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The Top 5 Games of All Time 508

An anonymous reader writes "The guys over at trusted reviews have come up with lists of their top five games of all time. There are some obvious choices and some very obscure ones, but on the whole its interesting reading. See how their lists compare to yours."
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The Top 5 Games of All Time

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  • by BadAnalogyGuy ( 945258 ) <> on Thursday September 14, 2006 @02:07AM (#16101927)
    This list sucks!
    • by andersa ( 687550 )

      Where is Aztec Challenge []?????

      Best music and gameplay, like.. evaahhh

    • by Sage Gaspar ( 688563 ) on Thursday September 14, 2006 @04:57AM (#16102506)
      I think the space sim is a genre that hasn't seen much action in the last seven years because it's already been perfected by Freespace 2. Let's talk about a game where you have a little fighter flying amid literally miles-long capital ships firing giant beam weapons at each other. Where there's gameplay moments and mid-mission plot surprises that just bowl you over. Where you have complete control over three squads of wingmen and you can see (and target) every subsystem on every ship. Where you actually have to make targeted strikes on these subsystems using bombers and covering fire to take down big targets. Where you fly into the middle of really awesome nebulae that do crazy things to your ship's sensors.

      And most notably, where the devs were pimp enough to put a clause allowing completely free redistribution to friends and acquaintances in the EULA, and it's now legitly open-source. Leading to the creation of beautiful graphics packages that breathe new life into it. (video []). Anyone who thinks they might enjoy this game and hasn't tried it yet, you owe it to yourself :P
    • Re: (Score:2, Informative)

      by Lotana ( 842533 )
      While we are complaining, where are:
      Planescape Torment
      Descent: Freespace 1 & 2
      The Longest Journey
      System Shock 1 & 2
      Knights of the Old Republic
      Sid Myer's Alpha Centauri
      Baldur's Gate series
      Thief series
      Deus Ex (first only)
      Fallout 1 & 2
  • Lists Lists Lists (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Freaky Spook ( 811861 ) on Thursday September 14, 2006 @02:08AM (#16101929)
    Have all of these news/blog sites run out of things to write about because it seems this year everywhere has been inundated with dam lists.

  • by EmperorKagato ( 689705 ) * <> on Thursday September 14, 2006 @02:09AM (#16101942) Homepage Journal
    Starcraft isn't that good of a game worth mentioning? Knights and Merchants?! Age of Empires?
    • Starcraft (Score:3, Interesting)

      by Shadowlore ( 10860 )
      This game is still selling in the stores. Ten bucks, new. Patches still come out for it (it's still supported). Even if I didn't like the game I'd have to admit that it belongs in any "top X of ALL TIME" list of video games. The game has been selling for what, about ten years now? How many other video games in any genre are still selling in "ordinary" stores after that much time? You can still buy Starcraft at Walmart, Hastings, Best Buy, etc.. This fact alone makes it an objective cause for it to be listed
  • by VirusEqualsVeryYes ( 981719 ) on Thursday September 14, 2006 @02:14AM (#16101966)
    Tch. Everyone knows that the real top 5 are:

    1. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
    2. Halo 2
    3. Half Life 2
    4. Counter Strike
    5. Battlefield 2

    All my 11-year-old neighbors told me so.
    • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

      by jcenters ( 570494 )
      Sounds about as good, if not better than their list. I've been a gamer for over nineteen years, and I have to say that Counter-Strike and BF2 are two of the best online shooters ever, GTA:SA is truly a revolutionary game that has more content than you can shake a stick at, and Half Life 2 has the best pacing of any game I've played.

      My buddy and I spent most of the summer arguing over the best games of all time. The problem? How do you determine? Do you go by pure fun factor, or do you also consider timeless
  • by DrStrangeLug ( 799458 ) on Thursday September 14, 2006 @02:15AM (#16101971)
    1. Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri - Best Civ Game Ever , Dispite not being a true civ game.
    2. Halflife. Enough said.
    3. Deus Ex. This is how game storylines should work - smartly.
    4. Hostile Waters . You can pick this up now for less than a 10 and you'd be a fool not to.
    5. Spore - Hurry up and release the damn thing! And I WILL torrent it from the US while I wait for a UK release if they do that staggered release date crap.
  • PONG ??? (Score:2, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward
    If it doesn't include Pong, then it's not a real list.
  • by Virak ( 897071 ) on Thursday September 14, 2006 @02:16AM (#16101982) Homepage
    What is this blasphemy doing on slashdot?!
    • by pthisis ( 27352 ) on Thursday September 14, 2006 @03:33AM (#16102269) Homepage Journal
      Seriously. It's been in constant development for decades now, game play (and balance) continues to improve, and it's the ultimate in learning curves--insanely difficuly but incredibly fun when you first start playing, excellent learning curve all the way through where you can get further and further with just exploration, and with time you can learn to win more than half the time and yet it's still fun.

      1. Nethack

      2. X-com UFO Defense

      3. Grand Theft Auto III

      4. Doom/Wolfenstein 3D (I'm undecided)

      5. Starflight

      Honorable mentions (unsorted): Contra, Archon, Hitman, Ultima IV, Counterstrike, Autoduel, Dune II, Tetris, Civilization, Bard's Tale, World of Warcraft, Simcity, Wing Commander
  • of all time? (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward
    This certainly isn't an "of all time" list. The vast majority of the games are from the last 15 years and it's very heavy on console games (No Zork? Or Pac Man?). As a gamer (tabletop, arcade, PC, and even consoles) I have NEVER understood the appeal of gaming consoles. 20 years ago consoles were a worthwhile investment since they could smash computers in every area except input (mouse/joystick/keyboard vs. crummy gamepad). At this point computers smash consoles in every area, and two genres (FPS and R
    • The best 'top X games of all time' site is GameRankings []. You can sort by user votes or by reviews from magazines. The only problem is that 'all time' only goes back as far as 'N64' as that is when they started parsing reviews. Still worth a look though as it does not have 30 pages of adverts and is quite a nice search engine.
  • Trusted Reviews? (Score:5, Insightful)

    by The Bungi ( 221687 ) <> on Thursday September 14, 2006 @02:18AM (#16101994) Homepage
    OK, so we have 29 pages, each with ~6 paragaphs of text and at least four large animated banner ads.

    Quality of layout and choice of graphics aside, this is really a pointless review. But who exactly are these people at Since when do they exist, and why are we supposed to trust them?

    And why does Slashdot keep posting what they write [] again and again?

    • Why don't you click on a few ads though? ;)
    • by Chaffar ( 670874 ) on Thursday September 14, 2006 @04:43AM (#16102474)
      But who exactly are these people at
      Personally, I usually tend NOT to trust companies or people who ask me to just trust them.
      Me: Hum... Are you sure this wifi card comes with linux drivers?
      Retarded Store clerk: Of course! Trust me, it's my JOB, I know what I'm talking about...
      Me: Mind if I make you sign this declaration swearing that this card comes with linux drivers?
      Retarded Store clerk: ... let me check with my manager [disappears through this small previously unnoticed door and never comes back]
  • by shawn443 ( 882648 ) on Thursday September 14, 2006 @02:20AM (#16102002) Homepage
    and I just puked advertisements.
  • Hmm. I got as far as

    • Ultima IV
    • Civilization II
    • Unreal Tournament (classic)

    and couldn't bring myself to add others. While things like Half Life, Starcraft, Deus Ex, BG2, Rogue, and Grim Fandango are all great games, they either didn't change the way I thought about games in quite the way the above three did, or else I don't still enjoy playing them. Rogue and Deus Ex were great, but I just don't play them now, or not much. I don't think Half Life has quite the perfect storyline it needs to make a top five

  • My own list (Score:5, Insightful)

    by nsayer ( 86181 ) * < minus language> on Thursday September 14, 2006 @02:25AM (#16102022) Homepage
    Not that my opinion is worth a damn, but it's free.

    bzflag, because it remains the premiere open-source 3d multiplayer game, in my view.

    Doom, because it practically reinvented the FPS, both in terms of originality of gameplay and graphics quality.

    Tempest, because it represents the pinacle of the vector game. No, it wasn't the most advanced one, but best in terms of gameplay, look, adictiveness, and quite frankly, unit sales.

    Robotron, because it is the best adrenaline pumping game ever made. Retire the cup.

    Pac-Man, because of its sheer iconic status. There were games before Pac-Man, and games after Pac-Man. But anyone can look at any game and immediately be able to say with certainty which group it belongs in. No other game of its time can say that.

    Honorable mention goes to Myst, which, like Doom to the FPS, represented a redefinition of the adventure game.

    You're welcome.
    • by Ours ( 596171 )
      Honorable mention goes to Myst, which, like Doom to the FPS, represented a redefinition of the adventure game.
      Redefined as a boring series of pretty postcards with puzzles in-between? I'll have my Monkey Island instead any day of the week.
      • Myst redefined the adventure series by not stating the goal, by creating the idea of simply exploring the world and eventually getting a goal. It was as nonlinear as possible. In many ways it was more of a successor to Zork than any LucasArts or Sierra Online title was. By the time it was ported to the PC (it was originally a Macintosh-only title), there were copycats already in the market (Sliver, Obsidian, etc.).

        Of all the LucasArts/Sierra Online titles, though, I think Full Throttle was the best game of
    • by jamesh ( 87723 )

      Doom, because it practically reinvented the FPS, both in terms of originality of gameplay and graphics quality.

      You obviously never wasted a summer playing wolfenstein 3d then?

      Doom would make the list for bringing in network multiplayer though. The amount of time I wasted with cheap network cards, cheap (probably not proper 50 ohm network quality :) coax and making network terminators with a coax connector, a 50 ohm resistor and a soldering iron... just to play a multiplayer game of Doom :)

      Then there was try

    • Wolfenstein (Score:5, Informative)

      by Frankie70 ( 803801 ) on Thursday September 14, 2006 @03:25AM (#16102250)

      Doom, because it practically reinvented the FPS, both in terms of originality of gameplay and graphics quality.

      No, that was Wolfenstein.
      I liked Doom better, but it was Wolf which reinvented the genre.
      • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

        by mgblst ( 80109 )
        As someone who played ridiculous amounts of both games, I am not so sure. I remember people getting a bit excited at Wolf, but going crazy over Doom. I remember the hysteria that doom created, even before it release, as soon as some pictures were released - many didn't believe that they were real, but they were. This was before the web, when you had to cruise the news groups for information, or hidden ftp sites, getting into the alt+255 directories.
  • Early bungie games (Score:5, Informative)

    by Hachey ( 809077 ) on Thursday September 14, 2006 @02:28AM (#16102037)
    I'm sorry, but the ol' days of Bungie before they got bought out by Microsoft (man, at the time I was thinkin' that was a cold day in hell) had one of the best games of all time. Marathon. Little is it known but this game gave _birth_ to the rocket jump. The story line was friggin phenomenal. It could be scary as hell. Coming out just a year after doom, it made all the right changes (larger deathmatches, multiple floors per level, etc). And let us not forget the game that gave birth to the age old crazy AI video game meme. That was a golden egg for sure.

    and one more thing... Frog blast the vent core!!!!
  • Coral cache (Score:3, Informative)

    by Sagachi ( 986501 ) on Thursday September 14, 2006 @02:31AM (#16102046)
    It's already slashdotted... here's the CC link. e.aspx?page=8102&head=0 []
  • What? (Score:5, Funny)

    by Sathias ( 884801 ) on Thursday September 14, 2006 @02:32AM (#16102049)
    What? The particular game which I would have included if I made the list myself wasn't named? What an outrage!
  • by macadamia_harold ( 947445 ) on Thursday September 14, 2006 @02:32AM (#16102051) Homepage
    See how their lists compare to yours

    My #1 favorite game is "hide the sausage". Wonder why they didn't list that one.
  • by lewp ( 95638 ) on Thursday September 14, 2006 @02:33AM (#16102056) Journal
    Mario 64 instead of Super Mario Bros. 3 or Super Mario World?
    Ocarina of Time instead of Zelda or A Link to the Past?
    Jedi Knight instead of KotOR?
    Formula 1 GP instead of Gran Turismo?
    Unreal Tournament instead of Quake?
    No Starcraft?
    No Final Fantasy (take your pick) or, at the very least, Chrono Trigger?
    No Grand Theft Auto?

    I'm missing a bunch I know, but I've only been thinking about this for a few minutes.

    Nobody even went oldschool and mentioned a true classic like Donkey Kong, Pit Fall, Pac Man, or Space Invaders.

    Which video games are the "best" is ultimately pretty subjective, but they've picked sequels that undeniably weren't the best in their series even. Everyone's got their "out there" pick for an obscure game that they happened to get hooked on, but how can you put those in a "top 5 games of all time" list when there are absolute masterpieces that are basically the same game done better?

    Glad I didn't bother to RTF this A and just skimmed the list of games.
    • by lewp ( 95638 )
      Shoulda thrown my own list in there:

      1) Chrono Trigger
      2) Doom
      3) Super Mario Bros. 3
      4) Starcraft
      5) Tetris (mainly because of Tetrinet... so addictive)
  • by spoco2 ( 322835 ) on Thursday September 14, 2006 @02:37AM (#16102074)
    Chaos page in list []

    I remember this game only after reading that... and man, yeah it was great. I think I got the whole game free on a cover cassette of Your Sinclair []!

    That really brought back memories, and just for that I thank those guys for their lists. :)
  • My top 5... (Score:4, Insightful)

    by Loligo ( 12021 ) on Thursday September 14, 2006 @02:39AM (#16102085) Homepage
    Ok, I've been a gamer of various sorts for approaching 30 years, and the only game on their list that I think belongs in a top TWENTY is Doom.

    Top 5, in no particular order.

    Adventure for the Atari 2600 (Warren Robbinett forever)
    Civilization II (sorry, Civ fans, Civ 2 is the definitive version)
    Utopia for the Intellivision (the FIRST widespread RTS)
    Asteroids arcade version

    These aren't even my top five favorites of all time, but the ones I feel deserve even more recognition than they got (ESPECIALLY Utopia, we wouldn't have Starcraft without it). They pioneered generations of games, and their influence is still felt today.

  • by shockwaverider ( 78582 ) on Thursday September 14, 2006 @02:42AM (#16102098)
    What about Elite [] on the BBC micro?

    OK - Lets forget that
    • It was the first truly 3D 8 bit game
    • It had 8 galaxies, each containing 256 solarsystems to explore
    • It had missions, and police ships as well as pirates and traders, and the ability to be either
    But fer Chrissakes it was coded into 18Kbytes of handcrafted 6502 machine code. That alone deserves a mention!
    • by CaptnMArk ( 9003 )
      Yes, Elite ruled.

      If not elite, maybe least Wing Commander.

      My list:

      Elite/Wing Commander
      Dune II/TA
      Civ/Alpha Centauri/Railroad Tycoon
      Diablo 2

      Also, Day of the Tentacle was nice.
      • by pthisis ( 27352 )
        This list is pretty darned good. It's not what I would pick, but it's all things that I considered before making my list above (except Diablo II which is Nethack without any of the depth or strategy but with some pretty graphics)
    • Elite may have been technically impressive, but the gameplay was abysmal. You spent 50% of your time spinning round in circles avoiding pirates, and the other 50% crashing into the spacestation.
    • Re: (Score:3, Informative)

      by Fry-kun ( 619632 )
      Amen to that!
      I spent countless hours hunting (and being hunted by) Thargoids ;)

      By the way, those who loved Elite should check out X3: Reunion []. It's close to what Elite would've been in this day and age.
      Sure, there's hope for Elite 4 yet... a little more than DNF (though that may just be the optimistic view of an Elite fan talking :P )

  • No Elite!? (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Hylander ( 82626 )
    The complete lack of "Elite" on these lists must be a conspiracy! I thought maybe they were all kids, but one of them at least names Lords of Midnight, which was pretty awesome. Nowhere near as good as elite though.
  • Monkey Island 2 and Day of the Tentacle. It is good to see some graphic adventure games on the list. :-)
  • Any "top 5 games" list that does not include Zork is obviously fucked, and cannot be trusted.
  • 1. Descent - 6 Degrees of freedom done right and one of the first games to push beyond earth normal physics arguably paving the way for other games to move outside reality.

    2. Quake 1 the first fps that allowed for tactical gameplay akin to chess, your skills developed as you played and there was always something more to learn, birth of first game player as idol "Thresh".

    Starcraft - Micromanagement and Resource spooging.

    Civilization 2 (I just played all 4 it's the best one) - Showing how gaming can mak
    • 1. Descent - 6 Degrees of freedom done right and one of the first games to push beyond earth normal physics arguably paving the way for other games to move outside reality.

      Games beyond earth normal physics: SpaceWar! (first computer game evar)
      With six degrees of freedom (sometimes in the game, not always) Star Wars. One of the first decent 3D FPS, too.

      My favourites:

      • Asteroids (i never played spacewar!, so this is the best entertainment per Mhz)
      • Xevious (high endorfine release when playing at hard le
  • 1. Dungeons and Dragons []
    2. Space Rogue []
    3. Escape Velocity []
    4. Tempora Heroica []
    5. Counter-Strike []
  • Edge gave these 3 games 10 of out 10 (they were before Edge's time)

    Super Mario Bros

    Personally I completely agree they deserve it

    It's given these 5 games 10 out of 10

    Super Mario 64
    Gran Turismo
    Ocarina of Time
    Half Life 2

    Personally I'm not so sure about the last 2
  • by ThomasHoward ( 925022 ) on Thursday September 14, 2006 @03:22AM (#16102238)
    WHy is Total Annihilation not on any of those lists, it is still the best RTS ever made, well, as far as I am concerned, anyhow.
    • It is probably my favorite RTS game ever, but it remains obscure.

      Had Cavedog not pissed off Chris Taylor, making him quit, then they might have been able to secure TA's place as a leader in the RTS field. I don't know how they pissed him off, but his departure was sudden, and seemed to be linked to difficulties getting TA2 off the ground.
      One minute he was talking about it, the next he was gone, and we got the abortion that was TA-kingdoms instead.

      Also, and Chris was equally responsible for this, they said t
  • Yeah, "Chaos," Commander Keen and Jedi Knight for example, beat out Quake which doesn't even make the list. If I remember correctly didn't Quake, aside from being the first true 3D FPS (unlike Doom), bring realtime tcp/ip multiplayer to the masses? Personally, my mind was pretty much blown the first time I deathmatched over the internet.
    • Personally, my mind was pretty much blown the first time I deathmatched over the internet.

      minus score huh...

      i don't miss the lag of a 28.8k modem...and when the data flowed again finding oneself in a pool of friggin lava
  • There is a staircase up here. You see here an iridium wand.

    -- ----
  • ...would be one that you still regularly play - and enjoy - now, no matter how many years it is since its release or how primitive it may look. Which for me would give a list something like this:

    1: Robotron 2084
    2: Tomb Raider
    3: Tempest 2000
    4: Knights of the Old Republic
    5: Tetris

    Hmm. Only one game produced this century in there.
  • Looking Glass! (Score:2, Interesting)

    by auralrothko ( 836578 )
    I can't believe no one mentioned System Shock II!
  • Williams Defender - best adrenaline rush ever devised for a CRT screen.
    Nothing since has even come close. You don't need another 4 games to add
    to a best ever list , this game is enough on its own.
  • by master_p ( 608214 ) on Thursday September 14, 2006 @07:25AM (#16102885)
    The top 5 games of all times, in no particular order:

    1. Ms Pac Man : the best Pac Man game and the most successful coin-op ever.

    2. World Of Warcraft : best multiplayer game ever.

    3. Half Life : best FPS single-player game ever.

    4. Civilization : best strategy game ever.

    5. Tetris : best action puzzle game ever.
  • Top 5 Omissions: (Score:3, Insightful)

    by kahei ( 466208 ) on Thursday September 14, 2006 @08:15AM (#16103088) Homepage

    1 -- Angband, and the Roguelike genre in general
    2 -- The great 8 and 16 bit console RPGS -- no Phantasy Star, no 2D Final Fantasy, no Secret of Mana?
    3 -- MMORPGs. I hate them, I don't play them, but to have none at all is strange.
    4 -- Alpha Centauri, greatest Civ game.
    5 -- Planescape: Torment.

    I'm also surprised a bit by the absence of both the X-Com and Total War series.

    I can understand omitting 2 and 5 if you don't have a soul. But the others are inexplicable!

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