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Comment Re:I never trusted Monty in the first place (Score 1) 103

MySQL's had a strict mode since 2004 to reject invalid data. They didn't make it default until late 2012 though in 5.6.8, and I couldn't find what the MariaDB default is (short of downloading the source and looking). Even then, they only it in the default config file, so manual or distro-specific configs that omit the setting will fall back to the old truncation mode.

Comment Re:Cross browser? (Score 1) 121

I never found Typescript's output to be that hard to read, since it preserves comments and changes the code very little apart from rewriting class definitions.

You can enable source maps, which the Firefox/Chrome debuggers can use to show you the original code when debugging compiled code. And some minifiers like UglifyJS can transform source maps to continue working after minifying.


Submission + - US Chip maker Marvell faces over $1billion patent fines (bbc.co.uk)

Dupple writes: US chipmaker Marvell Technology faces having to pay one of the biggest ever. patent damage awards.

A jury in Pittsburgh found the firm guilty of infringing two hard disk innovations owned by local university Carnegie Mellon.

Despite Marvel claiming that the CMU patents weren't valid because they hadn't invented anything new, citing that a Seagate patent. 14 months earlier described everything the CMU patents claimed, the jury found that Marvell's chips infringed claim 4 of Patent No. 6,201,839 and claim 2 of Patent No. 6,438,180. "method and apparatus for correlation-sensitive adaptive sequence detection" and "soft and hard sequence detection in ISI memory channels."

It said Marvell should pay $1.17bn (£723m) in compensation — however that sum could be multiplied up to three times by the judge because the jury had also said the act had been "wilful".

Marvell's shares fell more than 10%.

The maximum penalty would be close to the $3.96bn value of the company, based on its market capitalisation.

Marvell makes a range of chips which includes processors which power devices including Blackberry smartphones, Sony Google TV internet video boxes and LED lighting controllers, as well as hard disks.


The Speed Gamers Raise Over $26,000 For Charity 65

Levonn Lawrence writes "Moving into day four of seven, The Speed Gamers (TSG) continue to play a Final Fantasy marathon for an unusual reason: charity. The guys at TSG are playing through every main Final Fantasy game, from one to twelve, over a period of seven days in hopes or raising $50,000 for ACT Today (Autism Care and Treatment). The marathon is streamed live for people to watch. ACT is a charity helping to financially support families effected by Autism. The marathon started 6pm CST, Friday, July 17th, 2009 and is going until Friday, July 24th 2009. So far they've raised over $26,000 (not a typo) and they're only 89 hours in."

Comment Why XFS was never an option (Score 1) 830

Ext3's commit interval was one of its best features.

Sure, it doesn't have to make guarantees when the app doesn't explicitly sync, but losing data 1% of the time in an outage is better than losing data 99% of those in those cases.

Whenever I saw people complaining of losses in XFS that wouldn't have happened in ext3, the "doesn't have to guarantee unless synced" thing was brought up as an excuse.

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