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Comment Re:Fortran (Score 3, Interesting) 616

I'm not quite old enough to have used FORTRAN. I grew up on BASIC and Z-80 assembly language on a TRS-80 (and a bit of HP BASIC on equipment at school), but when I went to college in 1982, they were using PL/I. The first semester was even on IBM equipment, but fortunately they got a VAX late in the semester, because I managed to screw up my JCL by trying to reformat it to be readable. I still don't know why it took DEC so long to add the UNTIL statement to their PL/I compiler.

Then I got into programming on the Macintosh, so I started using Pascal. Also, Turbo Pascal was a thing, and they were both UCSD variants. But one of the worst things to do is use Pascal and PL/I at the same time. (as in same era, not simultaneously) The function headers are syntactically backwards to each other.

I didn't even officially switch over to C until after 2000. I even have one program I use sometimes that started with code I originally wrote in college in PL/I, then ported to Pascal, then again ported to C.

Comment No. (Score 4, Interesting) 171

robots.txt is intended to indicate what parts of a site should not be scanned recursively, often due for technical reasons such as generated content> It especially for sub-paths like /cgi-bin/, but there is no technical reason why the content of any arbitrary URL can't be programmatically generated. It might be and you wouldn't even know it, because the generated content may be the same most of the time, such as a navigation menu.

However, it was also not intended to be used to remove previously-archived content, as is currently using it. When an archived page changes status in robots.txt, they should note the first date that the status changed, then simply stop updating it until and if robots.txt re-allows it.

scanning and archiving are two different operations, and robots.txt is only intended to apply to the former.

Comment Re: Project Atlas (Score 1) 1222

The scene with the spaceship and playing the music is awesome (I read that one of the Arp synthesizer guys was actually cast as one of the music crew), the mashed potatoes scene is funny, everything else I guess is meh. But a few scenes does not make a great movie. Overrated? Perhaps, but at the time it was really hyped.

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