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Comment Re:No User Serviceable Parts inside (Score 1) 224

This is why I buy refurbished, off lease Lenovo computers.

However, that means Lenovo as a company does not get a cent from that sale. Why should they continue making solid-engineered, easily-repaired devices when in the end it hurts them by losing potential customers to refurbishers? This is how planned obsolescence works. I hate it with a passion, but it is hard not to see the reason behind it.

I love my Thinkpad. I could of bought it used off someone, but instead I spent much more money to buy it directly from Lenovo. Just to show my support.

Comment Re:The problem with agile is "proof it works." (Score 1) 145

I got into computers because I don't want to be around people.

This used to be true, but no more. The age of solitary developer working in isolation is long gone (If it ever existed at all). Developers need to understand the business requirements, communicate with wide variety of stakeholders from all business levels and work together as a team. Politics, clear verbal and written communication skills, and people-skills are all mandatory requirements for anyone in this industry.

You may find the environment you seek doing open-source development or perhaps (Rarely) some entry-level positions.

Comment Re:Half agree (Score 1) 145

You talk about throwing work away as though it's a bad thing. My experience tells me that the first version of any complex piece of software or software component you try to create is going to be garbage anyhow. Maybe it would be better to count on calling your first try a prototype, learn the hard lessons about what doesn't work and why, and then scrap as much of it as you need and write version two with the lessons you gleaned from the prototype.

In my experience, this never goes down well with management. The expensive development team has spent the last four weeks doing something that now will be thrown out and redone. All in the name of "quality" that the client will never appreciate (or indeed know about) in the short term. Not to mention the deadlines on which the upper management signed off on to the client. Really, the management will rather ship mostly working "garbage" now and meet the deadline, rather than spend the time to throw out the prototype and write it properly.

I hope like hell that my experience is the exception and not the rule.


Comment How does law work for newspapers? (Score 5, Interesting) 383

What if rapists post a modelling job ad in the local newspaper asking for young females. Would the newspaper be liable to be sued?

I don't believe I ever seen any warnings in the classified sections. Surely this scenario has happened in the past. What is the precedent on those kind of cases?

Comment Re: Hahahahaha FANTASTIC (Score 1) 664

Alas, ARMA 2 was once available on GoG, but it appears that Bohemia Interactive has forced them to remove it. Single player works in WINE, but not multiplayer, so DayZ won't work :-(.

Bohemia Interactive has outsourced porting of ARMA 3 for Linux and have released an experimental build. But there is no guarantee that it will ever become non-experimental. It is available to install on Linux-Steam:

Unfortunately, looks like you are stuck on Windows for those two titles :-(.

Comment Re:Hahahahaha FANTASTIC (Score 1) 664

We do not dispute that Linux is and most probably always will be inferior OS for a gaming (DirectX is much more popular for game development rather than OpenGL/OpenAL stack). We are trying to point out that Linux is viable or good enough to use for gaming if that is the only thing that keeps you on Windows (There are a lot of other software that are Windows only: Office suite, Photoshop, internal company apps, etc).

By all means, if Windows 10 does not bother you so much, then you have nothing to be concerned about: There is no point in switching OS. However if Windows 10 on your gaming machine is irritating you to no end and you feel trapped because "Windows is my only possible choice", then we are trying to show that alternatives are viable.

Mac is also viable: Steam and GoG provide native binaries, Bootcamp and WINE.

This really is the golden age of non-Windows gaming.

Comment Re:fuck me (Score 1) 664

Well that depends, what exactly are these questions? If it's a clean install then you would be asked about where to install it but that isn't the case with an upgrade. What are these confusing questions you're talking about?

I must confess that I do not know. I never went through the process of upgrading to Windows 10. But even I would be uncomfortable with going through any OS upgrade process without being prepared for it. At the very least backups of my data!

Comment Re:Hahahahaha FANTASTIC (Score 1) 664

There are, of course, lots of older games that do not run on Linux

Indeed. Very good point.

For the older titles, please give GOG a look. They are wonderful publisher of older and some newer titles without DRM. They have released many old titles with Linux support. Perhaps your favourite titles have Linux port there.

Of course that means purchasing the game you already bought before again...

Finally there is WINE. That is the absolute last resort as using it is not user-friendly at all! I recommend you try Play On Linux. If there is an install script for your game, it will just set everything up for you quite smoothly.

Barring all those options, sorry: Looks like you will either need to find a way to block those mandatory Windows updates or embrace Windows 10.

Comment Re:fuck me (Score 3, Insightful) 664

I absolutely agree with you. For an average user it does not matter what is the OS they run, just that it does not get in the way. And that is perfectly fine!

But here is my point: Why be hostile? What is the benefit of the forced upgrade? Why not just allow the user to press "Cancel"? Let them update when they are ready! if they don't: That is fine, just don't support them. If they come to complain: Just tell them the steps to upgrade.

From my past experience supporting such users, they get absolutely horrified of situations they can't back out of or can't abort. Anything unfamiliar on the screen sends them into a state of panic. And here you have the very worst example.

This is a perfect showcase of an OS getting in the way of the user. He/she could be in the middle of their daily email reading when all of a sudden a system dialogue comes up demanding they right there and NOW make a decision about their underlying system. No, you can't close it and come back to it later. At most you can do is schedule a time, but schedule something you don't even understand or indeed want! Your Windows 7 IE is showing your emails fine! Why (As you eloquently put it) do I need to care about the OS?!

Can you imagine what panic this user will go through if they say OK to the update?! All of the sudden your system is rebooting and installation screens are asking you questions and that only thing you know is that it deals with something you know nothing about!

Comment Re:fuck me (Score 1) 664

Alllllll these workarounds. Man, wouldn't it be great if your OS wasn't overtly hostile?

Exactly! You hit the nail on the head. Spot on. Right on the money. Right on the point. Thank you.

It is disgusting how the IT industry treats their non-corporate clients with such hostility. Probably because majority of simple folks don't have any choice in the matter: They are locked in. Windows is all they know.

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