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Comment Re:Shouldn't the title read.... (Score 2) 191

It's a bit rich to call it an ad and chuckle about.

No, that's exactly what it is.

It's a lot scary that it's possible for a remote attacker to ask these devices en masse to do something with nothing more than a broadcast ad. For now it was reading a wikipedia page. What happens when scumvertisers and other malicious adversaries figure out a way to make it spend money without your consent? Or to report to them that you have heard the ad, or worse.

It's not scary at all.

That risk already exists, is absurdly obvious, and has been made VERY clear on both tech forums and mainstream media. Anyone with ANY clue about phone security, and this includes people who lock their phone, has already disabled the voice feature so it isn't an issue for them.

It's about as scary as the thought that if you leave your house front door open someone could just walk in.

Comment Not high, but complicated (Score 1) 903

Where I live the vast, vast, VAST majority of workers pay their taxes by PAYE. Vast.

That is, the employer pays the taxes for them and the worker's bank account is simply direct-credited $PAY-$TAX every pay period.

The worker never sees the taxable money nor has to think about it unless they have a change of employment status or some other mitigating factor.

The only other significant tax is sales tax, which is built into the price of every good and service with a few rare exceptions.

This annual circus of "doing your taxes" that we see Americans go through just makes us shake our heads.

Comment Re:Wonderful? (Score 1) 386

Just to be pedantic, Unity was just a shell for GNOME 3. The horrible desktop environment you're referring to is most likely GNOME Shell, the default shell for GNOME 3 which, to be fair, even the GNOME developers released as a proof-of-concept hoping others would build a graphical shell that was actually usable..

Canonical are just moving Ubuntu from one GNOME 3 shell to another.

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