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Comment Re:To put it into perspective (Score 1) 237

Good luck aerobraking the quantities of materials needed for space mining to be viable. Apollo capsules are small and light compared to even a single truck full of ore. Apollo was only coming back from the Moon, asteroids are much further out and would require much more delta V to reach the Earth's atmosphere. They would then be coming in much faster, whilst carrying more mass.

Comment Re:First SpaceX Missions To Mars: 'Dangerous and P (Score 1) 412

Air pressure on Mars is 0.5% of Earth. You can't compare Mars to Iceland at all, the latter could support human life the same as Norway, you could grow food, breath the air, drink from the rivers, hunt the animals. A Mars colony would be totally dependent on supplies from Earth for decades if not centuries, and a single mistake or technical problem would kill everyone instantly.

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