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Comment Re:Astroturfing Trolls (Score 1) 892

Wow, you had me all the way to the end, i was nodding along and thinking, "what a thoughtfull post". Then you had to turn it all partisan and make big broad baseless accusations about half the population. Honestly, I think you're part of pur country's problems if you dont think the extremes of both of the Right and the Left lie like it's going out of style.

Your shit smells too.

Comment Re: I'm sure he had nothing to hide (Score 1) 893

A) I doubt you've ever spent any time talking to Muslim immigrants in this country. Saying they cant move beyond primitive religious practices ( or have any desire to engage in such) is like saying Christians cant but then our Christian based western societies have. Gays are supposed to be killed according to the old testament which Jews, Christians, and Muslims all follow.

But "wait!" you're bound to say, the fact that they havent moved beyond is proof beyond all doubt of their degenerecy! Except it's not. Behavior like this is a function of wealth or the lack thereof. The poorer a society the more prone they are to engage in religious radicalism.

B) As for Ukraine, there's no proof of US involvement. There were however elections that were held a bit later that garnered 60 percent of the population where no pro Russia candidate showed any impressive standings. This certainly suggests a wide spread distaste for the prior government.

Really things like the Ukraine crisis highlight 70 years of failed Russian foriegn policy. Why would any non ethnically Russian Eastern European want their country under the thumb of Russia after all Russia has put them through.

Comment Re: I'm sure he had nothing to hide (Score 1) 893

If you believe nation states could exist allowing anyone to vote themselves out of a country youre sorely mistaken.

I laughed about Muslims and Sharia law. They're fleeing that nonsense not seeking to put it on us. Name a significant movement in this country of Muslim immigrants who are trying to implement Sharia law in this country? Or maybe lay off the far right racial purity nonsense, this country was founded contrarily to those values.

As for Crimea, the Russians only live their because of commie bullshit too. AGAIN. All kinds of countries have all kinds of minorities in them, the presence of Russians does not justify an invasion. And "momentary decision"? What's that supposed to mean? Aren't all decisions ultimately made in a moment? Arent all boarders set in a "moment"?

Finally, I would suggest that letting Russia invade and occupy Crimea is not at all practical. Letting a single country arbitrarily decide that a boarder doesnt suit them and then take territory from another country does not set good precedent for maintaining global order. Maybe we should just let China redraw a bunch of boarders too while we're on it. That will clearly satisfy both countries and they will never ever have ambitions beyond those.

Comment Re: I'm sure he had nothing to hide (Score 1) 893

So any ethnic minority has the right to cede from their country and join themselves to another? That sounds like a great recipe for global chaos and the degeneration of the institution of the nation state. Should my neighbor Mohammed down the street be able to announce the property him and his family are on is now independent and then pledge allegiance to whatever country he's ethnically from? How about hispanic neighborhoods? We've got a lot of those in the US. Should we let any that want to vote to join Mexico or any other Latin American country?

And really it is democratic as Crimea is not a country and thus has no standing in this. I think it's safe to say Ukraine would not vote for their independence.

Comment Re: I'm sure he had nothing to hide (Score 1) 893

You seem to be implying we have pure form free speech in the US and that's just not true. We have limits to. As measured on a scale we certainly have the most freedoms but most Western countries rank pretty close to ours. After that you're attributing the acts of the fring Left with the mainstream. I might as well counter and say everyone on the Right is rascist because a few assholes fly rascist banners at tea party rallies.

In regards to Ukraine, i wont defend the government take over but their current pro Western president was in fact democratically elected by a large margine which shows just how unpopular his predecessor's move East was. Furthermore, none of what happened (and if you want to blame an overwhelming popular uprising on NGOs, have fun with that) give Russia the right to literally seize territory in Ukraine.

And as for the Russian minorities, the way state lines have been drawn since forever there are all kinda of minorities in all kinda of countries that dont have their language listed as a state language. Furthermore, "they're ethnically Russian so it's cool Russia invaded another country and seized the territory", could be used to justify wars all over Eastern Europe as many have Russian minorities moved in by the Soviets. It's not okay for us to let it slide once here because then it can be used as a justification for more occupations later.

Comment Re: I'm sure he had nothing to hide (Score 1) 893

Well your German comparison is rediculous. While hate speech is indeed illegal there (personally I prefer US style more open free speech) no one has ever been killed by the government over it.

Outside of that, your completely ignoring the problem with Putin. The problem the Left is having and most of the pre Trump right was having wasnt with Putin's actions within his country's borders. You're right, we usually look the other way on that for most countries. The problem is with Russia's policy of disupting or outright invading any country in their claimed sphere of influence that threatens to go pro West (in other words line them selves up with us and the rest of the West). Georgia and Ukraine are prime examples and as stated in another response before mine, Putin never cared about IS. He does care about maintaining one of his few regional allies (who is absolutly no ally of ours) and a very strategicaly important military port.

On top of that you have the cyber attacks against any and all percieved adversaries of which the DNC hacks are but a small part. When Russia has problems with the policies of Eastern European governments it's funny how all of a sudden Eastern European government websites start getting hacked and shut down in mass.

In summary, it's Putin's willingness to throw his weight around towards our Allies and undermine us domestically and internationally that is the problem with Putin.

Comment Re:work less (Score 1) 722

And many retired people do. Many of them are more active than many non retired people I know. And guess what, they're usually the happy ones.

Also, many arent choosing to retire, many are merely accepting the fact that they cant physically or mentally do what they spent half their lives doing. Living just off Social Security aint easy and many only choose to do so because they feel they have to. It's much harder to recreate yourself at that age then it is when you're young.

Comment Re:Am I the only one? (Score 1) 139

Of course RT isnt going to burn my eyes but it's basically worthless as far as news goes unless you just want to find out what the Russian government wants people to think. Sure you can point to Snowden and other events that were poorly handled by US media but overall they are most certainly willing to question the government on quite a few issues.

I tried to find even one article on RT's site critical of their actions in Crimea. All I found was lies and misdirection like this

Meanwhile, go back a bit and search any major US news media's site for news on our invasion of Iraq. You'll find plenty of stories debunking bad evidence given by the Bush administration. Could they have done a better job pointing out how misguided that war was? Sure, but you cant say they never pointed out many of the lies we were fed in regards to why we should invade.

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