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Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 621

" Second, thinking that your gun will save you means that you are wasting time solving the wrong problem. It's a legal, law enforcement, information, and telecommunications threat, so sitting around counting your bullets and cleaning you gun means that you are a non-combatant. " Thank you for this.

Comment Re:Thoughts from a Surface Pro 3 user (Score 1) 101

" I did not find it a good device for sketching; the interface in Photoshop CS5 (my usual painting program)"

When all you have is a hammer....

Seriously, PS5 is what you based a thousand dollar machine on? Considering the plethora of very good sketching programs out there the fact that you used PS5 tells me that you didn't really give the thing a chance, or that your idea of sketching is different than using a pencil and paper. I have a Surface 1 with Autodesk's Sketchbook Pro and it is a joy to work with. Smooth drawing, grea tool set you name it. I hope to get my hands on a copy of Manga Studio, but it isn't in the cards at the moment. Penny Arcade has been drawn on Surfaces for a while now, though I understand that Gabe has had some issues with the SP3. There are plenty of artists out there who are very happy to have an alternative to the side pad and the the surfaces are scratching that itch. Next time you try one, grab some 30 day trials of some software that is actually meant to do what you are looking for, PS is great and all, but lets be honest, it is becomming a backwater in the sketching deparment for a reason.

Comment Re:Java or Python (Score 1) 415

Which is why when you read you don't have to care if it is a tab and three spaces, two short tabs or 8 spaces. Using a non-visible character for control is just a bad idea. And don't even get me started on code clarity - what I find clear to read vs what you do vs what a compiler demands - ICK! To put it into web terms, go try posting something about how the new (place your browser here) is going to impose its manufacture's CSS on every page, ignoring the user's css prefs, hell even ignoring the page authors css and see what kind of firestorm you light off, and with good reason. Code should be no different. Especially when it comes to white space as commands.

Comment Re:"Rare talents"?! (Score 2) 608

As far as amateurs, the barrier to entry for programming is far less than for working with electricity. Which requires more training - writing an Apple Store app, or safely changing out the breaker box in your basement?

Changing out your breaker box. Hands down. There is no arcana, English as a language, no IDE, no security, no graphics to work out, no logic. You almost can't buy the wrong materials, and if you actually ask the guy at the store you won't and after that it is pretty much tab A, slot B, kind of work. It is so easy that most munis don't require that a licensed electrician do the work. Oh, and for the small fee to the city you have to pay for the permit theey have a guy come out to inspect the work to make sure you didn't screw up.

I am a programmer and I have a vague idea where to start with making an app for iOS, but specifics? It would take me longer to dig them up than driving down to the local hardware store to buy a breaker box and some fuses. In short, you posted as if electrical work was "a vocation requiring rare talents, grueling training, and total dedication" while trying to down play programming. I agree that programming really isn't that hard, but there is a reason programmers get paid what they do.

Comment Re:Marketing geniuses (Score 1) 72

Serendipity. It has not been digitally reproduced. Go to a large university library and go browse the stacks. There is no web experience like it. On a smaller scale, that is what the good corner Mom and Pop video store used to provide as well. Smaller yet, the local paper, then magazines. And when you said "like moving pictures or keyword-search" did you mean info-tainment and echo chambers? Or perhaps distractions and monomania? Training wheels and ADHD?

Comment Re:Code names (Score 1) 179

Or it just adds to the confusion:

'Are you running Trust Tahr?'


'Or 14.04?'


If the numbers were arbitrary you would have an excellent point. But if I can place in my head about when I installed it, then that is the version I search on. Quick - when was Hardy Herring? Did you have to go look?

And yeah, I *know*.

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