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Comment Re:I'd be excited too, if Comcast lost my address (Score 1) 68

The city should require the cable monopolies to provide service to everyone they can in their monopoly areas

It's the city blocking it (or at least was, I see all sorts of articles about the mayor THINKING about changing Rule 2-2009, but I haven't seen a single one about it actually being changed).

In order to install new telecom cabinets, 60% of the OWNERS (not the person renting the house, whatever guy in Florida or China or wherever who owns it) of the buildings within 100 feet of the cabinet has to approve the construction, and nonresponders are considered "No" votes.

Seattle is weird.

Comment Re:That's 129.2F if you're interested. (Score 2) 352

My mother spent most of my childhood while I was learning metric ranting against the metric system. She was absolutely convinced it was a plot to rip her off: that a gallon of milk would be rounded down to 3 liters and still cost as much, that a 5 pound bag of sugar would be rounded down to 2kg and cost as much, and so on.

The "shrink ray" effect of inflation proved that switching to metric was not necessary to rip everyone off, but I suspect that at the time, enough housewives felt the same as her that attempts to switch America to the metric system went nowhere.

Comment Re:You've got to appreciate the irony... (Score 1) 80

Yahoo says this is impossible, then Yahoo does what they claimed was impossible. Thus, there are two options:

1. Yahoo lied the first time
2. Yahoo lied the second time

I'd appeal too. Especially if I was innocent and Yahoo faked emails to appease some government entity who was sure I must have something incriminating.

Comment Re:Amazon is awesome for knockoffs! (Score 1) 346

The problem is that we have accepted, in a large number of cases, ignoring laws we don't like, and people think that is how it is supposed to work for all laws.

That pretty much sums it up. Everyone thinks someone died and made them supreme arbiter of which laws and regulations ought to be followed, and they all get quite unhappy when someone else's opinion conflicts with theirs.

Comment Re:It will only be competition if you can find it (Score 1) 89

I'm curious. How does VGA passthrough work with virtualization? Is the host treated as a headless server while the one guest the VGA card is assigned to gets a display? Does the VGA card get reset and handed back to the host when that particular guest is shut down?

Or do you have two video cards/monitors, one for the host and one for the guest? In that case, do you also have a separate keyboard/mouse for this guest? If not, how does the keyboard/mouse input get assigned to the guest? (Synergy?)

Comment Re:Stupid python comment (Score 1) 165

using % or , (comma), but for some reason "comma is safe" (I do not understand this syntactical inconsistency)

In python, % is an operator, taking the items on the right-hand side and inserting them into the string on the left-hand side. This operator is not SQL aware, so the items are simply inserted into the string without even trivial escaping.

The comma separates arguments, making the list of items a second argument for execute() to properly handle, hopefully using the database's prepared statement execution method.

Comment Re:Good! (Score 1) 613

Companies seeking skilled labor, from developers to the skilled trades, are still see labor shortages

What a coincidence! I'm seeing a shortage of Maseratis. I'm certainly not going to pay the six figures that entitled car company thinks their car is worth, so I'll just buy a Tata instead.

It's funny how many people think that labor is somehow exempt from the laws of supply and demand. Oddly, the people who think they shouldn't have to pay more to get more labor never seem to get called "entitled", despite the fact that they've come to the bargaining table with a set number in mind and immediately whine to the government when there's nobody willing to take their peanuts.

Comment Re:End government theft and poverty will go away (Score 1) 1140

you would have otherwise made another 15% hadn't the government stolen it from them.

They don't tell you that because that's a lie and you know it. If employment taxes disappeared tomorrow, employees wouldn't get a single dime extra. The employers will say "you agreed to work for $x" and keep the rest as profit.

I don't think UBI can succeed, but lying about it isn't going to help make your case.

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