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Comment Re:Is anyone actually stuck on Snow Leopard? (Score 1) 241

Actually I think you mean Leopard (10.5) is the last supported PPC release, not Tiger.

10.4 Tiger - launched as PPC only before Intel announcement

10.4 Tiger - Intel - first Intel Macs came with this

10.5 Leopard - PPC/Intel - Shipped with native support for both architectures (PPC via Rosetta)

10.6 Snow Leopard - Intel Macs only (PPC via Rosetta) (available for free online apparently according to info I've seen around)

10.7 onwards Intel (no PPC support) (still a paid upgrade from Apple)

We're on 10.9 now. So that's 3 fairly major revisions since Snow Leopard: Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks (free upgrade from 10.7).

Comment Talking about getting old TV shows back... SG:U (Score 2) 213

Personally, I'd rather they leave Blakes 7 alone, it was great for it's time. If anyone were to bring it back it should be the BBC, like they've done with Doctor Who.

As for other shows that should be back on TV there's Stargate Universe which was cruelly cancelled before its time. Why not help out to get it back on the air again via Netflix and sign the petition linked below. There's little point asking SyFy as they don't seem to know anything about science fiction anyway.

The other day there were 3000 signatures, today it's over 4000. With the help of Slashdot I reckon we could hit over 10K in no time. The target is 100K I think.

Comment Reaction Engines Ltd, SABRE Engine (Score 5, Informative) 92

I've been following the guys down at Reaction Engines and their SABRE engine concept for a few years. These are the same guys who came up with the HOTOL concept at Rolls Royce in the 1980's. No word on what they'd use for thermal protection on re-entry but they're a clever bunch and if I came into a billion pounds I'd shove a fair chunk of it at these guys to build me a fleet of spaceships to rule the world ;-)

If they could get government funding we could lead the world in launch capabilities. However, what would probably happen is that we'd end up handing it over the the USA as our leaders are too short sighted and too cheap to fund anything truly visionary or world beating.

Comment Thanks for the heads up! (Score 1) 96

I'm glad that this 'advert' got posted to Slashdot. I wouldn't have been aware of it otherwise and have now given $10 to get these games for my Mac. I used to have Darwinia ages ago, but I think it was just the demo. I've been aware of the other games for some time and will play them when I get around to it. Time to post a link on Facebook and inform my friends as well.

Comment Lock the bastards up! (Score 4, Informative) 343

I've got two friends who are now homeless and have lost everything apart from the clothes on their backs and their mobile phones after scum broke into a jewellers in Tottenham on Saturday night and then proceeded to torch the place. They lived above the shops and barely got out with their lives. For twenty minutes the Police were nowhere in site. My friends were posting on Facebook as the riots got closer and were frightened that they'd have to arm themselves to protect against a home invasion and then their worse fear happened - fires were started.

These kids aren't making a statement, they aren't fighting the system, they aren't protesting against jack shit. They just want to run riot, smash shit up and set fire to stuff whilst getting away with stealing as much as possible.

I'm quite happy the RIM are helping. Hopefully Skype, MSN, etc. will be on the case too. I'd send in the army with tear gas and rubber bullets (to start with) if I was in charge.

Comment Re:Because decimal is retarded. (Score 1) 2288

We use litres for fuel, at least at the pump. The guys on Top Gear still talk in gallons because they're dinosaurs and like to be eccentric. I'm a big fan of Top Gear myself. Cars speedos are in MPH mainly because large distances, like between towns, are measured in miles. We drink pints of beer (real beer btw). When you go to the shops for milk it's in pints with a litre measurement on the carton as well. Most other foodstuffs are in metric, 0.75 litres of wine, 330ml in a can of Coke, 400g of crackers, etc.

I'm usually confused by imperial weight measurements, as I'm under 40 and wasn't taught ounces, pounds and stones at school. I work in grams and kilograms. For my weight I know and measure myself in kg (91kg, down from 107kg last year, that's about 14st 5lbs) and have to convert it to stones and pounds for other people.

Comment Can we stop calling them imperial? (Score 1) 2288

Please start calling them 'American units'. Two reasons. Firstly in the UK most people work in metric (at least if they're under 30) for weights and measurements. The exceptions being that we measure large distances in miles (car speed in miles per hour) and person weight in stones (st & lbs) rather than just pounds like in the US. You're supposed to sell fruit & veg in metric, but in reality shops show both imperial and metric measurements along side each other for the sake of older people. Food packets and drinks are in litres and grams/kg. The second reason is if they're called American units that other remaining countries will want to change over to metric, leaving you to use them on your own.

An odd aside, I remember as a kid, seeing an American recipe for cookies years ago and it had mysterious measurements like 'a cup of flour'. WTF? How big a cup? You take these things for granted, but I had no idea. Most recipes call for so many grams of flour and there's no confusion.

In addition, no one else has lost a space probe due to the difference between imperial and metric, only you guys.

Comment Re:Ok! Now try it... (Score 1) 499

As for Macs.... It wouldn't work because of the two major changes in architecture. The original Macs were Motorola 68000 based, then 020, 030, 040. Then they moved to PowerPC 601, 603, 620, G3, G4, G5. Then they transitioned again to x86 Pentium D, Core Solo/Duo's, Core 2 Duo, Xeon's and now Core i3, i5 & i7.

I think you can run from System 1 to 8.6 (or similar) on 680x0. OS 8 was both PPC & 680x0 compatible I think. OS 9 was PPC only if I remember correctly.

You could go from OS X 10.0 to 10.5 on a G3 PPC machine like an iBook or Powerbook. I've personally upgraded an old Powerbook G3 from OS 10.2 to 10.5. Snow Leopard (10.6) is Intel only. Tiger (10.4) was available for both PPC and Intel, as was Leopard (10.5). Lion (10.7) will be 64 bit Intel only, so won't work on pre Core 2 Duo CPUs.

You can still run PPC software using Sheepshaver (or similar, sometimes known as Classic on Intel). Apple included 680x0 emulation in the OS for old apps when they moved over to PPC. Apple also included 'Classic' OS support for OS 9 apps in OS X until the Intel transition.

Personally, on balance I'm quite happy using modern software designed to work on the latest versions that take advantage of new system APIs and features. Software has evolved a lot since MacPaint, etc. and I'm happy to use Photoshop CS5 instead. Would you prefer to use Mosaic or Netscape Navigator than Safari/Firefox/Opera/IE9, etc.?

Still got to say that the video is excellent and informative. My hat is off to the guy who made it.

Comment store as Hydrogen (Score 4, Interesting) 506

I've suggested this elsewhere for other wind farms. How about having a hydrogen electrolysis plant nearby where water can be turned into Hydrogen that can be turned back into electricity during non-peak wind (tidal, or whatever) periods. Hydrogen can be burnt turning it back into water easily and produces heat that can be turned into electricity cheaply and easily. The most expensive part of the whole unit would be the hydrogen storage. This can safely be placed underground to avoid leaks and explosions if required.

Comment Many other good sources for the UK already... (Score 1) 454

I will be happy to continue reading the Telegraph website (especially for the Alex and Matt cartoons), The Guardian website and the BBC News website. I also check every day. I doubt I'll be left out of the loop at all. Occasionally I even click on links to stories on the Daily Mail or The Sun websites, newspapers that I probably would never consider buying (for differing reasons).

Thing is, I do buy physical issues of The Times at the weekend, once or twice a month, mostly on Sunday but sometimes on Saturdays as well. It just depends how busy I am and what my routine for the day will end up being.

Comment Why, oh why, oh why? (Score 4, Insightful) 218

Isn't the logical conclusion that if millions of people find a particular type of behaviour acceptable that it should be legalised? Otherwise it's socially unjust. We're not talking about murder or actual *stealing*. We're talking about copyright infringement. If we think it's a bad thing then we should also be allowed to decide how bad the punishment is, whether it's a small fine or a prison sentence.

I visit the cinema on average once a week and every time the copyright warning is displayed and mentions 10 years in prison for recording a movie in a cinema I cringe. That's more than people get for killing and maiming people, robbing banks and committing other violent crimes. The MP's are in the pockets of the media companies. I'm not talking about small indie film studios, but the distributors and those who own them like Sony, etc. They've been persuaded that if the penalties are high enough people will not perform actions that are trivial to execute and have no visible consequences. This has been shown not to be true time and time again.

I buy lots of DVDs and DVD boxsets. I probably spent about £500 a year on these. I pay for the cinema one a week. I buy music on iTunes and only search elsewhere online if I can't find what I want. As a kid I pirated every virtual computer game in existence in the 8/16 bit eras. Now I rarely play games, apart from on my iPhone which I pay for. I don't have TV at home, so *sometimes* I get TV shows I like online before going out and buying the full season boxset as soon as it becomes available. I might consider buying them on iTunes or similar if they were available at a reasonable price, but they're not. Most episodes of TV shows cost far more than the equivalent DVD for lower quality and no physical media to keep and store and are non-transferable to other machines, etc. I hope I'm not one of the people discovered in this haul of IP addresses, but I do not download movies, only a little bit of TV. Fingers crossed.

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