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Comment Re:Occam's razor (Score 4, Insightful) 555

You probably live among cars smell, so you probably filter it out. I remember coming from the nearby mountains and getting out of the car in the city, appalling.

Anyway as you say smell is subjective.

Let us talk about the volume of vaporized stuff, this study says basically that modern cars let out less fuel fumes in 50000 km than the volume differential between new and used braking pads and tires.

I say somebody has misplaced a decimal point somewhere or is still using the fuel consumption data of volkswagen.

Comment Re:A non-issue (Score 1) 386

> Well, it obviously destroys it completely

Nope, "knowing" the future as a God could, still does not implies choices being "free", or random, or deterministic.

Let's say I perceive the future somehow and tell you who is your future wife. By telling you I either switch to a different branch of the multiverse, so that you may not make the same choice, or foresaw the determinism which will make you pick that wife, or you will *freely* pick that wife because, i merely showed you the result of the computation, and the interference was part of the factors that made you decide. I influenced you? sure, I forced you? not provable until the mechanisms for decisions are discovered.

This study, like the previous one who told that the brain have already made a decision before you are fully aware of it (which merely measures lag of introspection, not mechanisms) are quite inconclusive.

Disclaimer, I'd rather have no free will so I have no responsibility and basically do what I please. I see two problems. 1 free will could exist and I would have made an existential mistake before any religious morals come into play. 2. "what I please" would be mere obedience to stimuli.

Finally, even with free will "Do What You Want" is often "Do What Someone Else Conditioned You To Do".
Two-word undisputable proof of the above: rockstars' haircuts.

Comment Re:In Other News: People Hate Change (Score 0) 293

> after spending the time reading up on systemd and learning how to use it, how to write unit files and all that jazz, I really fail to understand what the furore over it is

Spending time to learn doing the same things in another way for marginal gains is never a good sign. Systemd, gnome, kde devs got their share of flames for that, and they are deserved.
Windows devs are so used to that they do not even realize it happens.

Comment Re:Get real audio recordings (Score 2) 135

> Actually, from an audio engineering perspective, this is quite true (at least for vinyl), since all records were run through a low cut filter in order to eliminate rumble/skipping due to low sonic frequencies distrubing the needle in a record groove.

sub 20 hz would be filtered by the rest of the audio chain (hello psychoacoustic filter on all compressed music), or would end up disturbing the mix anyway. Judging the excursion of the speakers in some badly mastered techno records, i think that vinyl can go sub-20hz.

The problem with skipping is instead the low frequency phase, due to the way stereo information is encoded in the groove.

> If we are talking a clean, complete signal, vinyl records have plenty of deficiencies of their own, despire what so-called "audiophiles" might tell you.

Well I'd first scrap 44.1khz, cellphones, pc speakers, crappy DACs, only then I'd look at vinyl.
The low range is good enough on vinyl, it's the upper range that suffers, plus those pops and noise.

OTOH the sound of vinyl is not a clean signal + the noise of the needle on the groove, it's obvious that picking up the signal distorts it more than a DAC does, whether that ends up in a pleasant effect, not unlike valves, it's debatable. Personally I listen to the music, not the system.

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