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Comment Re:Got bit by this 2-wks ago at latimes.com (Score 1) 35

Let's see, it's either ctrl(or command)-l, ctrl-c, alt-tab-tab-tab, ctrl-l, ctrl-v, enter (six key combinations probably already commited to muscle memory), or installing yet-another-extension (and we already have too many of those to keep track of, don't need another one) AND taking your hands off the keyboard.

Comment Scratch (scratch.mit.edu) (Score 4, Informative) 237

Check out http://scratch.mit.edu/. It sure looks like kiddy stuff at first glance, but its awesomeness cannot be described, you have to try it yourself.

Since scratch takes care about all the nitty-gritty details, you can focus on actually *designing* good games, which is awfully hard.

Comment The *consent* will be buried in the EULA (Score 2) 90

Asking for consent is absolutely meaningless. In order to get security updates, you'll have to accept the new EULA and will be forced to agree to whatever they ask.

The only way out is to make it illegal to store any more data then is absolutely necessary (e.g. a train time table app only needs your location *now* to find the nearest station, but has no business of retaining that data) for the normal operation of the application.

Comment Re:Not a new idea, and not a good idea. (Score 1) 365

> I don't see how you can say that this piracy detection fails occasionally. What is your reference?

Some games refuse to install when CD emulation software is installed on the computer. Some games refuse to run when the CD has minor scratches. Some games refuse to run if they can't reach the authentication server. Some operating systems want to be 'reactivated' when they detect one too many hardware changes.

I don't know enough about Steam to tell you where its failure points are, but it's far from the only DRM system in town.

If, in any of those cases, the software stopped throwing an error (which is already quite annoying) and instead started to sabotage me quietly, I'd consider legal action.

Comment Re:To expensive (Score 2) 695

> Google lightbulbs and mercury and see that the result comes at a (possible unacceptably high) price though.

After following my own advice I come to the (certainly not expertly derived) conclusion that the benefits far outweight the drawbacks..It'll probably turn out very similiar for the electric vs. petrol fueled cars...

Comment Re:Interview (Score 1) 509

There are certainly a lot of competent C++ programmers out there. But there's also a lot of less competent ones. And sometime you get one who appears to be compotent, but actually isn't. With C++, these guys can do A LOT MORE damage to your project than they could do with simpler languages, and after a few years, the project becomes an unmanageable mess that's far more expensive to maintain and extend than it should be.

Comment Re:Modern world has its priorities wrong (Score 4, Informative) 260

I think it was the famous 18th century mathematician Laplace who once said "there is no military application for number theory", and less then 150 years later, its applications (cryptography) where probably one of the deciding factors for the outcome of World War II.

I don't think we can rule out that high energy physics will give us cool stuff to play with eventually.

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