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Submission + - Libido Reduction Methods and Techniques?

An anonymous reader writes: Underutilized libido is a big problem for many attached males, especially those on slashdot. Women no longer need men to gather and hunt and have evolved away from the need to satisfy their partners. To cope, I now run 6 miles per day, took up the guitar, and added a part-time job... I get to sleep faster, but it doesn't take the edge off while I'm awake, and nobody wants to waste hour after hour on traditional methods. I'd seriously considering faking depression just to get antidepressants for the promise of a significantly reduced drive. Has anybody had luck finding ways to kill off this incessant biological drive that provides no benefit for the oppressed modern man?

Submission + - Viruses & Malware Via Social Networking Sites

Marc Beharry writes: "It appears that hackers and other online bad guys are using social networking and social bookmarking sites to draw in victims.

It was only a matter of time before they realized the potential to distribute their malware via these new tools.

The can actually circumvent the protections that Google (GOOG) and other sites provide us by banning and publicizing sites that hide, spyware, viruses, spoofs, trojans and other malicious software.

Being a very big fan of social networking sites myself, the though never even occured to me until I obtained a virus by "stumbling" a recommended site from a fellow techie via

Social networking sites need to implement security measures ASAP so they do not harm their communities. I believe these companies will not do anything until the word really starts to get out and visitors start to decline.

So be weary do not trust unknown members of your respective social communities..."

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