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Comment Apple TV (Score 0, Troll) 132

The linked New York Times article mentions that it will need an internet connection. So the Apple TV will be competing with non-internet TVs and people watching TV on laptops, desktops and tablets. Quite why somebody would buy another device to do what their other devices already do (other than it being Apple) I'm not quite sure?

Comment Re:It's fun when it's fiction (Score 1) 171

Yes it's fictional money, but people spend real money (each month) to play the game. Once people are spending real money, they expect certain safeguards. How much you can safeguard against human behaviour I don't know. However I do remember a story about the company that runs EVE Online employing an economist to deal with the ingame currency ISK. Most of what is described though is part of the game and learning not to get scammed etc.

Comment McAfee (Score 4, Insightful) 68

I've been called out many times to clients complaining of slow computers. The reason they're slow is bloatware software like McAfee or Norton has been installed. These companies just prey on the gullible, then milk their victims yearly with extortionate amounts for yearly virus definition updates. I've lost track of the times people have called saying their computer is suffering from a virus, when it isn't and it's a hardware related fault. The media unfortunately help companies like McAfee spread so much fear about viruses that some consumers are frightened into buying their product. There are free options out there, many of which don't have such deleterious effects on computer performance and don't pop up with nagging messages each time the user wants to do something simple.

Comment Re:Not a science major? (Score 2) 947

At least here in the UK there's a shortage of maths and science graduates who teach, because they can get higher salaries in the private sector. There's no controversy here about evolution. It's part of the curriculum they have to teach kids for their exams as well as related areas such as genetics.

Comment Re:Environmentalism = genocide? (Score 1) 279

You also have to take into account gravity though if you want a breathable atmosphere. At low gravities any lighter gases will merely rise (hence the lack of atmosphere at the moon). By tolerate slight variations, certain amounts (even in small quantities) of gases like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide or other things we find toxic would quickly make a breathable atmosphere unbreathable. The pressures and oxygen quantites you refer to are only for short term use. If people were to live and colonise these places, it'd have to be with a broadly similar atmosphere to that which we have on Earth as breathing for example 100% oxygen is eventually damaging.

Comment Re:I have another option (Score 1) 189

Sounds how I put it but better! :D If you look into any court case taken against licence dodgers you'll find that even though £1000 is a maximum fine the judge never fines them more than the cost of the relevant licence (eg B&W or colour). "but the guy's attitude when he was telling me this was completely unacceptable." Yeah, but you don't need customer service when you run a monopoly do you? From what I remember like many things in this country some of it is outsourced to a private company (whose aim is to make as much money as possible).

Comment Re:Environmentalism = genocide? (Score 1) 279

An atmosphere can be generated from what's there at the moon with the appropriate equipment. It's also far quicker to get to the moon than Mars. Mars doesn't have a breathable atmosphere either, although given enough time it could be terraformed. Mars is 95% CO2, 3% Nitrogen, 2% Argon + traces of Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide and water. Humans need it to be about (we can tolerate slight variations) 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, 1% Argon and traces of others.

Comment Re:I have another option (Score 1) 189

Yes, as their letter actually suggested it. However you just get a form letter back stating they don't believe it because people lie to them. At the time the property had an aerial, I had terrible neighbours and was standing for local council. I suppose the frequency of spurious visits by TV licencing and the police might have been done for political purposes.

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