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Submission + - FTC Warns Consumers: Don't Sync To Your Rental Car! (securityledger.com)

chicksdaddy writes: The Federal Trade Commission is warning consumers to beware of new ‘connected car’ features that allow rental car customers to connect their mobile phone or other devices to in-vehicle infotainment systems, The Security Ledger reports. (https://securityledger.com/2016/08/ftc-warns-consumers-of-rental-car-data-theft-risk/)

“If you connect a mobile device, the car may also keep your mobile phone number, call and message logs, or even contacts and text messages,” the FTC said in an advisory released on Tuesday. (https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/blog/what-your-phone-telling-your-rental-car) “Unless you delete that data before you return the car, other people may view it, including future renters and rental car employees or even hackers.”

The Commission is advising renters to avoid syncing their mobile phones to their rental car, or to power devices via a USB port, where settings on your device may allow automatic syncing of data. Consumers who do connect their device should scrutinize any requests for permissions. Renters are also urged to remove their device from the vehicle’s memory before handing it back over to the rental firm.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Living on the command line? (networkworld.com)

LichtSpektren writes: Last month, Bryan Lunduke of Network World began a public experiment where he tried to live 30 days without using X.org, i.e. using the command line exclusively. He ended up surrendering on day 10 because "attempting to use sites such as Google+, LinkedIn or Facebook—directly from terminal-based web browsers—is a truly painful experience. It can be made to work. Really. It can. But it’s just no fun at all." The series will probably come across as amusingly posh to people that spend most of their day in the terminal, but it is interesting note that Lunduke ends by saying that after the experiment, he now chooses to manage his music, notes, and instant messaging at the command line "because, I swear, it’s just such a nice experience."

I was just curious what things Slashdotters still do on the command line that's now commonplace to do with a GUI, such as watching YouTube videos. Skip the usual ones like vim/emacs, IRC, and just about anything a sysadmin does, since those are still widely done from the terminal and too obvious to mention. Is there anybody that uses Lynx for all web browsing, including this article? Are there any professional video/image/audio producers that do most of their work at the command line? Last year, Microsoft's April Fools' joke was MS-DOS for smartphones; is there anybody that seriously uses a terminal emulator to handle their text messages and calls?

Comment Re:Cable channel syndrome (Score 2) 175

I just checked, it's a dollar if you redeem in 24 hours then the price changes. The web site doesn't say how much it changes but they do say that there is a floor.

So it's a dollar or more depending on when you trade it back in.

The cool thing about netflix is that I can sit on a disk if I don't want to watch it right away. I pay a flat price and I'm happy with it.

Comment You might not like it but.. (Score 4, Interesting) 104

If it doesn't work for you then fine, I actually find it quite handy. (note that it's nowhere near perfect though but the real issues have been discussed before (battery life being the biggest)).

My test of usefulness was a week long trip I took for business and forgot to grab it on the way out. I missed being able to figure out what phone call to ignore or answer, seeing the next meeting or the text I just got without dragging the phone out of the pocket all the time is where it's a time/effort saver for me.

I can see if you are one of those people who get hundreds of notifications a day then it might be a pain but I only have family and work setup to buzz the watch. So if I get buzzed more than a couple times an hour that is unusual. Everything else I check when I have time.

It reminds me of the first apple phone, I came from using a palm treo so it wasn't an evolutionary jump for me (I also a couple windows devices). The first apple phone really didn't do much. Apple is frustratingly slow to market with features.

I probably won't buy v2 of the apple watch, I'm saving up for the next Garmin Forerunner (9xx) if it is a big enough jump from my 910XT but I do wear the apple watch daily and like it.

Comment As long as he doesn't take Koch money (Score 2) 532

I would rather have a jerk trying to run the country than a puppet for Koch and friends, I'm really interesting to see if the RNC will let him actually represent them or if something will happen on the way to the convention. Now that the Koch brothers are pushing Rubio I expect him to get better coverage but I think that Trump would make for an interesting 4 years. I don't think that 4 years under Trump would be as bad as 4 years under the Koch brothers.

( http://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2016-election/top-koch-brothers-official-jumps-marco-rubio-s-campaign-n524336 )

Comment PcDuino (Score 1) 183

I have a raspberry Pi, Beagle Bone Black and PcDuino.

Raspberry PI: don't like the fact that you have to boot off the sd card.
BBB - no complaints, nice board and has an optional display that's pretty nice
PcDuino - my favorite, more memory and flash than the other 2 devices and the v3s is in a really nice case.

The Pi and BBB lack a decent case (from what i can find)

Submission + - OS X Security Best Practices?

bobm writes: I'm heading to my first tech conference early next year and am wondering if anyone has any best practices for securing my Macbook. I have the firewall up and nothing enabled in sharing but I'm sure that there more that I can do when using my computer during the event. The option of leaving it home is not available as I'll be responsible for some code during the conference.


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