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Comment from another view... (Score 1) 327

however you could say the same with a bad manager, though the quote might be "oh god, we did it ourselves..."

unfortunately, in that case the manager can still point to the success and say "we did that!" and believe they did a good job. when the only thing they themselves did was not get in the way when conscientious employees were hired.

Comment Re:Something is missing from the story... (Score 1) 894

however, the TSA does it's searches when you are not present. they may, at their discretion, summon customs, or any other federal agency they may feel is appropriate. given that the article points out that the seizure occurred on a stopover, this is not too surprising.

Comment Re:Same as lost luggage... (Score 5, Interesting) 894

the unfortunate thing (that I have learned to my regret) is that certain things are not allowed in carry-ons and will be confiscated anyway. and you *have* to check them. any useful tools for example. I've nearly had pliers and screwdrivers confiscated, (and that was before 9/11.)

one entertaining example (from 2004) was the day I traveled with a devil stick, (juggling toy,) that looks a bit like a disassembled pool cue. at the checkpoint they asked me if it was a pool cue, I said no and they said okay, but if it were a pool cue they would have had to confiscate it.

now mind you it looked just like a pool cue, weighed about the same as a pool cue, made out of similar wood to a pool cue, but because it wasn't actually a pool cue, they didn't have to confiscate it. if it had been in checked baggage, it wouldn't have been an issue. but it probably would have broken.

due to traveling with some odd juggling toys on a semi regular basis, I have taken to writing long, detailed notes to the TSA, explaining what all my props are and leaving it in the suitcase with the props. I have never failed to get a 'your bag has been searched note' and I haven't lost anything, (yet.) incredible pain in the ass.

on the other hand, I was once driving back into the US from Canada, where I had bought a flute to play. (normal metal type of flute.) and I nearly got penalized and the flute confiscated for not declaring the flute as a 'commercial object'. oddly, they said nothing about the 10 packs of peanuts that it was sitting on when they found it searching my car. I'm beginning to think Customs just has a thing for flutes...

Comment I liked it quite a lot. (Score 1) 233

at the risk of exposing myself as a very happy person, I haven't laughed that hard at a movie theater in ages. among other things, one or two of the cameos were very funny. some of the apparent plot inconsistencies are immaterial to someone who has read the comics for years.

I don't know what everyone was expecting, but I'm just pleased that the marvel production arm is still creating movies that take their premise seriously without being overly serious. something they have done with some consistency since the first Iron Man.

as for the plot being relatively short, it is a chapter in a much longer story. I'm just pleased that they didn't give it the peter jackson treatment... I'm sure he could have gotten a decent mini-series out of what was in this movie. considering all the complaining around here about him squeezing the hobbit for 3 overly long movies I'm surprised that this is one of the big complaints here. I thought thor managed to get a goodly amount of story, humor, and pathos into a package that never left me looking for my watch.

if you like marvel produced movies, you'll probably really enjoy this one. if you don't, you probably won't the relative measure of the reviews in this case leads me to believe (with some justification) that there's a lot of people who don't like that sort of movie, but there are plenty that do.

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