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Comment Re:I don't fly anymore... (Score 1) 549

I love flying.

I only have two cities I fly between, and Southwest has a direct flight for ~$100/way. Free bags, too. I get to the airport an hour or so before the flight, and a couple hours later I'm there. Sure beats driving or Amtrak.

When I get there, I grab my book and pillow and throw the rest in the overhead compartment, so I'm left with all the legroom I could want. And with free advance web check-in, finding a window seat near the front isn't usually that hard.

Comment Re:the real threat will be government intervention (Score 1) 388

I have no comment on your overall point (not a Fox News fan myself), but you're just wrong on the facts. The suit was between New World Communications, a subsidiary of Fox Broadcasting Corp., a sister company of Fox News Corp (both owned by News Corp.) They both share the same trademark, but they're distinct.

It's like fanning anti-Justice Dept. sentiment by saying "the Justice Department sued..." when it was actually the EPA that did. It's just factually incorrect.

Comment Re:the real threat will be government intervention (Score 1) 388

After Fox News won their argument in Florida...

If you're referring to the case I think you are, that wasn't Fox News. It was a local Fox affiliate's new show, which is completely different. Owned by a private company, affiliated with the Fox Network, which is a sister company to Fox News (but not the same).

A little bit ironic, in a post about facts and integrity.

Comment "Presentation" mode? (Score 1) 447

Is there a browser that offers a "presentation mode", that gives you a clean environment for demoing things to other people?

At the moment I just use a different browser, like Firefox for everyday browsing, and IE for demoing, but what if you need to run the same browser for both instances?

I'm not talking about porn here either, I just don't need people being distracted by my forum links and asinine web searches while I'm giving a presentation.

Comment Re:RealClimate has a big reply on this (Score 1) 882


  • "hide the [misleading] decline"
  • "hide the [artifactual] decline"
  • "hide the [erroneous] decline"
  • "hide the decline [to increase comprehension]"

Do you want more?

Also, I should note that hiding a statistical artifact is not necessarily nefarious, e.g. if it's erroneous or if it's irrelevant, especially if the resulting chart is intended for other scientists who know full well that something is being removed or glossed over or excluded for whatever reason.

The conclusion over whether it's proper or not is to know the data and the "decline" that's being hidden: apparently does, and explained it.

Comment Re:Where does this leave GIMP? (Score 1) 900

I like F-Spot: the workflow is IMHO the best for casual photographers. It imports everything into its own folder and categorizes it by date based on EXIF data. Then you can use tags to organize them into logical sets (events, places, etc.).

I actually wish there was something equivalent on Windows. Picasa imports into dated folders based on the date you import them, not the date they were taken.

Comment Re:Most professors guilty? (Score 1) 467

After all, he wasn't trained to teach in grad school, and he wasn't hired by the university to teach.

I've realized this before, and it's pretty striking: professors have degrees in what they teach, not in teaching itself.

Are there any professors out there (in something other than education) that specifically train in how to effectively teach students? That might actually have a certificate or a degree in education? Are there even programs that cater to college-level educators?

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