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Comment Re: these new companies trying to get around old l (Score 1) 258

Film companies don't have the right to run their own cinemas. Different industries have different regulations. What we really should be asking is, what benefit is it to Michigan to reduce the percentage of the cost of a car that stays in the state? You can't even cry about the free market because Tesla gets so many subsidies.

Comment Re:Not really groundbraking (Score 1) 113

Doom has pretty high system requirements though, even though it doesn't look like anything special. If we're being honest, Carmack's technowizardry was only really relevant in the early 90s when people wanted to play FPS games on computers bought for DOS spreadsheets. The 3D accelerator made idtech largely obsolete, only remembered by inherited code in the likes of Source and Call of Duty. And they became obsolete as game developers the second Half-Life came out. Romero was right, it was about design not the engine.

Comment Re:What Authority ... (Score 1) 564

Define 'assistance for corporations'. As long as Ireland applies their rules and rates uniformly, are they 'assisting' anyone?

They don't, Apple had their own special deal with the Irish government.

Perhaps they want to live within their means and not hve piles of cash sitting around as a magnet for the continent's deadbeats.

When Ireland joined the EU they were the deadbeat. They didn't live within their own means, they were given money by other EU countries, and used that to lower taxes to steal business from them.

With ignorance like this, I'm guessing you're American?

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