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Comment Just don't put it on a server (Score 1) 185

Whoever is designing such a system needs to remember to keep it client-side.

Given the ridiculous amount of processing power available on even low-end phones and tablets now there's really no excuse to rely on the horrible latency and dependence that comes with server based voice recognition.

Any voice processing that relies on server-side processing has already failed.

Comment Re: Shocking! (Score 1) 527

My understanding of the matter is that while both have similar health effects, consuming HCFS does not suppress the appetite the same way sugar does. So people who consume HCFS beverages are in danger of not feeling full as quickly and so are in danger of idly consuming more if self control is an issue.

One anecdote (not data): The one time I drank a can of HCFS fizzy, I was surprised to find I didn't get the bloated feeling I usually experience when consuming regular sugary drinks. Of course that wasn't exactly a blind study.

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