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Comment Re:Seeing as it's not a product... (Score 1) 298

As a small business owner that lives in a small town in the middle of nowhere, that $80 a year makes perfect sense.

Being able to order computer parts with free two day shipping is a huge boon. I can't buy them locally (as in, they don't exist in a 130 mile radius), less downtime makes my customers happy, and free shipping increases my margins.

I place anywhere from two to ten orders a week with Amazon. First name basis with my UPS and FedEx drivers AND their backups. Amazon Prime has been tremendously helpful to getting my business going.

Sure, if you live in a metro area surrounded by Best Buys and WalMarts it makes less sense, but many of us don't.

Comment Not quite the same, but... (Score 1) 125

How many of us did a similar "brief animation project" in BASIC on an Apple II, TI-99/4A, or Coleco for a 7th-12th grade project back in the early to mid 80's?

Granted, it wasn't on paper, but still... I did a four minute graphic story on an Apple II in 8th grade back in ... math math years .. 1983ish that this reminded me of.

Not my fault the dirty reds were 15 years ahead of me. These guys were all PhDs and shit.

Still got an A... bah.

Comment Re:Makes sense (Score 2, Insightful) 402

That is likely the reason they are considering this because if things
continue to degrade with Israel and Iran

Color me naive, but I imagine that things will go bad with EITHER Israel or Iran... one leads to the other. We'd have to REALLY fuck things up for things to go bad with both.

Then again, I still don't fully understand what Obama's got planned...

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