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Comment profit margins (Score 2) 311

Check out the net profit margins on many of the big Pharma companies. They're not obscenely high for the most part. Apple for example has had a profit margin of around 20% for the past few years.

Average profit margin in the last 5 years:
Abbot Labs=15%
Astrozenica 12%
Eli Lilly 13%

They're good for the most part, but not unbelievably amazing.

Comment Re: Can VR really "fail"? (Score 1) 88

After playing I racing on the same track I have been too a nice mber of times and being able to look through corners, I'd hardly call it a failure.

It felt pretty much the same as being on track since I had the benefit of a force feedback steering wheel. You also had a real sense of speed and I could judge turn in points far more easily.

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 0, Troll) 798

The whole debate is blitheringly idiotic. There is no such thing as "transgender". There are male psychological freaks pretending to be women and female psychological ruins pretending to be men. That's it.

And to anyone who wants to argue otherwise, I will simply point out that I feel that I am 16 years old and fully eligible to play high school sports, and anyone who argues otherwise is transagist. After all, it should be obvious that the year of birth recorded on one's birth certificate means no more than one's sex recorded there, and "age" is nothing more than a social construct.

Comment Re:Donald Trump is evil (Score 0) 857

The best Mexicans are going to come here on visas; the educated, the fruit pickers on farm visas. They have the ability to do so. Only though without the ability on the lower end of the economic scale are going to come here illegally.

I wouldn't strut my ignorance on the topic, you should do some research on the topic, it is surprising actually. The level of criminality is higher than the general public in part because the average legal immigrant and citizen has more options for income.

Comment Trump is to the left of clinton (Score 4, Interesting) 857

Even the WashingtonPost, who HATES HATES HATES Trump admits he is to the left of clinton on economics, trade, and foreign policy. Hard to believe but if you listen to what he says about cutting military spending by closing bases and dropping weapon systems, getting out of foreign alliances, ending trade deals, increasing tarrifs, and going after crony capitalism you would swear you were listening to Bernie Sanders and not the Republican cannidate for president.

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