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Comment Re:Becaue you aren't offering to do the work. (Score 5, Insightful) 368

"People resist change just as a matter of being human. Any change needs to overcome this "static friction"."

I'll tell you why I resist change in the software I use. Software upgrades often come with changes to the UI which often require that the user relearn how to use their software. There are few things i hate more then having to relearn how to use software features I was already using.

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 47

For a lot of Nintendo fans it's not about the console at all, it's about Nintendo's games that you can only play on the console. Yes, the Wii was an exception to what I'm saying, attracting a lot of casual gamers with its special controlers but for the hardcore Nintendo fans it's the virtual garuntee of a good Zelda, Mario, Smash Brothers, etc title.

Comment Re: Huh? (Score 1) 396

You nicely glossed over what I said and instead focused on what you wanted which in this case seems to be "political issue".

To elaborate on what I actually said before and tie it in with you are getting at (and some added emphases to help you notice the key component you missed before), did Syria get its start in online news? Did its president? Are either of them major players in what is currently a very influential online political movement?

Now dont get me wrong, a case could be made that slashdot should have an article about Syria. I might even agree with said case, I dont know. My point I've just reiterated here is that the online tie-in Bannon has makes him relevant news on slashdot. The Alt-right is big news in the context of internet culture right now. Syria, one way or another, is really irrelevant to whether Bannon should be reported on or not.


Comment Re: Huh? (Score 3, Insightful) 396

Well when you host your own website you can decide what can and cant be posted.

In the mean time, I'll keep reading slashdot and continue to be not surprised about news articles related to major players in major online political movements and how they are fairing in their current role in real world politics.

Comment Re: BOHICA (Score 1) 416

Since you have no interest in what I'm saying and have every interest in turning this into a "my political sports team is duh best!" discussion I shall leave you with...

EVERYTHING YOU SAY IS RIGHT! Your shit not only doesnt smell but it also smells like roses at the same time. Anything the RIght does that's bad is really done by Left wing infiltrators because how could the Right do anything wrong? They're who you vote for! Your demonizing of those with contrary political views is 200 percent constructive and is not in any way, shape, or form reflective of our current dysfunctional political climate.

Comment Re: BOHICA (Score 1) 416

As much I disliked what happened in Berkeley with the protests the most annoying part of them for me is now we have idiots like you creating massive generalizations based off a single event.

If the entire Left is now against free speech because of this where does that put the right with all those photos of racist anti Obama banners from tea party rallies? There's photos from hundreds of rallies featuring these things. Is the Right a movement entirely composed of racists because of those?

Since you're a twit I'll answer for you, it puts the Right no where because holding an entire political ideology responsible for the actions of a few is something only stupid people do.

Comment Re:Let's see if I have this right (Score 1) 566

I suppose it depends on what you call "hard left". In the context of social issues like race, gender, and sexuality (which I think is what you are getting at) then I agree with you. There are certainly those on the Left who play the bigot card given the slightest provocation without the slightest bit of critical thought put forward considering maybe there's some other explenation. (Disclaimer: Yes discrimination along the lines listed above happens and people should stand up to it. I've seen some claims of it though that are just terrible on the part of the accusers.)

In my above post I was refering to hard left more in the realm of economics (I didnt make that clear at all though) and things like gun control, law and order, and education.

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