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Comment Re: This will never happen, even if I want it to. (Score 1) 272

As I recall, not only was he never convicted, he never admitted guilt (he simply "took responsibility"). In the face of numerous indictments and subpoenas and a hokey attempt to dodge them, Ford pardoned him and ended the entire affair.

In short Obama is full of shit, he doesn't WANT to pardon Snowden, he can do anything he wants.

Comment Re:Well Trump has one thing right (Score 1) 532

Is there any way this is a bad thing?

Yes, if you are in a field or location for which $100k is way, way below market. Such as software & hardware engineering, and of course, chip development.

Also, consider that while it may be an improvement for you now, you have tethered your wages to the whimsy of the government, and basically allowed them to set your wages. This isn't how you should want to negotiate your wages. You should tell them to end H1B period.

Comment Confidence is a Warranty, Not A Press Release (Score 1) 94

If you have confidence in this, then provide me with a warranty to replace and/or refund. I'm not talking about 90 days either, at least a year, preferrably 3. Any idiot can overclock something, it takes a bit of skill to do so and have it sort of work, and a whole lot of skill and engineering for it to be robust.

Comment Re:Netflix Hasn't Forgotten About ... (Score 1) 84

Where can you *legally* stream any given title from Netflix's DVD service?

Regardless of the speed of my broadband, I find their DVD service to be more useful than their streaming service (except for some of their very good series). Their streaming service seems to be a lot better at TV shows.

Comment Re:laptops sell more (Score 1) 230

The problem is that Joe Sixpack doesn't want new technology until it "just works" for him. The tinker around crowd is frequently also the developer and entrepreneur crowd, and we do need some "raw" technology and a platform to create it on.

VR is an example, it's definitely at the point where it's "real", Joe Sixpack will want it, a laptop is never going to believably deliver it. So you need a desktop, you need a high end CPU and you also need a high end GPU (no more AMD mobile crap). If Apple doesn't deliver a platform on which at least you can DIY your hardware enough to enable this, then Apple is going to lose the developers and lose the market before it even gets born and guarantee their otherwise superior hardware doesn't get bought in favor of cheap Chinese shit that gets the job done badly.

I'm sure from the press that they are thinking about mobile and AR, but it's a different market and different genre with very different HW requirements.

Comment Re:But India is 3rd world country (Score 1) 127

The question one asks when he is a hardware designer all the time. We know the COGS, we know the market that wall st. wants to sell this to can barely afford it, but certain powerful investors would rather deal in volume than margin. And some of those investors are people like Foxconn (investor in two of my past three employers), who make bucks on volume more than margin and I suspect some are fronts for chinese government interests, who feel the same. Those people stand to gain from this expedition.

Comment Re:Pay for Amazon Video? (Score 1) 65

Amazon Video is second tier to Netflix for sure but aren't bad and have a few good shows. But, as they also sell hardware, it's often difficult to get them to play on any given device. There are a few platforms they have elected not to be compatible with because they are direct competitors to Amazon HW. As long as this continues, I wouldn't pay money for the service except that there's Prime.

Comment Re:You may not "quit working" (Score 4, Interesting) 406

This is exactly true. I do many things for a buck, but I wouldn't do what I presently do. I would like to think I'd be productive and busy, but I would be doing the parts of the job I want to do, and either abdicating or paying someone to do the nasty stuff.

The salary thing is a red herring. HR usually uses that to justify low (i.e. "market") wages. But they neglect engagement and retention. When paid market wages I tend to optimize the "life" part of work/life balance, and consider my job to be fairly disposable (i.e. I won't put up with a lot of crap, and don't think twice about calling a moron a moron). If I were rich I would never take such a job, which is ironic considering I don't need the money, but such places tend to have very bottom line attitudes about the parts of the job I enjoy too.

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