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Comment Re:Even my DVDs are streamed (Score 1) 152

I wouldn't define a ripped DVD as streaming. To me that's Netflix or Prime or Hulu or whatever.

I *buy* my Movies, and Netflix TV shows I missed mostly. While attempting to lose weight I've watched a lot of TV series on Netflix on the treadmill this last year. So much so that I've made myself bored/tired of watching something. Playing PS3 games on a treadmill is all well and good until you place assassin's creed and inadvertently take a step/lean while climbing on a building.

Comment Re: Wrong use of money these days (Score 2) 356

What confuses me is how does buying stock in a company help the company stay afloat? They don't own the shares, the shares do nothing for them once they've sold them. It only gave whomever owned the shares prior to the government purchase a gain/loss from their previous purchase.

I don't get why whomever held those shares sold them. I bought a single share of GM for shits and giggles a while back. It's been steadily gaining over the last ~ six months and there was no reason to sell other than political reasons. If anything that should be what people should be focused on. Our idiots sold their shares at the worst time to do it and lost money. Why is that GM's fault?

Comment Good! More should (Score 1) 160

I have yet to find a dealer that I *want* to visit. Every time I've bought a car (four times in four years) I get *argued* with when I come in for a specific feature set.

It's been like this since I bought my first car in 1990.

I want these features offered, some favorite responses.

You can add AC later (In Kansas, where six of the months of the year are >90 degrees)

You don't need four wheel drive

You don't need a high performance option, here, take the four cylinder model.

GPS? No one needs that

Adaptive cruise control? on a car with 300 HP? Why would you want that

You can always upgrade the stereo yourself, AM/FM will be fine.

You go to Ford.com, Chevy.com, etc, they have tons of cool options. You can build what you want, but good luck getting it from the dealer.

Comment Re:doesn't help people take games seriously either (Score 1) 737

In all honesty, you should take 'E3' and replace it with 'everywhere'.

I was at a conference last week, wasn't E3 or WWDC. We hired 'Booth Ambassadors'. They were dressed fairly conservative, but had tanktops on under a light jacket. This was a computer industry conference...

I'm a big fat older nerd. However, at one point, I almost turned around and decked a guy for what he said to one of our two ladies working with us. They were professional, not meant to be alluring in anyway sexual, yet the innuendo, stupidity and what not I heard from men OF ALL AGES, even greyhaired old farts.

During a quiet point, I asked one of the ladies about the comments and asked her if 'Nerd conferences' were worse than 'regular things' and she said 'Quite honestly, and no offense, it's Men in general'.

She felt it came with the territory, but still....unacceptable.

(yes, i have three little girls, so it bothers me a lot especially since my oldest has started sending me links to Cosplay stuff saying I WANT THIS FOR HALLOWEEN)...i'm doomed.

Comment Re:Gun Makers (Score 2) 1111

Uhm, no.

What happened in this article would be the equivalent of a person walking up to a gun shop and saying 'Hi, I need to buy a gun that shoots people really fast, and a ton of bullets because I'm going to kill some people' and the guy selling it to him.

TFA is quite specific that he discovered what they were using the traps for, and went ahead and installed one into a co-hort of the first drug dealer who broke his because he stuffed it with $800K in cash. after he fixed it, he charged them to fix it, and then agreed to install one in the other guys truck.

Comment Re:Avionics (Score 1) 369

As someone who sits behind you a lot maybe we should have a certification test where you have to go through crash sequences and shit can our device. I'd do that so I could read while we mindlessly taxi around DFW to the far away runway or sit behind 30 airplanes in LGA.

I agree with the assessment though, people are stupid and they'd be tangled in their headphones and dying before they just got up and followed directions out the plane in an emergency.

however pretending that everyone will die if a phone is left on is dumb, and it lets people like me argue with the rule makers (not the poor attendants) about it because saying it interferes with the radio and can cause a crash is bad. Interesting how unshielded the intercom is and how the GSM affects it. Has it gotten less as the EDGE network has disappeared and 3G/LTE takes over? i honestly haven't heard that dit dit-da-dit noise in a while. Used to hear it all the time on conference calls.

Comment Re:"35mm DSLR" (Score 1) 316

Canon Rules Nikon Drools (just got me a 6D to replace my 5D)

Much prefer the larger format digitals. Plus, I like looking through lenses. I tried the Oly micro four thirds but I'm better at framing a picture in the eyepiece than holding it arms length staring at a bigger lcd.

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