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Comment Re:YES! (Score 1) 351

My hipster friend goes in with 3 other folk and picks out a cow, has it slaughtered and butchered, they each fill a chest freezer and have a year supply of beef for a few dollars a pound. It is the best beef I've ever tasted, pastured in the coastal hills of central california. Of course you end up with a lot of cuts of meat that aren't popular.

Comment Re:I don't understand these warnings. (Score 1) 141

I've been playing for a week and on my route to work encounter a lot of the same pokemon in the same places. I find a lot of rat and snake ones in grassy areas, water types along a creek, etc. There are rare pokemon that you only see once in a great while, and there seems to be a time of day component. Hasn't gotten too repetitive yet.

Comment Re:night time (Score 1) 141

I'm guessing this campus is a corporate campus, such as the Cisco campus that I was asked to leave back in Ingress days. The guard knew about Ingress and asked which team I was on. He let me hit the portal and said other guards aren't so cool.

Many many portals are technically on private property - artwork or fountains in a business park for example, and players need to get within 30 meters to interact with them. People aren't necessarily going for pokemon on private property, they are trying to hit a pokestop or a gym. Some of these large campuses are a legal gray area - they are quite large and have pedestrian paths that have a history of use for short cuts which makes them quasi public.

Comment Re:I heard you can Set Lures (Score 2) 141

You can only deploy lures at established pokestops which are various landmarks (portals from Ingress)

Savvy business owners are buying lure modules in game and deploying them, advertising on social media. Players are motivated to hang around within 30 meters to hit the pokestop every 5 minutes and catch the attracted pokemon.

Comment Re:I don't understand these warnings. (Score 1) 141

You need to be <30m to interact w/a gym or pokestop (portals from ingress) and many of these are behind fences or on private property. Lots of players feel compelled to hop a fence or trespass to get within interaction distance. There are some nearby my work that are in active construction zones and I've seen players try to dodge bulldozers to snag a gym in the middle of the pit.

Maybe change the motto to "You don't literally gotta catch em ALL"

Comment Re:Walmart (Score 1) 118

I eat like a goddamn hippie and shop at walmart sometimes. They have the best price on pinto beans and dry whole milk out of all the stores along my route to work. They have a lot of garbage like any store, but they have excellent prices on staples. I go out of my way to shop at walmart occasionally since everyone else seems determined to charge a lot for basic items. Why are dry beans >$1/lb everywhere except walmart?

Comment Re:Buy used? (Score 1) 622

I used to feel that way until someone rear-ended my sensible liability only $5k sedan. It was totaled. Their insurance didn't want to pay what my car was worth, and my only option was to pay a lawyer to take them to court. I upgraded to comp coverage, only cost about $150/year more, and the next time someone rear ended me I got a check for the full value from my insurer same week no hassle. Their lawyers dug into the at fault insurer I have no doubt.

Well worth the saved time, money, and peace of mind.

Comment Re:median vs average (Score 1) 622

Balderdash. I've bought numerous used vehicles for myself and friends and not once got a lemon. Of course it is smart to have it inspected by a reliable mechanic prior to purchase, but I don't always even do that much.

Lots of people buy new cars just because they want a new car. Old one is perfectly fine. There are so many used cars entering the market in top condition it is never hard for me to find what is called for within a month or two at a good price.

Comment Re:median vs average (Score 1) 622

You're quite a bit luckier/smarter than the average car owner. Your depreciation is well under half the average, which is inflated by people who buy new cars or cars that don't hold their value. You don't list several major expenses that most owners have - finance charges, tires, registration/license/taxes contribute $1500 on average to ownership costs.

That accounts for the difference between your numbers and the average. It's all spelled out in the (very good) article.

Comment Re:Oh the horror for mouse land. (Score 1) 190

What a strange thing to say. All the MRIs I've seen done were done for one reason - to move money from one place to another place. Sure, there is some vague unproven claim of medical necessity. If your precious Helium is not around at any price (impossible!) I've got great faith in the ability of humans to find some other excuse to move money from one place to another.

It is so funny how people get worked up about one element and ignore the giant oceans of waste flowing by constantly. No biggie though, at least it isn't Helium!

Tell you what. If Helium ever becomes scarce how about we stop buying say Candy and plow those hundreds of billions of dollars into recovering Helium from gas wells, welding, and we can make Helium so cheap we can fill our tires with it just to piss you off.

Comment Re:Oh the horror for mouse land. (Score 1) 190

Horsefeathers. You can get as much He as you want from gas well waste, rocks or Jupiter, it just costs energy. Energy that humanity wastes on whatever baloney seems important. You can rest assured that a hundred years from now there will be plenty of He around at a price. Probably enough low purity stuff for balloons at a price.

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