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Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 827

But the Euromaidan protests were sponsored by western governments and NGOs.

Hello Russian troll! How's the weather in St. Petersburg? Getting your daily vodka allotment?

No one in the West, especially NGOs, sponsored the Ukrainian protests over Yanukovych's refusal to listen to the people. Your repeated lies about supposed billions of dollars used in this endeavor are nothing but fantasy and delusional rantings of drunk, paid trolls such as yourself.

Ukraine wanted to go their own way and have closer trade relations with Russia rather than the crumbling EU

Once again, more delusional rantings. The people of Ukraine made it very clear they wanted closer ties with the EU and the West in general. They saw the prosperity, and freedoms, which exist in an open society compared to the oppression and repression which exists in Russia under Putin's regime and wanted to experience the same.

When Yanukovych ignored the will of the people he then ordered his Berkut security forces to murder the protestors, then fled into the arms of Putin for protection, taking with him hundreds of millions of dollars he had stolen from the Ukrainian people.

but you can't act like Russia started it.

False once again. Russia started it when it first tried to bribe Yanukovych then, when the people made it known they didn't want anything to do with the oppression of Russia, Putin then made up the excuse of people who spoke Russian in Ukraine needing his protection.

It was at that point Putin sent his troops into Crimea to steal it, and also sent in Russian troops to prop up the terrorists who were on the verge of defeat in the spring of 2014. We know for an absolute fact Russian troops attacked Ukraine because a) there was a sudden increase of hundreds of dead Russian soldiers being buried, all with their date of death within the span of a few days, b) the terrorists have stated several different times the Russian soldiers saved them from defeat and c) Russian soldiers continue to be killed and captured in Ukraine.

What makes Putin's lie about supposedly defending Russian speakers in Ukraine so laughable is he is persecuting the Tartars in Crimea who want to speak their own language, who want to have their own schools, who want to have their own radio stations. Putin continues to indiscriminately arrest Crimean Tartars and put them in jail for no reason other than they want to speak their own language.

Russia lost. Get over it. The thousands of dead Russian soldiers, the billions Putin has spent invading and now supporting the terrorists, the sanctions, all are taking a toll on Russia. Putin is at a turning point. He has until, roughly, June before Russia will run out of money. Unless he can steal more, Russia will go bankrupt. Even your own Finance Minister says Russia will suffer for twenty years because of the invasion, support of the terrorists and sanctions. Or are you saying your own minister is lying?

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 3, Insightful) 827

Because they want to remain a sovereign nation going their own way

Which is why Russia is invading Ukraine and supporting terrorists when Ukraine wanted to go their own way and have closer trade relations with the West, right? Because the sovereign nation of Ukraine didn't want to live under the thumb of Russia any longer.

Why the fuck the rest of the European leaders don't go the same way as Russia I have no fucking clue.

Because people don't want to live under a dictatorship where the guy at the top can steal your business on a whim and hand it over to one of his oligarch friends.

Nor do they want to live in a place where the dictator decides who can and cannot run for political office and where, if you become too popular with the people or reveal the corruption endemic in his rule, he'll have you killed.

If you can't see the obvious, you might be a Russian troll.

Comment The end of computing (Score 2) 488

It seems in the mad rush to monetize everything and everyone developers and designers have been forced to foreswear anything resembling common sense.

As we have seen over the decades, Microsoft slowly but surely hid basic functionality from the user through every iteration of its operating system. I have a W95 machine where I can get to things faster than I can on my W7 machine, and substantially faster than on my dad's W10 machine.

For its part Apple has liked to see itself at the vanguard of elegant computing, specifically the design of a computer. As we are all aware, nothing is let out the door of Apple which hasn't been dissected to the nth degree.

While its operating system works, its flaws and quirks are just as numerous and like Microsoft, with each iteration they further disassociate the person from the OS, thinking they are making things easier. As the decision to remove the headphone jack from the iPhone showed, nothing is simpler when you remove basic functionality.

Now comes their latest foray into the schizzle: no ESC key or power button. Nothing physical at least. Only some vague, wispy area to touch which one hopes will do what they want but will, as time and experience has shown, fail at every given opportunity.

As the last two stalwarts slug it out for eyeballs, Linux plods along, years behind in functionality but always with the same mantra, "This year will be the year of Linux on the desktop!", as if saying the same thing over and over will make it true. Sorry, you are not Dorothy and you do not have a pair of red shoes.

We arrive now at the beginning of the end for computing. Where once people could do what they wanted with what they purchased, where getting something done was held above what shade of font to place against a white background, now we must overcome the need to show how clever we are through our brilliance of design which lacks anything resembling ease of use.

Within the next decade we will see how our vain attempts to design the most perfect machine will thwart the progress we so ruefully wish for. As is always the case, the more complicated a machine the more easily its performance can be degraded through simple acts. As the most recent attacks on high profile web sites have shown, thanks to the very technologies we claim will make our lives easier, we are now progressing to an age where we have made it much easier for those who wish to subvert or destroy that which is built.

All because developers and designers are more interested in eye candy than functionality, reliability and simplicity.

Comment Re: Hmm... (Score 1) 240

With automated interstate driving, you could send a truck from NYC to LA in about 1 day.

I have no idea how you think a truck can go across the country in 1 day. Sure, some guys recently did the Cannonball Run in just over a day, but that was at high speed and with plenty of tricks to not be stopped by police.

Google maps shows the time as 41 hours, and that assumes no traffic and traveling the posted speed limit. From my recent perspective of having driven large amounts of miles while on vacation (4,100 this month and 3,600 in May), I can guarantee you need to add a few hours to whatever Google says, especially since these trucks will still be limited to the posted speed limit.

Comment Re:I hear Hillary participated in this study (Score 1) 182

The only check we have on corruption in the executive branch is impeachment, and I am afraid that Hillary will be just as unimpeachable as Obama.

Show one reason President Obama should be impeached. Before you answer, just remember, whatever you are going to say George Bush probably did the exact same thing and you didn't say word one about impeaching him.

And speaking of lies, how about the ones George Bush told about not knowing of an impending attack despite having daily warnings for 8 months? Or the lies about the need to invade and occupy Iraq which cost us nearly 5,000 dead soldiers, and over $3 trillion of our tax dollars poured down the drain, and which has led directly to the rise of Daeash?

Talk about impeachable!

Comment Re:Make up your mind (Score 0) 162

Or how about the police that has militarized to the point where they are an occupying force?

Hyperbole much? An occupying force? That's where you're going? Have you ever been under occupation? Do you have any idea what conditions are like under occupation? Here's a hint: go ask the Palestinians what occupation is like.

Or how about police in neighborhoods that regularly target minorities?

You do realize those neighborhoods most likely have a high percentage of minorities (which is odd since they then wouldn't be minorities)? Would you like the police to turn a blind eye to the crimes? Look at what happened in Baltimore when police stopped patrolling.

because there is obviously a middle ground between giving the police 'new toys' and giving them pillows.

This is the middle ground. Police won't be shooting at criminals. They'll be using less lethal means to do their jobs.

Of course all of this wouldn't be necessary if criminals wouldn't be criminals. But lets us blame the police for doing their job, not the criminals for committing the crimes, for putting their lives on the line to protect the whiners, who think nothing of going into the line of fire in domestic disputes or go out in miserable weather to rescue asshats who drive around signs warning people of flooded roadways, thereby endangering themselves in the process.

It seems they care about the plight of your brothers and sisters more than you imagine in your fantasy world of oppression.

Comment Funny, but meh (Score 2, Interesting) 205

When one considers Russia has an office in St. Petersburg out of which it pays an army of online trolls to spew Russian propaganda or muddy the waters by making false statements and outright lies about Russia's invasion of Ukraine, one person from the U.S., doing this on his own without government backing, doesn't quite rise to the level of nuisance.

Sure, Putin is probably miffed this has been done and is looking for payback, but when one is spending millions of dollars every year to pay people (not to mention their vodka allotment) to do your bidding, and providing them the equipment to do so, one person isn't going to make a difference.

Had he instead posted pictures of the unmarked graves of Russian soldiers who have died during the invasion of Ukraine, that would have been different and had a greater impact. Not that Putin cares about the over 2,000 soldiers who have so far died during the invasion, including colonels within the Russian military who are working to support the invasion, but it would have been a nice touch to rub Putin's nose into how badly Russia miscalculated and is suffering because of Putin's ego.

Comment Re: Halfway There (Score -1, Troll) 424

Just because you know people who are responsible gun owners does not mean everyone is and the statistics prove it out, particularly when it comes to children either killing themselves or others with guns they found lying around.

Then there are those who think Russian roulette is a game.

This doesn't include those gun owners who don't bother to report their guns have been stolen. Which is odd because if they're responsible they wouldn't leave their guns in their cars.

Comment Re:As much as I dislike Trump ... (Score 4, Insightful) 438

And yet time and again Clinton is used to point out this or that even though he hasn't been president for well over a decade.

Make your mind up. If the lies and criminal acts of Bush and Cheney can't be used in a discussion than neither can Bill Clinton.

And no, crimes of past president's are not irrelevant. They are very relevant since they show the hypocrisy of people who will excuse those crimes but suddenly become appalled when someone else does the exact same thing. If you didn't consider it a crime then you can't consider it a crime now.

You can't have it both ways hypocrite.

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