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Comment Never the twain shall meet (Score 3, Insightful) 85

Aside from the obvious differences, car and aircraft design pull in completely opposite directions regarding weight. For a car crash protection is a high priority - that adds weight. Not something you want in an aircraft. Ditto airbags with explosive charges. A way this has been skirted is to license the vehicle on the ground as a quadricyle which doesn't need to meet many (any?) of the safety requirements of a car. But frankly I wouldn't want to drive one.

I really don't see the point of these vehicles - they're going to be compromised both on the ground and in the air and if you're rich enough to buy one you can probably afford a rolls or bentley than you can park beside your Bell or Sikorsky at the airport.

Comment Re: Perhaps a better method... (Score 1) 1001

A number of sorting functions use different sorts depending on the size of the list because some sorts are much better at shorter lists - eg insertion sort - and others are better at longer ones, eg quick sort because their overheads are too high for short lists. And then you have shell sort which seems averagely good for pretty much anything.

Comment If he's transgender... (Score -1, Troll) 642

... he/she/it is already confused. This is just more confusion on its part. Perhaps it should learn some physics and try and figure out just how much energy and rocket power it would take to get a city destroying sized rock off the ground even in the moons 1/6 G assuming anything big and sturdy enough could be built on the moon to carry it.

Comment Re:I wouldn't touch Google Chrome on Linux (Score 1) 92

Thanks for proving my point in my original post about ignorant fools with no clue about security.

Newsflash: claims only need supporting if there's no way for 3rd parties to independently verify them. But here, especially for dumb special needs kids like you who can't use a search engine:

Comment Re:I wouldn't touch Google Chrome on Linux (Score -1) 92

So the chrome_sandbox binary being owned by root and having the setuid bit set is an "extraordinary claim" is it snowflake? No, its a fact. I don't need to cite anything. 5 seconds with google will tell you everything you need to know and if you're too bone idle to bother then thats your problem, not mine.

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