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Comment Bill gates could do 10x as much (Score 2, Informative) 366

By investing in Nuclear.

He's friggen rich, no commitees, no government oversight, little respect for the common idiot.

DO NUCLEAR RIGHT. Even if it's just pebble bed or another of the safe ones it's still miles ahead of renewables.

And it creates GOOD jobs. Not manufacturing installation maintenance crap jobs but real jobs for 2nd tier geniuses.

It's frikken cheap, it's clean, it doesn't use a whole lot of scarce resources. What's the hold up Bill? Why invest in something that's already popular and being done by private companies and government. INNOVATE with your stupid foundation. INNOVATE.

You OWE US MORE THAN THIS for the companies you crushed and the open source you held back. INNOVATE YOU STUPID DONKEY CODE WRITING BUSINESS MONKEY!

Comment Drones seem to be the big thing in weponry now (Score 1) 122

Maybe thinking about this is a bad thing.

Might be ok if someone open sourced it so it wouldn't lead to a power imbalance but killing people with drones is pretty problematic so even then it's not a good thing.

Think a bit Slashdot, nerds aren't for evil.

Unless they work for Microsoft.

Or the pay is really good.

Or it's just too cool.

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