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Comment Re:Poor Arguements (Score 1) 493

First line, I was addressing points from the article. You're bringing up new material.

Second line, what type of household has multiple smart phones but cant afford headphones for all of them? They're a few bucks.

Third line, who loans or borrows headphones? A) No one wants other peoples ear wax in their ears B) If you're the type of user who finds they need headphones then you probably already have them

Comment Poor Arguements (Score 2, Insightful) 493

While I'm not thrilled at seeing the headphone jack disapear the author's reasons for keeping it apply to maybe .001 of the population. How many people really have a reason to carry both an iphone and a droid on them? Using my headphones on some one else's phone? How often does THAT come up for a normal person?

Comment Re:Much better nowadays! (Score 1) 351

Yes, some one who is a vegetarian MUST be out to attack your meat eating ways and could ONLY being doing it to feel morally superior. I happily eat meat and can tell you you're being ridiculous. Yes, there is the occasional vegetarian asshole who like to demonize an entire group of people for disagreeing with them but there's meat eaters like you who do literally the exact same thing.

Comment Re:How does it compare to GMO food? (Score 1) 351

I don't have a problem with gmo produce but it seems to me to be a far bigger departure from what we usually eat then lab grown meat. They're not genetically changing the the meat as far as I understand it, they're just finding out ways to grow muscle tissue without all the extra baggage. Meanwhile we have crops being engineered to be resistant to highly toxic pesticides.

Comment Re:Omar Saddiqui Mateen? (Score 1) 1718

It's a religion and in every religion there are massively intolerant nut jobs. Don't get me wrong, I'm not condemning religion in general or Christianity specifically but considering there are some pretty strong anti gay feelings amoung certain groups of Christians, to say a Christian would never do something like this is pretty naive.

Comment Re:Maybe it's the same thing that whacked Padme (Score 1) 607

I think a big part of the problem you describe is modern media telling us things are way worse in the world than they are. Most people seem to think violent crime in the last 70 years has gone up in America when it has done almost nothing but gone down. Likewise, war in this world we live in? We live in one of the most peaceful periods in global history and yet modern media crams the few truly tragic events happening around the world down our throats like they are the norm.

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