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Comment Re:Retaliatory measures based on no evidence. (Score 3, Insightful) 821

Yeah, damn them californiana, thinking they're real people.
They should be grateful they get half the vote weight of a pre-civil war slave. It's not like their cities full of visitors from around the globe could possibly teach them more about geopolitical relations than Real Americans who once saw an asian person on their way to the bar.

Comment Re: Obama has no right to do this (Score 1) 557

I didn't vote for clinton either. She's too fucking toxic and likely would have been impeached in the first year.
But the guy who did win does not have the support of the majority of americans, acts like a god damned child when he doesn't get his way, and STILL thinks this is something he can do part time. I would have preferred Johnson over either, but I'll take a brief Clinton presidency over this train wreck.
My "horse" in this race was anyone but that jaundiced chihuahua.

Your response to my ice driving comment is exactly what I expected. You have the exact same small area mindset as a lot of people here. You can't comprehend scale, can you?

You who believes yourself worth more than others because of where you live can go fuck yourself. I am a citizen, my life and opinion is worth no more and no less than any other.
I've applied logic to this conversation. You just ignore it like everything else inconvenient because you seriously believe your feelings trump actual facts, just like all the other complete idiots who voted for the muppet reject.

Comment Re: Obama has no right to do this (Score 1) 557

I live in a rural farming community and have my entire life. I know what the different priorities are. And so far the vast majority are incapable of comprehending the actual scale of the world and cannot fathom things like human actions altering the climate or even simple shit like other cultures existing in the world and they're not hollywood creations.
You think the average rural person should have more power than 3 city dwellers? I fucking laugh at you as I watch ANOTHER person who has lived here their entire fucking life slide off the highway outside my house because they forgot ice is slippery, just like they did every other year of driving their entire lives.

Before you say another stupid something, I still live here because I have lived surrounded by mountains my entire life. More than a week away and I start getting agoraphobic. And the ocean is just creepy as all get out.

Comment Re: Obama has no right to do this (Score 1) 557

Weird shit leaking out of city dweller's ears?
You're dehumanizing and devaluing the majority of your own countrymen based on regional differences, to support your own view that you have more of a right to this country than they do. Look in a mirror, that weird shit you see gushing out of your own ears is your ego.

Comment Re: Obama has no right to do this (Score 1) 557

Reagan was a landslide.
Obama was a landslide.
Trump won the electoral college by one of the smallest margins in decades and lost the popular vote by millions.

Now I know numbers hurt your head, so why not just go back to pasting the same GNAA shock post in every article and let us adults talk.

Comment Re: Obama has no right to do this (Score -1, Flamebait) 557

Here's the issue. America rejected trump but the system awarded him the win anyway.
By simple math the people did want smug correctness over ego soothing batshit crazy.

Trump won because the system considers city dwellers inferior to country folk. Not because of any sort of ideological superiority.

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