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Comment Re:Greylist instead (Score 1) 89

SMS messaging is not and never has been a guaranteed delivery system. I have been told (but cannot find a source right now) that networks can and do silently drop text messages.

Like it nor not, Email may not initially have been an instantaneous guaranteed messaging service but that is what is expected of it now.

Comment Re:Selling points (Score 1) 271

Just bought one of these with a view to making it our standard laptop deployment

Thinkpad Edge 530

Has a decent trackpad, and a trackpoint. Also a matte screen, nice form factor, pretty cheaply made but no worse than the equivalents from other manufacturers. Came with Windows 8, UEFI and secureboot enabled, no COA, license embedded in the firmware. But I gather that's the standard way of doing things now. It's been downgraded to Windows 7 Pro (legitimately) with only a small amount of frustration.

Comment Re:I miss Palm. (Score 1) 102

I never moved up to the 650 but I had a 600 and I loved that thing. They got it so, so right. Every modern mobile phone manufacturer should be forced to use a Treo 600 for a week and then answer the question: "Is your product as good as this? No? Well back to the bloody drawing board with you."

Comment Re:WTF is the point of BB Balance? (Score 1, Informative) 267

Incorrect. If you add your corporate Exchange account to your iphone, you are giving your Exchange admins the ability to wipe your device. I know this because the it happened to a friend of mine - the IT function at her company apparently had a spazz attack and remote wiped ALL the phones.

iOS remote wipe from exchange

Comment Re:Someone explain this to me... (Score 1) 98

Well my reasons:

I actually bought an android device (a Galaxy Note, which I never bothered "jailbreaking" because it was good enough as it was), which I then had stolen.

A colleague gave me a 3GS she had lying around for me to use. It's now mine. However for me to proceed to sell it so that I could purchase another android device would be (in my opinion) a pretty crappy thing to do. So I'm stuck with it for now (and not ungrateful at all, it's a decent phone and it was free).

My point being many people will have similar reasons for sticking with iOS but wanting to customise it beyond the limits of what Apple allow.

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