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Submission + - Are You Still Flooded by pdf Spam? ( 1

JamieErin writes: "I just read the Wall Street Journal article: The Latest Inbox Scourge: Spam Disguised as PDFs -Qa7NKLP13DBJr1WCOK_HNrW_MAc_20080730.html?mod=crn ews

I can't believe that pdf spam has been taking over my inbox for over a month now without being filtered out yet!

Barracuda Networks claims their firewall nailed pdf spam on June 29:
Barracuda Spam Firewall Thwarts PDF Spam s/index.php?nid=178

Is this for real? Is anyone NOT getting pdf spam anymore? If so, what anti-spam vendor do you use?"

Portables (Apple)

Submission + - iPhone Hacked to Work in Australia (

g0rAngA writes: The Sydney Morning Herald is running a story on the iPhone, which has been hacked to work with Telstra, one of the main telecommunications providers in Australia. From the article: 'The hack, which was demonstrated in a video clip posted to YouTube over the weekend, does not allow the user to receive calls or send and receive SMS. It is the furthest anyone has come to unlocking the iPhone for use outside the AT&T mobile network in the US.'
The video on YouTube has been taken down, however instructions for unlocking the phone can still be found on the hackint0sh forums.

Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Wired falls for Second Life backlash myths (

Wagner James Au writes: "Second Life backlash has become even more inaccurate and hyperbolic than last year's SL overhype. Coming in two or three articles late to the party, Wired Magazine just ran a woefully inaccurate backlash story rife with errors — among them, that it's an empty world (wrong: it has 500,000 active users) with corporate marketing sites no one visits (wrong: the top ten sites garner about 10% the weekly visitors.) I just published a rant pointing out how Wired got things so wrong, and last week, a guide on commonly repeated Second Life myths. Of course I'm biased toward SL, but the fact remains that Wired's reporter (like the LA Times and Forbes reporters before him) can't even get his basic info straight."
The Internet

Submission + - Facebook faces fraud claim

Klaidas writes: "BBC reports that Facebook could be closed if legal action in the US by a rival site's founders succeeds. Three founders of ConnectU say Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg stole their idea for the site while at Harvard. Facebook has become a global phenomenon with about 31 million users, compared with ConnectU's 70,000. A Federal case accuses Mr Zuckerberg of fraud and misappropriation of trade secrets, and asks for ConnectU to be given ownership of Facebook. Facebook has asked a judge at a Boston district court to dismiss the case."

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