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Comment Re: "Neural signal diversity" (Score 2) 287

You can always guarantee that in any discussion of drugs some pothead will stagger out from under his smoky haze to defend his addiction of choice.

Majijuana is hardly heroin and causes a lot less problems than alcohol frankly, but saying that it causes NO problems is just idiotic. A small number of people are susceptible to suffering nasty (sometimes long term) affects and behaving erratically from it just as some react badly to alcohol. As with a lot of things in life its not black and white.

Comment And mankind continues its great quest... (Score 1) 129

... to pollute every enviroment it can access. We've done a nice job messing up our atmosphere, the land and sea so the next frontier naturally is space. Who cares if ultimately all this microsatellite crap put up by here today, gone tommorow startups will hang about for decades and cause endless future problems for serious satellites in the future? Profit matters and it matters NOW! Hang any other considerations, right?

Comment Eletronic fingerprint? (Score 5, Insightful) 143

"Eventually, they traced the unauthorized access to Patel's second business laptop based on the device's "electronic fingerprint.""

Translation: Someone with a functioning braincell in the IT department googled about MAC addresses and thought maybe they should check the wifi router logs and look for unauthorised access by company issue laptops.

Comment Aviation software devs? (Score 1) 103

I guess you haven't heard of the problems with the F35. Not to mention all the avionics bugs that are quietly fixed in commercial airliners without knowledge of them ever getting out to the wider public. There's a good reason Airbus uses 3 seperate master computers with software written by 3 seperate teams.

Comment Re:Cereberal Network Variability (Score 1) 103

"On both the read-out (decoding) side, and the driving (encoding) side, we have the ability to receive and transmit"

Receiving and transmitting DATA is one thing, turning it into *information* thats useful to the implant and the brain is another entirely. We've been able to measure neural activity for decades but we've barely begun to understand what 99% of it means from the patients subjective point of view so don't pretend this is nothing more than an I/O problem - it goes WAY beyond that.

Comment Re:Meh, will be gone in next ice-age anyway. (Score 1) 130

Don't play silly semantic games when you're clearly clueless. Nature can't keep up means that natural selection can't keep up since it depends on the reproduction rate of the individual species. Bacteria can keep up with man made climate change, elephants and oak trees can't. Now run along and go play with your little school friends and let the adults continue the discussion.

Comment Re:Meh, will be gone in next ice-age anyway. (Score 3, Informative) 130

Those so called warm periods were localised. They didn't encompass the entire planet.

"The geography and climate of earth are ever-changing."

And? Trees fall down naturally in forests. Does that mean we shouldn't be concerned about illegal logging? And climate generally changes over the course of millions of years, not hundreds. Nature can't keep up.

Comment Re:software developers are treated like children (Score 1) 169

"name ANY other profession where professionals are given cutesy nicknames "

Scientists get called boffins a lot.

When people don't understand something they tend to denigrate the people who practice it even if its useful to them in the long run. And most people don't understand science or IT and so are intimidated by the people who do. Simple as that.

They might not understand much medicine either but because its their body its still something familiar plus doctors save lives so they get let off. Law - well its just parrot learning, anyone can do it frankly. But science and IT require more than just knowledge - they require the ability to think logically and often laterally and most people can't do that.

Comment There's nothing you can do about idiot admins (Score 4, Interesting) 91

Extended support finished 2 years ago yet apparently there are still many admins (I used that term advisedly) running public facing websites who think its perfectly acceptable to run this software. This is beyond moronic but short of giving them all a royal kick up the backside I can't see a solution unless the companies involved fancy paying MS $$$ for a fix just for them.

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