but be aware.

If you want to go straight into startups, get on LinkedIn, and make friends with people in the industry, and others that work in the field. Reach out to them. Tell them who you are and what you're about. Get involved with user groups in your area, if you live in a city. Get involved with business networking groups. Be in places where you meet people, and have an opportunity to talk and shake hands... a lot.

No matter what you're doing, you need to understand that most (not all, but almost all) technical jobs are about interacting with people, first and foremost. If you're antisocial, and you don't like talking to people, or working with them, you'll do okay to a point, but there will be a limit to how far you're able to go with this. In the event that you've been told otherwise, by anyone, I feel terrible for you and what you've gotten yourself into.

So get people skills if you don't have them. Build them, quickly.

As a CS graduate, you're officially a salesman. Congratulations.

Your career will be spent selling yourself, selling your ideas, selling your solutions, and building alliances and consensus with coworkers, vendors, contractors, and management.

Get good at this, or your life will be hard.

It's also a field where ongoing education is essential. Find a place where you can get courses online. Take them, learn the topics in and out. List them on your resume as you go, and keep a current list.

That's everything I can think of, off the top of my head.

Good luck.

Comment Everybody's missing it. (Score 1) 734

The real revelation here, is that the data from the leak, regardless as to the context, and the party responsible, is authentic. It's been verified by the CIA and FBI as not containing any forgeries or being altered in any way. Not one word of the Podesta or DNC emails has been altered. So, now we know that pay for play, spirit cooking, post warrant email deletions on the private server, admissions of clinton foundation donors funding isis, and more, is all true. I'm not saying that anyone would ever chase Clinton down and press charges, but they certainly could now.

Comment Re:trannies and Trump (Score 1) 150

Right. When Trump was asked about gay rights initially on the campaign trail, he said "look, we're all on the same team." When asked if he would overturn gay marriage, he said "the law is settled, there's nothing to do about it." When the Florida nightclub attack happened, he expressed solidarity with the victims, and correctly named the aggressor and the attack for what it was. This might not sound like a lot, but it's a big deal. Trump, even to the chagrin of his own party, is the most pro-gay republican ever to run.

Comment Re:trannies and Trump (Score 1) 150

Except that he took on Mike Pence as his VP, and according to Kasich's people Trump was offering the "most powerful" VP spot in the country's history, with the VP to be in charge of "foreign and domestic policy," i.e. everything.

Think of it this way. If your life is being threatened daily both IRL, and on every social media platform there is.... what do you do? You find someone that the people threatening you are going to find absolutely terrifying, and make him the guy who would have to step up, in the event of your untimely demise. Pence is a life insurance policy, and a good one. I don't think anything Pence says or does actually reflects on Trump very much, or at all.

After months of campaigning against Trump, and a refusal to give up on the the #NeverTrump thing, even as recently as the day of the election, I don't know per se, if anything Kasich says on the subject really holds any water. Of course, you can believe what you like about it.

I think the funniest thing Trump's done so far, in the midst of the allegations of Russian involvement in the DNC hack, was appoint Carly Fiorina as the director of national intelligence. You'll remember that this is the same woman that Trump said drove HP into the ground, and the woman that Trump said he would put in charge of anything he absolutely wanted to destroy. Surprised nobody caught that, or why it's funny.

Comment Re:Tell us how great Europe is, please! (Score 1) 85

Yeah, right.

If Sweden were a US state, it'd be like the 35th wealthiest by purchasing power.

But you go ahead, keep telling yourself European-style socialism is wonderful.

It's interesting you mention that. We don't really think of Sweden the way we think about Kansas and Nebraska. Maybe we should. Puts the whole thing in perspective.

Comment Re:Hypocrisy at it's finest (Score 1) 600

I have to strongly disagree. TPP has had much of the same soul-crushing effect that SOPA did on the community.

The record of people in tech being opposed to TPP has been ongoing. More restrictive copyright laws have historically been something that Slashdot and similar forums have ALWAYS been against. At least in the 15 years or so that I've been reading them.

For Slashdotters to come out in favor of the entertainment industry, after supporting Kim.com, after fighting for everyone's right to torrent, after supporting the free flow of information, after criticizing Iran and China for their internet censorship regimes, after we cried for tragic passing of Aaron Swartz, after fighting, and lobbying, and coming together the way we have, consistently. And now because half of us don't like Trump, regardless as to whether or not we win, is a complete betrayal of the long-standing principles this community is based on. It's as shocking as it is sad -- because it really does feel like the end of an era, at least to me.

So yes, I see how an argument can be made that there is hypocrisy there.

And it makes me wonder if this is the new normal. It makes me wonder if we're all so blinded by partisan politics that we're willing to throw our history, and morals, our causes, and our core sense of self away over bullshit like this.

We're not supposed to be partisans. We're motherfucking techies. We rule the world, not them. We were fight club before fight club existed. We have our own set of interests.

But more importantly, we're supposed to be a community.
It really does feel like that broke down this cycle.

And I have no idea what that means.

Comment Re:No principles. (Score 1) 600

For years up to a week ago: TPP is an abomination love child between Hitler and Satan and needs to die.

Now that Trump doesn't want it: This will ruin the nation and will only benefit China. TPP Must Go Forward!

Exactly right. Same with Techdirt. Literally four years of passionate arguments. Now, the anti-Trump bias is more important. I don't get it! I'm not going to change my personal stance that TPP is an awful idea based on my feelings for or against Trump. We need to take our wins where we can get them.

Comment Except... (Score 1) 149

Except that the definition of fake news has gotten exceptionally broad post-election.

The LA Times, for example, listed Red State, the Blaze, and Breitbart but didn't mention Electronic Intifada, Salon, or Addicting Info, which have the same level of credibility (or lack thereof). If you're going to make lists, or throw these sites into a category with the Onion, then it's important to be even-handed about it. Define the offenders by class.

It's not fake simply because the site has a bias you disagree with. Otherwise, it looks like censorship, which is clearly what's happening here.

Also, you'll remember that it wasn't so long ago that the Daily Show referred to itself as fake news, and that many of these same sites were hailed as the "future of media" and referred to as the "blog-o-sphere" just a couple of years ago.

Having an issue with clickbate ads is one thing. Attempting to shut down websites that that pose dissenting opinion pieces or shed light on points of view other than your own is yet another a fascist hate tactic from the side that smugly considers itself "the tolerant."

If the industry is willing to set aside a uniform code of conduct that could be understood and followed by everyone, I'm all for it. Ban, block, and ex-communicate anyone who violates the terms. Go for it.

Short of that, what we're seeing is a witch hunt, reminiscent of nazi germany or the soviet union. We might as well be burning books.

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