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Comment Re:read the polls (Score 3, Interesting) 644

Democratic enthusiasm is pretty low, whereas there was record turnout for the republican primary.

That certainly works in Trump's favour. Hispanic turnout is relatively low historically, and Obama got 71% of the latino vote the last time around.

Trump is doing better than any recent GOP politican with black voters getting around 15%, compared to Romneys 6%.

If Romney had gotten 5% more of the white vote he would have won. Of course down the line with different demographics, Republicans will have a harder time.

Comment Network TV is female focused (Score 1) 858

TV procedurals highly skew female which I was rather surprised to learn.

from tv by the numbers: http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.c...

1.00 = equal ratings for men and women 18-49, Below 1.0 = more men, Above 1.0 = more women

NCIS 1.19
NCIS:LA 1.25
CSI: Miami 1.29
CSI 1.55
CSI:NY 1.55
Criminal Minds 1.57
Law & Order 1.73
Glee 1.76
Law & Order:SVU 1.84

by comparasion in 2010, these were the only network shows to skew male:
Simpsons 0.67
Family Guy 0.68
Cleveland Show 0.71
Chuck 0.83
Fringe 0.95
24 0.97

everything else on network tv skews female. http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.c...

Comment Re:Strong enough for a man, made for a woman (Score 3, Interesting) 858

TV viewing skews heavily female. Check out TV by the numbers some time for gender skews for popular shows. Unless its sports, or fox's sunday nite lineup, men don't watch much tv at all.

The following link from 2010 has a breakdown and its pretty sobering.


Comment Re:FM radio's last gasp? (Score 2) 340

NPR finds a way to inject race into a lot of topics in their news coverage. They also spend an inordinate amount of time on black people's issues, a lesser amount of time on hispanic related issues, and asians simply don't exist.

While I enjoy Marketplace, most of these other programming has a liberal slant to it. Terry Gross's "Fresh Air" slants left, Michel Martin's old show "Tell Me More" slanted left, Dianne Rehm's "Dianne Rehm show" has civil discussions from all over the spectrum, but you can tell from Dianne's attitude and questions where her politics lie.

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