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Comment NOT AN ARTICLE (Score 5, Interesting) 1128

Why was this approved for Slashdot? This is not news. This is some lame attempt to drag democrats in the mud when there is clearly no democratic party member that is behind this website.

This is someone's successful attempt at site promotion. How did the mods sleep on this or should I be expecting more articles on Slashdot that have no references to actual news?

Open Source

What Can a Lawyer Do For Open Source? 162

zolltron writes "I have a friend who went to law school. He really enjoyed intellectual property law, and he seems to genuinely regret that he didn't end up as an IP lawyer. But, what's done is done, and he's not going to radically change career trajectories now. But, I think he might be interested in volunteering a little of his time if there was an interesting project he could get behind. Computer folks are always trying to figure out how to get involved in open source even if it won't be their full time job. So, now I ask you Slashdot, how can my friend use his expertise to help an open source project?"

Comment RTFA (Score 1) 646

But as an example, one official said, an investigation into a drug cartel earlier this year was stymied because smugglers used peer-to-peer software, which is difficult to intercept because it is not routed through a central hub. Agents eventually installed surveillance equipment in a suspect’s office, but that tactic was “risky,” the official said, and the delay “prevented the interception of pertinent communications.”

There's a reason behind this issue and it's concerning law enforcement. Unless you guys believe we should allow all drugs to enter the United States freely.

Comment Re:Question. (Score 1) 190

Even the cheapest solutions $20k to $40k range have redundancy.

It's not a SAN if it has 1 point of failure, it's just a virtual storage box or NAS. Hell they could have spent just $10k and just run a windows file server with a bunch of disks in a redundancy configuration.

I run a SAN network and you have no idea how much I'm raging over the stupidity of this incident right now.

Comment Politics don't belong here (Score 1) 283

I swear reading this article thread is no better than reading a thread on /new/s.

Here's an article calling for an investigation (which ethics violations may not exist) and most of the comments are nothing but hatred for the administration and lack of transparency. Then you get upset that backroom deals are made yet you still hear the deals made on the news and see them in the bills proposed ONLINE.

Does the definition of transparency mean you want to have influence in the conversation?

How can you claim that Obama took over healthcare when the other side is claiming the Healthcare bill does very little?
How can you claim that Obama took over the auto-industry when the other side is upset that government doesn't have total control of production and management?
How can you claim that Obama does nothing when in fact he's covered a great percentage of his campaign promises which very few politicians can?

This is just the pain before the love, this is what transparency feels like. Everyone was quiet several years ago about the government because of the lack of visibility.

Take a step back and think about it for once ... please?

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