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Comment Re:No, it's not reasonable (Score 1) 121

You realise that Kosovo fought a particularly bloody war of independence against Serbia in the 1990s after the breakup of Yugoslavia and, after a period of protectionism under UN administration, declared independence from Serbia in 2008 - that independence is recognised by 109 UN members, so it is not a pseudo-state, it is a state by recognition, and Serbia would most definitely want Kosovo back if it were to be allowed...

Comment Re:so unbelievable its posted twice (Score 2) 180

This story is a couple of hours after the allegation story, if that story was updated with the denial and explanation now, there would be near zero discussion on the denial and explanation while the outrage about the allegation would stand in full.

That is why something as big as this is due two separate stories when the allegation and denial are that far apart - now go discuss the new "information" on the topic, does it change any viewpoints from the last story? Lets watch and find out.

Comment Re:CS should _not_ be taught to teenagers (Score 1) 240

A couple of years ago I decided to actually go and get a CS degree after 15 years of on-the-job experience. I chose a well known, internationally recognised distance learning university and picked one of their CS-Maths combined degrees so as to learn something new.

The maths side of things was awesome.

The CS part was dismal - one of the first year courses was around handling mobile devices on web pages. The approaches they taught were either doing a client side xml transform, using JS to switch out the desktop style sheet for a mobile optimised one, or using JS to redirect the client to a mobile specific site.

And it went downhill from there.

I've also run into CS degree with hons holders who couldn't code worth shit.

I don't hold much faith in academia when it comes to CS.

Comment Re:Brought to you by SJWs (Score 4, Informative) 127

I think she honestly thought they could make it work - they already use trace multipliers in other areas of medical testing, such as DNA tests, so a company that could come up with a way to do that for all sorts of other tests (being able to do a battery of tests on a drop of blood rather than the two or three vials they have to use these days for certain things) would make a mint, and the science is already there for other tests, so...

But once they determined the trace multipliers thye had come up with didn't work, they should have come clean right there and then. Not turned it from a failed venture into a fraudulent one.

Comment Re: Conventional warfare is dead (Score 5, Interesting) 192

A modern Tomahawk cruise missile has an inventory cost of around $750,000. Once you use it, you have to replace it at full cost.

An F-35A's flight cost is around $40,000 per flight hour (google exactly what a flight hour is) and is expected to fall to around $30,000/fh in due course.

A 5 hour mission designed to hit 5 targets means 5 Tomahawk missiles expended, at a cost of $3.75million for the mission.

The same mission for the F-35A would cost, currently, $200,000 in flight hours, and $135,000 for 5 Mk.82 bombs with JDAM kits - a total mission cost of $335,000.

The mission cost difference is a saving of about $3.4Million, give or take.

So, with a current purchase cost of $98Million for a LRIP (low rate initial production) F-35A, it would only need to fly 30 or so missions to be worth while, over the cost of continually buying expendable cruise missiles to carry out the same missions.

How does that work out in real life?

During the second Gulf War air campaign, there were 20,753 combat sorties by coalition aircraft, during which they used 18,467 smart bombs and 9,251 dumb bombs.

That war, if fought by using cruise missiles solely, would set you back $20.8Billion just to replace your expended ordnance.

Take the aircraft costs out of the equation for a moment - replacing all those expended munitions with JDAMs would cost $748Million, leaving a balance of more than $20Billion to cover the operating costs of the aircraft...

You could buy a fleet of 100 F-35s and operate them for just under half their entire projected life on the balance alone...

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