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Comment Re:MS Hates Linux (Score 1) 484

Counter example:

A brand new AMD graphics card will happily drive two monitors at 4k from the dual-link DVI and HDMI outputs with the stock driver under Linux, with no user interaction required.

The same card, under Windows in the same computer will drive the same monitors at 4K from the HDMI output, but will limit the DVI output to a paltry 2048x1152.

And then there's the mountains of older computer hardware that still work fine under Linux but have long been abandoned by their manufacturers so don't run under any recent Windows at all.

Comment Re:Why do you have to be prepared for it? (Score 1) 471

Different people react differently when confronted with imminent death.

You want to prepare and screen people as much as possible on Earth, so that if something goes wrong during the mission you lessen the chances of someone going moonbat crazy and jeopardizing the rest of the mission.

Comment Just don't put it on a server (Score 1) 186

Whoever is designing such a system needs to remember to keep it client-side.

Given the ridiculous amount of processing power available on even low-end phones and tablets now there's really no excuse to rely on the horrible latency and dependence that comes with server based voice recognition.

Any voice processing that relies on server-side processing has already failed.

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