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Comment Re:If your personal emails are released... (Score 1) 102

Again with the, "Why would you want privacy unless you had something to hide?" argument.

The answer is that even legal, ethical facts can be deeply embarrassing. If you enemy learns such a secret, he can use it to wound you or to turn your neighbors against you. Imagine that you had:
1. divorced a spouse because of their drinking problem or abusiveness
2. had a child who became a felon
3. been bankrupted by medical expenses / job loss

Don't talk to me about illogical. Don't pretend that my new community will treat me with fairness or compassion, or that I can magically find people who will. In real life, people keep secrets for good reasons. Because sometimes you just need a chance to start over and be known for what I am now.

And, don't tell me that I should submit myself to the judgment and compassion of the doxxers. It only takes one doxxer who values his cause more than justice and then the damage will be done.

Comment Re:thoughts: (Score 1) 283

High male-to-female limits sex-per-capita in a couple different ways:

It seems to me that we could do a couple of interesting studies along those lines:
1. Does per-woman* sex/month correlate with male/female** ratio in dating pool?
2. Does per-woman sex/month correlate with average female education level (or some other proxy for intelligence)?
3. Does per-woman sex/month correlate with female income level? with male income level?

*Obviously, per-man sex/month will decrease if there are more males than females.
**We might be able to formulate some non-hetero questions, too.

Comment Where were you, Nintendo? (Score 2) 59

I think I am their target market. Our Wii is aging and my kids are growing but not yet grown (oldest is middle school). I want a console with engaging, playable titles that won't bore them. On the other hand, I'm not ready to immerse them in the apocalyptic nightmare killiastic gore storm that I bathed in throughout my own 20's. Sure, we want all the new, awesome doodads, resolution, headsets, multiplayer, massive multiplayer, etc., but please with a plot that doesn't involve clubbing down either little old ladies or baby seals, or wielding bone saws. Maybe some scheming plumbers and giant megalomaniacal apes?

When I had to settle for a PS4 last year, what I really wanted was the awesome, high-powered, market-leading Nintendo console of my dreams. Where were you, Nintendo?

Comment Re:Its Open Season on the Little Guy (Score 5, Insightful) 197

Let us not forget that his very first executive order jacked up mortgage costs for home buyers. It's hard to find a total price tag reported for that move, but a naive* calculation suggests 750000 loans x $500/year x 30 years = $11 billion on loans taken out in 2017, with more to follow for next year's loans. All of it straight out of the pockets of the little guy.

*I defer to some one who actually understands present value calculations on loans.

Comment look at life: has software changed it? (Score 2) 115

Clearly, the museum wasn't trying to list the top 7 most inventive software creations ever. Instead, they looked at people's lives / endeavors and ask whether software had changed that aspect of life. Roughly:

Entertainment (visual): Photoshop
Entertainment (audio): MP3
Medicine: MRI
Manufacturing: car crash simulation
Scholarship: Wikipedia
Communication: texting
It Makes a Visually Appealing Exhibit: World of Warcraft

Comment Illegal Orders (Score 1) 372

1. Find a statute that requires an agency to publish certain information.
2. Find an executive order that forbids the agency from publishing that information.
3. Sue the executive. (Or, perhaps, prosecute the executive if there is a provision making such interference criminal.)

Comment Don't ask why. Ask how. (Score 1) 205

You will fail if only because there is always some other Chinese company ready to give people what they want.

Will they fail?

Apple dropped the headphone jack.
Samsung dropped the headphone jack.
HTC drops headphone jack.
Moto Z and Moto Z Force lack jacks.
Google Pixel, however, has the jack.
LG V20 has the jack too.

How did so many of these corps arrive at the same decision at the same time? Possibilities:
#1. Each corp sees the same need for this.
#2. Each corp is watching the others and copying their moves.
#3. Collusion.

#1 is unlikely. Dropping the headphone jack adds user expense and eats battery life for a trivial space savings.

#2 is unlikely because more corps would have broken ranks to keep the headphone jack and scoop up the segment of the market that wants one.

So, how did so many of these corps. manage to do the same thing at the same time?

Comment Re:having more money (Score 0) 126

Mod parent up.

One thing that buying a premium phone will get you is features that the base phone doesn't have. Just knowing that you have something* that your neighbor doesn't will make you happier. Heck, your neighbor's jealousy of your shiny new toy will make you happier, all by itself.

*Even if the something is, rationally, not very different. e.g., 24.2GB of usable storage compared to 22.8GB.

Comment Re:Or... (Score 1) 126

You've got it. People want not to have been wrong.

They want not to have gotten a lemon when they paid premium $$$.
They want not to be stuck in a job/career they now despise.
They want not to have screwed up their children's lives.
They want not to have voted for a bozo.

The longer you listen to people talking about choices they now cannot unmake, the more it all sounds the same.

Comment Metaphor? I dont' know what it's for. (Score 1) 90

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Thinks [a cheap* heavy launch infrastructure] Can Be the New Internet

There, fixed that for you. What Bezos is saying is that Amazon's rise was possible because some one had already deployed a long distance phone network and a postal system, and had already invented the Internet and the web. He is proposing to invent*/deploy the systems that will make startup companies for applications in space feasible.

*This is the step of his proposal, where a miracle occurs, is not going to be as hard as jumping from a long distance phone network to the Internet was. It is going to be as hard as jumping from hide drums to the Internet was.

Submission + - SPAM: Faithful Energy Customers Overpaying by £5.4bn per year

vswitchusave writes: Recent inspection regarding energy comparison sites revealed that those customers who stays loyal with their supplier for years. They paid some £5.4bn a year to the energy companies. Even, a third of UK households who stuck to the same supplier for more than five years, have spent £18.7bn more than required. Just because of this, media talks a lot about the broken trust between faithful customers and energy suppliers.
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