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Trey Parker and Matt Stone Save Enterprise 188

maotx writes "Paramount has agreed to permit Star Trek Enterprise to run for the fifth season which under normal circumstances, the sci-fi show would be impossible to produce with the reduced budget. Enter Star Trek fans Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of South Park, to save the day. The two will rename the show to "Team Enterprise" and will keep the voices of the original actors. With the lack of a budget for CGI effects the two will use a model of the Enterprise NX-01, thus reviving an old Star Trek tradition. "We prefer the look of physical, tangible models over CGI ships any day," Parker said. "Of course, we have no visual effects budget whatsoever, so we won't be painting out the strings. You'll get used to it. Still trying to figure out where to put the propeller." They then went on to comment: "We're also gonna re-do the opening title sequence," Stone revealed. "Record a new theme -- something bombastic, action-oriented. Y'know, something that isn't, like, totally gay.""
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Trey Parker and Matt Stone Save Enterprise

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