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Comment Re:Indiscriminate antibiotic use in farm animals.. (Score 1) 280

28.8 rate of vegetarianism then? I don't think you realize the remainder population in India that consumes meat is therefore about twice the population of the US. Now couple that with the fact that the country is maybe half the size of the US and you can be assured that they are pumping those animals up with anything that will make them grow faster (to make up for lack of grazing space) at rate minimum to that of America's worst offenders.

With that said a bit less than 80% of all antibiotics sold in this country are sold to the meat industry. (An odd source, yes but it was easy and they did their research well enough for my standards)

Given these facts I dont see how you can come to your conclusion.

Comment Re:Hillary is just as bad (Score 1) 271

Wow, you didnt refute "So, Bush and Obama were both shitty Presidents. I think that has been firmly established. Should we just give worthless piece of shit Trump a pass since the other Presidents were shitty, too?" at all.

As the above poster clearly makes a case for, a shitty appointment is a shitty appointment. What other people do or did is irrelevant.

Comment Re:Sonic? (Score 1) 111

Sadly, no because the phone company infastructure into my place is crap and I can only get the lowest tier of DSL whether its from Sonic or AT&T. Back when I had them? Amazing. Top customer support, with very low wait times (I only had to call them a few times but every time had wait times of like 30 seconds. Every time I was surprised thinking "how unexpectedly reasonable!"), and a company that actually seems to care about your data privacy. My Dad uses them too and I remember about 10 years ago he was having problems with his computer and instead of calling his son who could have fixed his problem (my own dumb family stuff) he brought his tower down to the local Sonic offices and a tech came out and fixed a problem that, as far as I understood it at the time, had nothing to do with the internet service they provided him.

It's been a good bit since I had to stop using them but as I understand it Dane Jasper is still running the show over there which means things couldnt be too bad and even if service is half as good as what I used to get it is still 10 times better than Comcast.

Comment Re:Tech site for nerds (Score 3, Insightful) 94

IBM getting 8,000 patents in a year isnt of concern to techies? Nonsense

For those concerned about inovation in any tech field these numbers are terrible news but worth being aware of. It's essentially highlighting what many of us perceive as an ever growing problem.

LG including wifi on all it's products? Glad to now know that so i can avoid their products as i dont need the risk of malware on my fridge. Your average consumer doesnt care of even understand what something like this means. A good amount of this site's readership likely does.

Apples iphone turns 10 isnt worth mentioning on a tech news site? I generally have no use for Apple products but the iphone was a truely revolutionary piece of tech and marking its 10th anniversary is (while a bit on the light news side) completely in line with the site. (I just wrote this post on my phone by the way)

A quick tip, just because you dont find it interesting doesnt mean it doesnt belong on the site. I've been reading Slashdot since the 90's and it has always had a huge variety of articles posted to it and for almost just as long had people wanting the site to focus on just what they wanted. I remember the last time I addressed someone complaining about slashdot articles they were complaining about a "slashdot new low", an article about the Simpsons. I just replied with a post with about 7 or 8 links going all the way back to the 90's of slashdot stories about the simpsons.

Comment Re:Never had a chance... (Score 1) 78

I disagree.

While I think modular phones wont make it because consumer choice costs more there are certainly problems being addressed in making phones modular.

While I realize using myself only provides andicdotal evidense I'm going to do it anyways. I dont care about literally anything phone companies are pushing right now. I dont care how thick my phone is, if it's less than an inch it's fine. I dont care how powerfull my phone is, while I'm a power oriented PC user such things are irrelevant for me on phones, my S4 had all the power i needed and was only replaced because it died.

As far as smart phones go, I only care about battery life and a built in keyboard (which literally, no one seems to offer anymore) nowadays. Everything else is garbage to me as its done well enough by every entry to the market.

Comment Re:Over/under: Invasion of sovereign nation or tru (Score 1) 821

Hey, I'm a huge fan of campaign finance reform (although Clinton has not been accused of any criminal wrong doing in any of that) None of that makes what the Russians did alright though.

Also, the RNC being hacked is not universally agreed upon:

And if say the RNC had been hacked the lack of releases is certainly not proof that everything is morally prestine with them. One could just as easily say that that is proof the hackers favored Trump as i find it highly unlikely that both parties dont have a good bit of dirty laundry tucked away.

As for Trump, he still has plenty to hide. How about those tax returns?

Comment Re:Over/under: Invasion of sovereign nation or tru (Score 2) 821

I'm getting so tired with this nugget of "wisdom".

The problem people have with this is not with the content that was released or the fact that it was released all, what they are upset about is the fact that Russia set out to try to change the outcome of the US election through hacking and releasing any info they could find that would help a specific candidate.

Would it be cool if after 4 years of Trump messing with China, China started trying to hack the RNC to dig up their dirty laundry for all to see? I try not to say things like this because I do believe that people approach issues from all sort of different directions but honestly, how can any rational person think it's a good thing that a country that has gone out of its way to be adversarial to ourselves and the West has attempted to manipulate our elections in their favor?

Foreign interference in our elections, particularly as direct as this, is not okay under any standards.

Comment Re:More Like Poor Urban Planning (Score 1) 504

That's a wonderfully specific statistic you've furnished there. Get back to me when you can explain why Red States enjoy lower standards of living and are a net drain on the federal government while it's the opposite for blue states.

California's economy is doing quite well right now as well. Unemployment is low and the state is taking in plenty of money. I dont know how you could look at any real amount of data and come to the conclusion that the country's most successful economy is "circling the drain" and I thus surmise you made that up to feel good about yourself.

Comment More Like Poor Urban Planning (Score 5, Insightful) 504

I feel it is first important to establish I'm a Northern Californian liberal. While I'm from North of SF what's happening in Silicon Valley is effecting where I live and causing the same problems, albeit on a lesser scale. I also agree with many posters that the parent article is stupid in it's framing of people as homeless who are not.

With that said, I am so sick and tired of our Left wing leadership wanting to "perserve our communities". The scenarios described in the article arent acceptable even if they arent describing true homelessness as they are literally describing suburban ghettos. Working people suffer so property owners can enjoy some bygone fantasy of a community that now only serves the needs of the afluent. Silicon Valley should be all skyscrapers (thus increasing housing availability and reducing costs for potential home owners or renters) and it is only people who could care less about the working class that want to "perserve" an environment that is no longer sustainable without the oppression of those who sell them their food. With property values what they are erecting a 30 story building on any city block within 50 miles of Google or Apple headquarters would be massively profitable for the developer and if done in a widespread manner, would make housing far more affordable for all. It's only bullshit city planning that is standing in the way of solving the less afluents problems in these areas.

The Left failed to deliver for the Rust Belt and we got Trump. Heaven help us if California goes that direction and with our bullshit leadership it just might.

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