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Comment I doubt it. (Score 1, Interesting) 96

Anyone remember when Osborne Computers made the mistake of announcing computers before they were ready and pretty much tanked the company?

I guess that is no longer a concern, what I see Apple doing is - don't buy a Samsung since we have neat new stuff that will probably never come out.

I see this as an attempt to dampen the Samsung hype going on with the S8.

I'm not needing a phone for awhile and still use wired headphones so I'm not really on Apples radar anymore.

Comment Re:Quick: Contact CEO. Tell him Apple is computer (Score 1) 76

Sorry but every freaking year Apple says that they have exciting new products in store for us and every year they disappoint.

On the hardware front they keep removing ports and while other companies can make a laptop with > 16G we can't get that on the MBP. I can get a lightup bar that changes depending on the app but sadly I touch type and rarely look at the keyboard so this isn't for me or most of the developers I know that can type.

Sure, if you have to look at the keyboard as you hunt and peck it's probably useful but Apple doesn't seem to know that a keyboard that changes as you type isn't a step in the right direction. I tried the new MBP in the store and it's lost all of it's feel. We shouldn't have to sacrifice in the race to be thin.

The new mini is a joke and they don't even do monitors or access points anymore.

My mac's have served me well but if I never have to open iTunes again I'll be happy.

Looking at what they just released as the new iPad I can see that they have started to go the cheap route. It's no longer about the product but about the profit.

So, yes, Apple has abandoned the PC market they just don't want to admit it.

Submission + - Prenda Saga Update: John Steele Pleads Guilty, Admits Entire Scheme

Freshly Exhumed writes: Ken White at Popehat has updated the Prenda Law saga today with news of the downfall of one of the principals: 'Back in December the feds charged Steele and Hansmeier with an array of federal crimes arising from a scheme that has now been identified and decried by federal courts across the country. And today John Steele pleaded guilty in federal court to two counts of that indictment — mail fraud in violation of 18 USC 1341 and money laundering in violation of 18 USC 1956(h). Upon entry of judgment after his sentencing, John Steele will be a convicted felon with a federal fraud conviction. His career as a lawyer — or, more generally, as a gainfully employed person — is over.' Still to come is the case of Steele's colleague and partner, Paul Hansmeier.

Comment Re:Marketing to the Cult (Score 1) 168

This and the visual voicemail. That was game changing and it took someone big enough to push the telco's into getting it done.

What's sad is that Microsoft probably had the power to push for the same stuff but not the vision, my phone before my first iPhone was the Motorola MPX-200 (a windows phone - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/... )) and it sucked. I tried the Palm phone and while it was a little bit better the OS was just not up to getting decent apps.

So aside from everyone copying the look and feel they did manage to pull away control from the telcos which is a great thing (IMHO). I wish Google would do that for Android but I don't see that happening.

Comment Apple saved me money this year (Score 1) 188

Loyal Apple fan for years but this year I just finally gave up. I was due for a laptop upgrade but was holding out for > 16G. That didn't happen and there is no way I'll be going to the new MBP. Saved > 2k there.

Then I was going to get the Apple TV but it doesn't play nicely with my Harmony hub so I decided to do an Amazon Fire TV. It's impressive, 4k, runs Plex and everything I need, I can still AirPlay (granted I needed to buy an app for that but I can live with that) and it's 1/2 the price of an apple tv.

I was also going to go from my 5s to the new phone (every 2 or 3 years it seems) but the 7 had too much courage for me and I use a headset for over an hour a day and although I tried bluetooth headset, a wired headset just works.

So Apple saved me a bunch of money and that is going to my new motorcycle fund, thank you apple.

Comment Apple pipeline (Score 2) 230

I've been a mac user for years so I pay attention to what they say in the annual conf calls. Every freaking year Steve Jobs or now Tim Cook would say that they have exciting new products in the pipeline and it's going to be an exciting year ahead.

And every single year we get nothing exciting or innovative or from the Mac side even a decent refresh. I'm now making the effort to move away when possible. I did the Fire TV instead of the new appleTV (which is good since the appleTV doesn't pay nice with the Harmony Hub) and there is no way I'll jump on the Home infrastructure. I like the Insteon system (currently).

The wonderful Intel NUC is making for a nice replacement for my mac mini (for headless servers) so that area is covered.

That leaves a replacement for the MacPro and my notebook (MBP). I have another 2 years or so before I'll be refreshing so I'm just going to wait.

The fact that they threw away monitors makes getting a Dell monitor that much easier. For my work the Dell's have been great.

Sad to see how much I've spent over the past 20 years but before that I was buying a Sony or HP every stinking year. It was nice to go 3+ years and then be able to hand the replacement to a family member. We have MBPs that are going on 8 years old still running strong.

Comment Re:What note solution? (Score 1) 98

It appears that QNAP NAS also support note station. I haven't installed it yet but since I just deactivated my Evernote account I guess it's my next step.

I stopped paying for evernote when I had to do a restore and all of my notes went into one folder.

Since then I use a combination of Pocket and email, note perfect and hopefully Note Station will be a decent solution.

Comment where is the keyboard with the touchbar? (Score 3, Informative) 212

Ok, so they brag about how great the keyboard is and that you can connect to a bunch of monitors. But I don't know anyone who connects to external monitors and still types on the laptop keyboard.

Of course most of the people I know touch type and don't look at the keyboard anyway, so that 'feature' is just going to be a pain.

After this I'm done with macs and that's saying a lot considering how many how many I've used over the years.

Submission + - FTC Warns Consumers: Don't Sync To Your Rental Car! (securityledger.com)

chicksdaddy writes: The Federal Trade Commission is warning consumers to beware of new ‘connected car’ features that allow rental car customers to connect their mobile phone or other devices to in-vehicle infotainment systems, The Security Ledger reports. (https://securityledger.com/2016/08/ftc-warns-consumers-of-rental-car-data-theft-risk/)

“If you connect a mobile device, the car may also keep your mobile phone number, call and message logs, or even contacts and text messages,” the FTC said in an advisory released on Tuesday. (https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/blog/what-your-phone-telling-your-rental-car) “Unless you delete that data before you return the car, other people may view it, including future renters and rental car employees or even hackers.”

The Commission is advising renters to avoid syncing their mobile phones to their rental car, or to power devices via a USB port, where settings on your device may allow automatic syncing of data. Consumers who do connect their device should scrutinize any requests for permissions. Renters are also urged to remove their device from the vehicle’s memory before handing it back over to the rental firm.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Living on the command line? (networkworld.com)

LichtSpektren writes: Last month, Bryan Lunduke of Network World began a public experiment where he tried to live 30 days without using X.org, i.e. using the command line exclusively. He ended up surrendering on day 10 because "attempting to use sites such as Google+, LinkedIn or Facebook—directly from terminal-based web browsers—is a truly painful experience. It can be made to work. Really. It can. But it’s just no fun at all." The series will probably come across as amusingly posh to people that spend most of their day in the terminal, but it is interesting note that Lunduke ends by saying that after the experiment, he now chooses to manage his music, notes, and instant messaging at the command line "because, I swear, it’s just such a nice experience."

I was just curious what things Slashdotters still do on the command line that's now commonplace to do with a GUI, such as watching YouTube videos. Skip the usual ones like vim/emacs, IRC, and just about anything a sysadmin does, since those are still widely done from the terminal and too obvious to mention. Is there anybody that uses Lynx for all web browsing, including this article? Are there any professional video/image/audio producers that do most of their work at the command line? Last year, Microsoft's April Fools' joke was MS-DOS for smartphones; is there anybody that seriously uses a terminal emulator to handle their text messages and calls?

Comment Re:Cable channel syndrome (Score 2) 175

I just checked, it's a dollar if you redeem in 24 hours then the price changes. The web site doesn't say how much it changes but they do say that there is a floor.

So it's a dollar or more depending on when you trade it back in.

The cool thing about netflix is that I can sit on a disk if I don't want to watch it right away. I pay a flat price and I'm happy with it.

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