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Comment It's the work experience (Score 1) 393

I'm in my mid to late 40's now with a pretty good career. And I've been in the position of hiring today's grads upon occasion. Some are really, really smart. Most, IMHO, not so much. Sure, their abilities to do Powerpoint, make pretty Word docs and even crunch a few spreadsheets are okay in an academic sense. But, holy crap, I need a business sense. And more than a business sense: an ability to go and talk to a customer, build a business relationship, establish trust and do business! I don't need another dumbass talking about "social media" and "blah blah blah" that doesn't connect with the large majority of down-in-the-trenches-small-business-owners.

When I was in high school, most of the seniors worked part-time. Hell, before they even graduated or went to college or university, they already had more raw work experience than over 95% of today's grads. Today's high school grads (at least in Ontario) can't even drive a fucking car by themselves. Add that together with globalization (the fucking of the middle class), the destruction of the traditional retirement age of 65 (selfish prick babyboomers) and you're got a perfect storm of screwing today's generation. It isn't that there is no jobs available, it's that they are already taken and many of today's grads don't have the work experience that gives employer's any confidence.

It's fucking depressing when you think about it. Sure, I'm ranting a bit. I've got four young kids and I'm really concerned with what I see out there today. The politicians today are complete morons and out of touch with reality. Today's politicians are becoming "institutionalized" where you're now seeing dumb-ass dynasties occurring with people who have no sense of what's really going on.

Comment The perfect solution! (Score 3, Informative) 137

It's very clear that this is a mission-critical application need.

I recommend a clustered Oracle database with no less than four 8-core Wintel servers having at least 1 TB of RAM on each system along with 2 TB hard drives with a RAID 5 cluster and heartbeat connection between each pair of servers. Since we all know that California is a goner when the big one hits, you clearly need a RT (real-time, for you noobs!) connection with the same configuration located on the other side of the country. In fact, if you're a multi-national then its advisable to take a tax writeoff and host yet another same configuration in fscking Ireland too!

If that doesn't get you a renewable annual budget and a job-for-life then you need to become a manager and outsource the whole fscking thing to India where they'll do the work for minimum wage (what's that, $0.10/hour?) and you can manage it locally and report to the Board each year of all the hard work that you do.

Or just use a sqlite database with a small front-end configuration and Bob's your Uncle.

Comment Truth! (Score 1) 818

Anyone in Canada could have told you that the US is an oligarchy. This is exactly what we've seen since at least the Reagan administration. The US is *NOT* a democracy - sorry to burst your bubble but it's the truth. The US has the appearance of a democracy but it is absolutely *NOT* a democracy.

- A Canadian

Submission + - How to Make McDonald's Fries at Home (

RazorJ_2000 writes: The article says it all: how to make McDonald's calibre french fries at home... with complete pictures too! The best part of the article is the indepth discussion of what the Author did in order to figure things out... this is true /. calibre!!

Comment Goodbye SC2 (Score 1) 737

...and after being a fan and user of almost EVERY single Blizzard game since WarCraft I, I have now just dropped Blizzard and will not be purchasing SC2. Some of us actually want to use what we pay for by ourselves. And fuck having to connect to the 'net to use it.

-a pissed off very long time customer who just washed his hands of you.


Submission + - UAC in Windows 7: What a Joke!

RazorJ_2000 writes: So, apparently all of UAC (User Account Control) in Windows 7 can be disabled. With a small piece of VBScript. And Microsoft is, again, saying it's a "feature". Didn't that POS* marketing line go out with Vista, along with their so-called credibility? When will this company learn? You want serious software? Get serious programmers and get serious about it. Seriously.

* Piece of shit

Submission + - Help! Pooched system upgrade... 1

RazorJ_2000 writes: Okay, I foolishly tried to upgrade my Fedora 8 KDE box to a Fedora 10 KDE box in one shot. And I managed to completely pooch the KDE GUI (non-working). Now, I can still sign into my box by command line terminal only, but realistically, how the hell do I get almost 80GB of my personal data off of the hard drive? (250GB SATA) I've already tried Knoppix and Puppy but they can't see the EXT3 partition where my data resides, only the boot partition. Yet when I sign into the system in command line only, I have no problem getting to my data. But it's just not realistic to manually copy a bazillion files and directories of personal data off the system. We're talking ebooks, software archives, email backups, my last couple of years of tax returns, etc. Important stuff. Suggestions? There is a DVD burner on the system. Any way of mass burning a couple of DVDs by command line?

Comment Avatars are a great concept... (Score 2, Interesting) 263's just that Microsoft's initial implementation was poor IMHO. The whole concept is great. At my work, we have available a tremendous amount of online training through a combination of video and PDF, etc. The thing is that what Microsoft didn't study, or perhaps did but didn't understand is that since childhood, kids are raised to see cartoon charactors as, for the most part, a little retarded. So anyone seen using a cartoon charactor to teach them concepts and usage of a software program will be seen as being retarded.

I bet that if they had done a proper, professional, and serious implentation, that it might have gone better for them.

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