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Comment WASD is digital; left stick is analog (Score 1) 111

Current consoles don't allow KB/M (minus rare exceptions or using an adapter)

And I'm told most of these exceptions are on PlayStation 2, 3, and 4. Some people like using a mouse in one hand and half of a DualShock in the other because unlike WASD, an analog stick offers analog control of the speed and direction of your movement, not just your aiming.

Comment Re:Why would I buy a computer FOR Microsoft? (Score 1) 111

Buy a computer that only some people (those who pay extra) are allowed to program? That's totally absurd.

The standard answer is that developer qualifications improve the median quality of games. The last time everybody was allowed to program a console was the Atari 2600. The flood of crap during 1983, led by rushed licenses such as E.T. and Pac-Man as well as blatant cash-ins such as Chase the Chuck Wagon, almost brought down the North American video game industry. (Distributors going bankrupt to avoid honoring their return policies didn't help either.) It took the NES's lockout chip to revive retailers' and users' interest in video games.

But both Microsoft and Nintendo have opened their developer programs dramatically during this console generation. Xbox One runs UWP apps with an developer mode enabler app available at no additional charge to Dev Center members, and Nintendo recently allowed individuals to become developers regardless of "industry experience". I'm guessing it's a response to the comparative openness of Apple's App Store and Google Play Store, along with the realization that reviews by third parties can filter out the crap.

Comment Re:What a bargain (Score 1) 111

When you have to pay $10/mo for Xbox Live, you're out another $120/year.

Both Xbox Live and PS+ are available for $50/yr, and you can find it them on sale for $35-40/yr.

When you have three people in the house and have to pay $40/yr for PS+ or Live on each of their consoles, you're out another $120/year.

Comment Re:Still a proprietary, DRM'd piece of shit. (Score 1) 111

- Play CDs, DVDs & Blu-ray

CD what? Xbox One can't rip CDs, and neither the PlayStation 4 nor the Wii U can even play CDs.

- Connect to video and audio content libraries in your home

How-To Geek's article claims that this happens through DLNA. I seem to remember certain PlayStation products in the past being very picky about DLNA implementation, not giving the user much useful troubleshooting information. How picky is the Xbox One's DLNA client, compared to (say) a living room PC? Does it support things like WebM (MKV container, VP8 or VP9 video, and Vorbis or Opus audio)?

Comment Which genre do you play? (Score 1) 111

It's still a Microsoft product. It still mostly plays games of a genre that I don't care about (doom clones).

As of the anniversary update, Xbox One runs Windows apps. What genre of game would you like to see developed as a Windows app, other than perhaps "fighting game with classic Nintendo IP"?

Comment Re: What "minimal functionality" for a browser gam (Score 1) 117

It seems to be a NES emulator.

As I wrote in this comment, I was hoping for a more general reply that didn't take advantage of the fact that this particular browser game operated by emulating an NES. For another browser game that does not operate by emulating a classic video game console, would I need to make three versions: one for Windows, one for macOS, and one for X11/Linux?

So, I actually meant "ROMs currently being played."

As I wrote in this comment, would you be fine with the following choices, or would you instead leave?

  • A. Play now without charge (requires JavaScript)
  • B. Purchase ROMs for use with emulator or PowerPak (requires PayPal or major credit card)

I've never been keen on running arbitrary code on my computer, even if it is sandboxed (build a perfect sandbox, and then, maybe).

If an application is available for download, it is also "arbitrary code". How do you run it?

Comment Re: What "minimal functionality" for a browser gam (Score 1) 117

Readable source, developer blog, bug tracker and notes on same, lists of currently played games.

Wouldn't "Readable source" enable others to make available modded, rebranded versions, thereby requiring severe changes to a proprietary game's revenue model? Wouldn't a bug tracker need some sort of policy to keep bugs private to block cheating by reading and exploiting others' bugs? And by "currently played games", did you mean a list of instances of this game in progress, or did you mean other game products that the developersimfile have been playing over the past several weeks?

But, more realistically,new can distinguish between a web page, and a web application.

There appears to be a vocal minority on Slashdot who is of the opinion that "web applications" should never have existed in the first place, that apps should be made in Qt/C++ and not HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

Comment What "minimal functionality" for Cookie Clicker (Score 1) 117

Eliminating the NES from the equation:

I imagine that Orteil, developer of the game Cookie Clicker, might be interested in implementing "some kind of minimal functionality" for a page on his website. Currently the game requires JavaScript for its core function of executing game rules and displaying its graphics. What "kind of minimal functionality" would be appropriate here? How could a game written in JavaScript be made downloadable? Are you referring to providing a zipfile with all game assets and then hoping the user knows how to override Chrome's default policy of not allowing XMLHttpRequest to the file: URL scheme? Overriding this policy requires closing all tabs and restarting Chrome with the --allow-file-access-from-files command-line option.

Likewise with the game Pirates Love Daisies.

Comment Pay for ROM (Score 1) 117

Would it be acceptable if the play button is available without charge but requires JavaScript to use, and the download button works without JavaScript but requires payment to obtain? Or what am I missing?

In your previous example the application in question is native to the NES so it seems you've already made up your mind. Just provide the native NES ROM file

Would it be acceptable if the play button is available without charge but requires JavaScript to use, and the "Download ROM for use in FCEUX or PowerPak" button works without JavaScript but requires payment to obtain?

Comment CPALead (Score 1) 117

What you describe sounds like "cost per action". I've seen where that has gone in the past with networks like CPALead where sites require you to sign up for a free trial of something (with your credit card number so it can auto-renew) or download and install a Windows-only, binary-only application before a page will display.

Comment Hercules InColor Card (Score 1) 121

In addition to the MDA-with-graphics Hercules Graphics Card (HGC), Hercules also made a CGA clone called the Hercules Color Card designed to coexist with the HGC. I don't know if it's compatible enough to run the 8088 MPH demo. This was followed by a 16-of-64-color card comparable to EGA, called the Hercules InColor Card. But you're correct that no well-known Hercules card could do 256 explicit colors.

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