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Waiting For Hasselhoff 99

Gamasutra has another in its series of articles about games from Schadenfreude Interactive. The highly unusual developer has gained acclaim for its Cthulu Karts title, and the Gamasutra site looks at what it was like getting mega-star David Hasselhoff to do voice work for their game. From the article: "When we heard Mr. Hasselhoff would be in nearby Frankfurt for an appearance, we jumped at the chance to have him record a few lines. Crispin was somehow able to get Mr. Hasselhoff's agent to agree. How he was able to explain what Cthulhu were, and why they were racing karts, I do not know (I will tell you, though --Cthulhu are a race of hideous godlike trans-dimensional monsters created by author H.P. Lovecraft. They are racing karts because, well, karting games were popular at the time)."
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Waiting For Hasselhoff

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