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Comment Re:price increases will make this unviable (Score 1) 1104

Prices and rents will increase, and suddenly whatever the basic income is will no longer be sufficient. And then what?

That's entirely dependent on what people do. If they respond by getting work to pay those higher prices then the prices will rise. If people respond by saying "Tough, this is what I'm paying." then the prices will flatten out.

Supply and demand still applies. Now you know why sodas remained at 50 cents for as long as they did.

Comment Re:Missed the main reason (Score 1) 183

I'm not sure I agree that computer speed has flattened out over the last five years, the new computers I get at work are definitely significantly faster at each turn. I'll concede that it's hard to gauge because different components have different bottlenecks, what I do is very GPU heavy for example.

The reason I've observed is that newer computers don't actually open any new doors. Back when I first got into PCs in the early 90's, we went from choppy side-scrollers, point and click adventures, and flat-shaded polygon flight simulators to Doom, Quake, and eventually GTA. In the last ten years I've gone from Quake to GTA to.. umm.. whatever the current run-around-and-shoot game is everybody plays now. My laptop is 4 years old, if I buy a top of the line machine I'll.. umm... make WinRar go faster.

We've reached the goal we wanted with computing and so far noone has set a new one. When that happens we'll start seeing that again. In the mean time we're in the "shrink it all!" phase. (That's going to plateau soon, too.)

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