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Comment Re: Clearly (Score 1) 194

Baseline Bullshit - you simply build your generating capacity across the grid. Coal and nuclear power is already moved hundreds of miles over power lines, so space your solar and wind generation across the same distance - the chances of a region being windless and sunless over hundreds of miles at a time is zero.

No it isn't. I wish it was, but for practical purposes of generating electricity, it's nowhere near zero.

Excess energy can be stored in hydrostatic batteries - pump water into a reservoir, then release the water to move a turbine to generate power when needed.

This is *exactly* what needs to happen, and fast. Unfortunately hydro power (what this is) is embroiled with NIMBYism so difficult to build new plants.

Before dismissing that idea, remember that all your phancy pants nuclear power plants do is heat water - to move a turbine to generate electricity.

No need to be rude.

Comment Re: Clearly (Score 3, Informative) 194

You're not getting this.

Wind is not a base load and can't ever be so long as you don't have a guaranteed 24/7/365 air flow or massive battery reservoir.

Solar isn't for obvious reasons (night time and clouds exist).

Both wind and solar presently serve to supplement base loads, not replace them. That means they provide power when they can, not when demand dictates.

At the moment the only viable base loads are hydro, coal or nuclear.

Comment Re:Let's be honest here (Score 1) 319

That means most likely you've uninstalled Chrome.

No, it's right there, right beside Firefox. Unused, except for testing the odd page.

Most people use the default. Google are using the dominant position in operating systems to push their browser. Sound familiar?

Perhaps, perhaps not. But that changes nothing for us tech-savvy people who don't have a problem with tapping an icon on the home screen to launch a web browser.

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