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Comment Re:What (Score 1) 177

" If he had been any other applicant he would probably have been rejected"

Indeed. And while he's a brave man and a hero I'm afraid the human body doesn't care. 86 is old no matter who you are or how fit you are and the south pole is really no place for someone of that age.

"would be horribly dangerous."

More like virtually impossible.

Comment Re:The "Mil-Lean-eum" Tower (Score 1) 239

One in a few thousand people become addicted to alcohol, almost 1 in 1 beccome addicted to crack & heroin so any supposed study that says its worse than the above drugs is utter BS. If you think alcohol related issues are a problem then you have NO idea how bad things would become if class As were legalised.

Also I've no idea where you got the idea I'm a millennial. Try reading the thread first.

Comment Re:The "Mil-Lean-eum" Tower (Score 1) 239

"Your generation already had prohibition to learn from, and yet you still don't get it"

Perhaps you haven't see what class A drug use does to a person and to their family, I have. So spare me your self righteous BS. If alcohol was as addictive as as destructive as heroin or crack it would be prohibited today.

Comment Re:The "Mil-Lean-eum" Tower (Score 0) 239

"it's the older generations' lack of critical thinking that got us into so many messes like the drug war"

Yeah, right, lets make all drugs legal because its hard to police. Using your millenial logic lets make all crimes legal and save the entire police force bill! Yes, I can see why your generation are doing SO well.

Comment Re:Whatever (Score 0) 253

"Are you really that dense? Just because a person's in a wheelchair,"

So a person in a wheelchair can't exercise? Did you not notice the paralympics this year?

"What I find really odd is that the level of comments in a science and technology site aren't much better than on YouTube."

What I find really odd is some people using any feeble excuse to try and convince us that gluttony is something that can't be helped. Sorry, but thats the mentality of a child.

Comment Re:Whatever (Score -1, Flamebait) 253

"It is apparent you are one of those people desperately clinging to whatever group you can freely look down upon in order to bolster a fragile self image""

Am I? Well you tell yourself whatever makes you feel justified in your gluttony. "Its not my fault whine whine, I can't help it whine whine, the food just jumps into my mouth!". Yeah, just like a cigarette jumps into a smokers mouth and lights itself or a bottle of whisky pours itself into a glass in front of the alcy, not their fault honest!

"The last thing you can afford is to let science get in your way."

Oh please. The science simply says the biota might make you more hungry, they bacteria don't go and order the food for you FFS or make you eat it. Do you understand what "self control" even means?
"BTW, I eat one meal a day and I can probably blow you away in the 50."

One meal of about 6 courses probably. And in the 50m? Who knows. I've spent 20 years weight lifting, I could probably bench press your fat corpse a dozen times without even breaking a sweat. So what. And I've seen plenty of fat bastards turn up to the gym for a few weeks then give up, "cos its too hard". Awww, boo hoo.

Comment Re:Whatever (Score -1, Flamebait) 253

"Some people have a more powerful drive to eat than others."

Another pathetic excuse for people with no willpower or self control. Also FYI breathing is an autonomous bodily function, eating is not so hardly a like for like comparison, but nice try. Now run, sorry, waddle along lardbutt, theres a nice double cheese waiting for you at the counter...

Comment Whatever (Score 0, Troll) 253

People can't lose weight because they have no willpower and/or are too lazy to exercise. All other excuses are BS and for anyone who comes along and mewls that they just can't lose weight no matter what they do I just ask them to go and point out where the fatties are standing in the background of those news reports from famine hit areas. Quite.

Comment Nintendo? Seriously? (Score 1) 114

Its been a LONG time since Nintendo were front of the pack in terms of hardware. They seem to have pretty much thrown in the towel on that front and are concentrating on the gameplay. Which is laudable, but if all you want is gameplay there are millions of 2nd hand previous gen consoles out there you can buy.

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