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Comment Re:It isn't laziness (Score 1) 254

What are you talking about? If you're being paid for an 8 hour day you should do 8 hours of work. I don't understand how this is going over your head. As I've repeated over and over again, there is always more work so fill the rest of your work day doing it.

Some one who finishes early and goofs off unnoticed for the rest of the time is treated just like the least productive employees because they are literally producing as much as them. On the other hand if I do noticed they go through the disciplinary cycle until they shape up or let are go. I value an honest less productive employee over a dishonest one.

Those who finish early and look for more work are the ones I give raises to / recommend for promotion. With promotions it's always a bummer to see them go but honesty and respect dictate that because they worked hard for me I should work hard for them and that means trying to further their carrier. Why should any manager value anyone who describes work like you do? You apparently have no work ethic.

Comment Re:It isn't laziness (Score 1) 254

It is neither. I have said this twice now, there is always MORE work. How on earth are not understanding this?

Good luck getting raises or a promotion being as productive as the least productive person in your office. All of those people who finish their project at above average speed and ask what's next will be well ahead of you in a few years.

Comment Re:It isn't laziness (Score 1) 254

What are you talking about? I'm still saying slacking off because you got your work done early is lazy which is absolutely contrary to what you have stated here "I'm not lazy, I'm efficient. That it takes me less time to do the job, so I have more time to goof off doesn't mean I'm lazy. I'm just more efficient.

Comment Re:It isn't laziness (Score 1) 254

If one works for a good company one is rewarded for getting more done. If one isnt getting rewarded for that then one should look for work elsewhere. It's not as if there arent a ton of jobs out there in the tech industry right now.

In other words, if I have two applicants from within my company applying for the same position which would be a promotion for either of them, I'm much more likely to choose the guy who gets his work done 20% earlier then everyone else and then finds something else productive to do then I am the guy who gets his days work done 40% earlier and goofs off. Furthermore, when it comes time to give out raises that person who gets their work done 40% earlier and then goofs off is just as valuble to me as some one who takes the full amount of time alloted as they are exactly as productive as the other.

Then there is the whole pride in labor and doing a good job thing but explaining that to some one who doesnt have that is near impossible in my experience.

Comment Re:Why India? Dumb Question. (Score 0) 472

Forgive me if I'm being rude but, "indeed" my experience is that American professionals use something close to proper English unlike yourself. Honestly, I can only surmise you are from a non English peaking country in which case I wonder how you found your way into this debate.

As for the content of your post I'll do my best. What does, "So why does person after person say their companies haven't found any??" actually mean? "Person after person"? Are you just walking around talking to people? "Found any"? Found any what? Pokemon?

Comment Re:Removing age barrier would solve the problem (Score 1) 472

I assume you're saying you couldn't get a job after the tech stock market crash that happened between 2000 and 2001 (the term Y2K is usually associated with "Y2K bug" which was software having problems with dates going from the 20th century to the 21st.)? If so, welcome to the club. You not being able to find a job had nothing to do with age and everything to do with a massively depressed market for tech workers. You weren't some special oppressed gem, there were quite a lot of us having a hard time finding work.

Comment Why India? Dumb Question. (Score 1) 472

I'm not a fan of the current H-1B system by a long shot but the question of "why India?" seems foolish to me. When there is a billion people in a country it doesnt matter how bad the education system is, there are going to be a good number of people worth recruiting, especially since they can make a lot more here. Plus, while their national average on math science test scores are quite low the parts of their education system that work are quite good at turning out degrees in the sciences. Their education system just doesnt work for well over half their population (which still leaves a recruiting pool maybe around the same size as the US in population size).

Comment Re:raging asshole, maybe, but he is right you know (Score 1) 637

I'll start this with stating the fact that i've never used twitter and have zero interest in it. It just seems like a platform made for oversimplified comments at best and trolls at worse. I'm also not a big fan of outright censorship like the banning of any type of speach that doesnt constitute an immediate threat.

With all that said, from everything I've heard, right wing views are very much alive and well on the platform.

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