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Journal Journal: heatwave (again)

Yes we've just had a mini-heatwave with highs of 30 degrees C - thankfully it's a little cooler now with a maximum of ~ 24 degrees C. However the heat I think has been a contributing factor to the demise of my GeForce MX2 400 graphics card - although the fan on it persisted in going round the computer just wouldn't boot with it in (hopefully a replacement will be arriving in the mail tomorrow). Then I can get back to playing Eve Online. Strangely enough it was this day last year at roughly the same time I last made a journal entry here.

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Journal Journal: It's getting hot

Well there's a mini-heatwave here. Time to get the fans out.... nothing else to report.


Journal Journal: will I ever use my Amiga again? 3

There was a time when I was a fanatical anti-PC, anti-Windows, Amiga loving computer user. However as I have not used my Amiga in ages I'm wondering if I should sell it but then I start reminiscing & want to keep it for sentimental reasons. A friend of mine once said I could never network a PC to an Amiga - even if I did the PC wouldn't recognise it - one day I still hope to prove him wrong!

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