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Comment Seem to be contradicting.... (Score 2) 197

"I think BlackBerry, like any company, should have a basic civil responsibility. If the world is in danger, we should be able to help out." ...
Chen also warned that mandatory back doors aren't a good idea either.

I'd like to hear Chen's idea of how he can accomplish access to encrypted data without the user's consent while not having a back door.
I suppose he doesn't count the vendor having the user's key and using it without permission as "unauthorized access".

Comment Re:People with hundreds of tapes? Recording for du (Score 1) 130

but Disney is an important exception. 50 Disney movies isn't cheap.

And Disney VHS cassettes come with DRM, so you can't always convert them to DVD yourself.

I would argue it's not worth the effort. Most of Disney's high-profile movies are available restored on blu-ray now. The increase in picture and audio quality is worth rebuying instead of converting an analog SD format to a newer medium.

Comment Re:Well, I _wanted_ to like her. (Score 1) 175

Pardon Snowden... Stein got off on the right foot there. Sounds good so far...

Unfortunately, she shoved the other one in her mouth. She's in favor of "homeopathic medicine", and says that nuclear energy is, "dirty, dangerous and expensive, and should be precluded on all of those counts", when the actual data shows just the opposite.

She's running with the Green Party. What else would you expect from someone on a platform with a bunch of naturalists?

Comment Re:Poor Microsoft... (Score 1) 104

I didn't realize we only measured 'success' based upon what Wall Street thinks.

For large corporations we do. If you don't make that crowd happy you'll find yourself subject to takeover attempts, boardroom shakeups, and activist investors.

Life is really easier for a privately held company, because they can just say "because it's our business, fuck you" to their critics.

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