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Comment Re:No no no no no... (Score 1) 598

Your argument rests on the faulty assumption that there is an infinite number of dirt poor people in the world. This is simply not true.

  About 1/3 of the world (Europe, North America and Australia, Japan etc) are already rich since a long time. China and India is another 1/3 that are rapidly moving up to that state. Several other places are also reducing poverty, and the fact is that we'll run out of dirt poor people in a few decades.

The globalisation and outsourcing that so many people are complaining about is actually part of the greatest eradication of poverty in history.

Comment So what IS the new budget? (Score 1) 385

All this excited reporting, and nowhere can I find the actual numbers of this new budget deal. And I have both a serious news addiction and considerable search term skills.

Does anyone know the correct values of X and Y in this sentence?

For the fiscal year of Oct 2010 - Sep 2011, the US government plans to spend $X out of an expected income of $Y.

On a more rhetorical level I also wonder why it is this simple basic fact about the dominating news story for at least several weeks is simply not reported?

Comment Re:I'd be open to it, but good luck with everyone (Score 1) 430

It's fine to come up with standards for safe power, as long as you apply them equally to all power generation.

For this one I guess the question is if you would want to live by the exhaust of a coal fired power plant?

I know I would much rather live by the nuclear storage. No other place will be as monitored for radiation, for one thing.

Comment Art museums becoming obsolete (Score 1) 103

When I'm at a museum, I can't help wonder why is this not a web site??

I mean, all an art museum is is a way to display pictures to the public, but in a phenomenally expensive and impractical way, compared to HTML.

I realize this field is slow to change and that display quality can still improve slightly, but in the medium term this is inevitable.

At least to the extent the attraction of museums is to display these pictures. When it comes to letting visitors be near the objects that celebrity artists have touched, nothing will change.

Comment I also have a theory! (Score 1) 228

So this malware is brilliant at some things but makes rookie mistakes in others.

Maybe it was some very skilled programmers working in a field they were not fully familiar with?

Perhaps US and Israel do not have super skilled virus authors on their payroll? I would actually like that to be true.

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