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Comment Re:Bashing Windows 10 (Score 1) 500

Telemetry isn't exclusive to Microsoft. Debian Linux has been doing telemetry since, uh, well since I started using it, in 1999 or 2000. True, it's completely optional and it asks you during installation if you'd like to participate. But somehow, because you can optout easily, its ok that Linux does Telemetry. Talk about double standard.

Did you just equate popcon to Microsoft Telemetry?


Comment Re:Bye-bye, DVD (Score 1) 301

Further advantages of watching content locally, either ripped or on physical media:

1. You're not relying on your Internet connection being available and able to keep up for the duration of the movie.
2. You're not at the mercy of the content provider deciding to close up shop, update their T&C or just block you for an arbitrary reson.
3. You're not a data point. The only one who knows what you're watching and how often is you and anyone you care to share it with.

Comment Re:Trust? (Score 1) 210

The word "courage" when applied to Apple means much the same as describing people in our community as "gifted" or "special".

For example, the decision to not release a Mac Mini or MacBook Pro that could take more than 16 GB RAM in 2016 was a very courageous move. As is sticking a fork in a power socket and licking it.

Comment Re:Finally! (Score 1) 173

That's nice, but searchable and discoverable are two very different things.

Searchable is fine if you know exactly what you're looking for by name. A discoverable menu system was a big selling point to get people off command-driven interfaces in the first place.

Comment Johnny cabs can bite me (Score 1) 383

Another reason why proponents of self-driving vehicles are kidding themselves.

Driving safely, courteously and responsibly involves far too many variables for a frickin AI to cope with, especially considering that lives are at stake. Keep piling on the rules, exceptions and priority overrides and you'll soon get spaghetti code that is impossible to audit deterministically and behaviour becomes unpredictable.

Granted there are certainly many humans who drive and shouldn't, but replacing them with robots is not the answer.

Comment Re:oh, great (Score 1) 332

Yes, but burying evidence of the Holocaust is in the interests of two fairly powerful groups that are otherwise diametrically opposed - white supremacists and muslims.

Muslims, who are for the most part raised to believe that Jews are evil incarnate and must be wiped from the face of the Earth, of course want them to get as little sympathy as possible.

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