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Comment I got to quote John McCLain: (Score 1) 707

"welcome to the party, pal."

Although this isn't about racism, it's about exploitation, and its about finding someone cheaper no matter what. Ii's about not being loyal the the country that allowed you to become a billion dollar empire, it's about lies, and it's about the removal of empowerment from the people.

Didn't would have been just as happy to replace you with cheaper Americans.

Comment Re:Yeeeeeahaaaaaw! (Score 1) 707

When you call immigrants rapists. when you have a history of bringing up their race, even when they are american, when you say americans of a certain belief shouldn't be allowed back into the country.

That's why it's racism.

Trump has nothing to do with protecting the borders. You might ant to look at his history.

Comment Re:Hayden Christensen's career... (Score 1) 360

You're right about his acting ability, but the killer for the movie was direction. Portman is a much better actor, but lame script and mediocre director was what really did it in. I suspect if she was more mature at the time she could have pushed back on some of the script and direction choices.

All the hot grits in the world can't save her from that script.

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