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Comment Re:magic internet money (Score 1) 158

My understanding is that the president can unilaterally launch a nuclear strike.

Your understanding is wrong. The president can't simply press a button and launch missiles. There are numerous steps that have to be done and cross-checked by a series of different people who all have to give their approval.

If any one of them give a reason not to launch everything grinds to a halt. And I'm not talking about someone who doesn't want to do it simply because. They will be replaced. I mean a legitimate, military or other reason not to launch.

Comment Re:A new golden age (Score 0) 230

Finally with an entrepeneur taking the reins we may be staring down a new golden age for America...

A) Trump is not an entrepreneur in the strictest sense. He had daddy give him a few million plus ready made contacts to get started. A true entrepreneur would be like Jobs and Wozniak or Gates or Musk.

B) The only gold we're going to see is the hideous gold paint Trump will plaster the White House with.

Unemployment at less than 5%? Puh-leeze. I guess maybe if you count crap work and part time jobs with no benefits.

Those people are working, aren't they? That means they are not unemployed. Therefore the number is correct. The survey only asks if you're working, not what kind of work.

Trump is going to take the world by the balls and basically start squeezing and say "stop fucking us over OR ELSE. Now would you like to talk?"

And in turn countries, such as China, will say, "Give us our money for all the bonds we've been buying from you." That then sends us into an economic depression as we have to come up with ways to pay those bondholders or do what Trump thinks is good business sense and throw up our hands and default.

Because the U.S. defaulting on its obligations will have no impact whatsoever.

Comment Re: This works for me (Score 4, Interesting) 391

No one trusts the mainstream media here and it's losing viewers left and right.

Agreed. No one trusts Fox because of their direct connections to the Republican party, lack of any opposing voices and putting out fake news.

The only people who keep saying they don't trust the "mainstream media" are the same people who ignored all the criminal assaults on women Trump has done, ignored his use of illegal foreign workers, his use of Chinese steel, his bankrupt casinos and numerous other businesses despite claiming he's a great businessman, not to mention having his name brand products made in China and Mexico while claiming he'll bring jobs to this country.

Anyone with a little bit of reading comprehension can see past the bullshit.

Except for the people I just mentioned who swallowed the con artist's bullshit hook, line and sinker. They believe he'll put up the internment camps for people of the Muslim faith (he's not), that he'll put Hillary Clinton in jail (he's not), that he'll get rid of Obamneycare on his first day in office (he's not), that he'll drain the swamp (he's filling it), that he'll do this or that, which he won't.

As Idiocracy showed us, people have gone down the rabbit hole of stupidity and Trump is the result.

Comment Not surprising (Score 0) 175

Analog is getting its revenge. From the review:

"Analog experiences can provide us with the kind of real-world pleasures and rewards digital ones cannot," he writes, and "sometimes analog simply outperforms digital as the best solution." Pen and paper can give writers and designers a direct means of sketching out their ideas without the complicating biases of software, while whiteboards can bring engineers "out from behind their screens" and entice them "to take risks and share ideas with others."

And further down the review:

In these pages, Mr. Sax takes us on a spirited tour of the resurgent analog universe. He takes us to United Record Pressing, a vinyl plant in Nashville that's churning out 40,000 records a day, with a staff that's tripled since 2010.

Of course this is nothing new. I've been saying analog is better than digital for a very long time despite being modded down every time I say it.

Comment Re:Conspiracy theorists at work. (Score 3, Interesting) 749

The problem with conspiracy "theories" is there's usually a smidgen of truth to them such that the gullible and true believers will believe it without a second thought to any veracity.

One can see all kinds of nutjob whackery over the 9/11 attacks, the most notable being "fuel can't melt steel beams". Which is true, the fire from jet fuel can't melt steel beams but what it can do is weaken the steel such that all the weight it's supporting causes the beam to warp. This has been shown in recent accidents involving fuel trucks running into bridges where the steel beams sag and give way.

At least if these folks would latch on to something not posing as a government conspiracy, such as when Trump was married to Marla Maples, had an affair and forced the woman to have an abortion, they might be taken a bit more seriously.

Comment Just another reason. . . (Score 2) 89

not to have a "smart" phone.

When I'm on vacation I don't want people to know where I'm at because the point of vacation is to get away from them. I'll call you when I'm at my next destination and only then will you know where I'm at.

A dumb flip phone. One of the greatest technological gifts of our times.

Comment Re: We have those already in the US (Score 1) 120

Despite the insistence of one or more people to mod down everything I post, if you do decide to come over and will be somewhere in the New York City area, drop me a note beforehand. I can't promise you the world, but I'll do my best to get you oriented on how we move in this country.

Comment Re:Somebody mod this story down (Score 1, Interesting) 324

No, not every piece of right wing journalism is fake, but enough that stories from them should be suspect.

Further, neither did I say anything about Russian spies. I said Russian trolls who, as you pointed out, deliberately try to insert enough fake "news" or falsify factual stories to divert attention or obscure facts. As I pointed out in my original post, Russian trolls will mod me down to try and prevent people from seeing the truth of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. When confronted with the truth they go into overdrive in St. Petersburg in attempt to do everything to discredit the facts, most specifically going after either the person posting the facts (me) or where the story comes from.

Even when Putin admitted he sent Russian troops into Crimea to steal it, Russian trolls still denied their dear leader's own words. They made every excuse for why the story was fake EXCEPT for the fact those are Putin's own words. In other words, even facts coming out of Putin's mouths are lies in the world of Russian trolls.

And that is what this about: countering blatant lies with the truth. Using facts to pummel trolls, get them to twist themselves into such a ball of anger they climb over themselves in a vain attempt to extricate themselves from the ball of lies they've spewed. It's quite funny to watch them first deny the facts, then attempt to deflect, then finally come full circle and deny their own words. What's especially funny is they're so simple minded it's very easy to get them to admit they're Russian trolls. Since they're all using the same script handed to them from their handlers, they use the same words and phrases in every post so their comments stick out like a sore thumb.

Comment Somebody mod this story down (Score 5, Informative) 324

This story presents facts about Russia's troll factory in St. Petersburg, just as I have done in numerous previous postings and got hammered by the Russian trolls. Go ahead, check my most recent postings to see how the trolls mindlessly mod me down for reporting facts about this troll factory, about the continuing shipments of cargo 200 from Ukraine (i.e. dead Russian soldiers), the terrorists in Ukraine who openly admit Russian soldiers are fighting there and supplying them with arms and munitions, or the Russian soldiers who state they have been sent to Ukraine and have fought there, and finally, the law which Putin signed which bars Russian mothers from talking about their sons who have died while fighting in Ukraine or even talking with other mothers about these deaths. Or course the graves of these dead Russian soldiers say otherwise, as do reports from eyewitnesses and families.

This story need to be modded down in like fashion. Wouldn't want the Russian trolls to have to see the facts of their dear leader's propaganda industry.

Comment Re:Sooo (Score 0) 356

What part of " to lead government-wide efforts to identify propaganda and counter its effects." don't you understand?

They are not restricting anyone's right, even foreigners such as the Russian troll factory to lie their asses off.

What they are doing is the same thing anyone else would do if repeated lies and falsehoods were put forth: countering the lies.

Oh, and speaking of the Ministry of Truth, Putin has that covered. He has made it illegal for Russian mothers to speak out about their son's deaths in Ukraine, including contacting other mothers to form groups and compare notes on how many soldiers Russia has lost during its invasion of Ukraine.

Comment Re:What's that about delusional rantings? (Score 0) 88

Now that's funny. I seem to remember Russian trolls such as yourself screaming about WWIII being started if the U.S. helps Ukraine defend itself from your invasion yet here you are threatening your neighbor with nuclear weapons. Maybe the U.S. should do the same to St. Petersburg since it was Russians, sponsored by Putin, who have been attacking the U.S.

Yeah, no hypocrisy there. Must have hit a nerve since you can't refute the truth.

Have fun with your vodka allotment.

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