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Comment Re:Gizmodo has been banned for life from Apple eve (Score 1) 310

Simply out of my own curiosity, can you clarify this for me? You were that upset by a harmless although juvenile stunt of turning off televisions you put a tech blog on your s-list? Don't misread my question. I am not advocating their behavior, or any actions as they relate to CES or unlawful possession of an iPhone.


Comment Local ABC affiliate - epic fail (Score 1) 955

My local ABC affiliate in Cleveland, Ohio experienced technical difficulties during the entire broadcast.

I am a DishNetwork customer, and I was quick to try and blame the weather shifting the position of my dish. I also have an over the air antenna connected to my DN DVR. After stepping outside and noticing the air was calm and not a cloud in the sky, I went back and compared the Standard Definition signal from DN, the High Definition signal from DN, and the HD signal over the air. All feeds were experiencing extreme pixilation, then picture loss and drops in the audio feed. This process of pixilation, video loss, and audio loss would happen between every 1 to 4 minutes. My DishNetwork DVR has a meter which gives me a measure of the over the air signal strength. Throughout the entire episode last night the signal read at 100%, and yet I was still experiencing the pixilation and audio drop outs. I've waited six years for this finale, and for four and half hours last night I was cursing like a sailor at my TV. I thought it was funny that the local ABC affiliate was encouraging viewers to join their online chat while the show aired. I checked out the chat log, and it was riddled with complains on the video/audio feed.

So I wish I could comment on how the series ended. But I can't comment until after work today when I'll have time to watch the episode at

This experience proves to me that far too many concessions have been made for local HD channels to put up a poorly broadcast signal. Cleveland Ohio is rated 18th in market size in the United states. Why is it they are able to get away with substandard performance you'd expect from Green Bay with a market rank of 139.

Comment Re:Put the damn thing in neutral! (Score 1) 1146

I will speak from first hand experience. I was driving a 1988 Ford Ranger. The heavy duty floor mat under my feet jammed up around the accelerator, and the truck began to accelerate out of control. I pounded my foot down on the brake to no avail as the torque was far too great.

I was able to maintain a cool enough head to think through the process of putting the vehicle into neutral, and to then turn off the engine. This process is not rocket science. What boggles my mind even more so are the people who opt to calling 911 before trying to engage a car into neutral or turn off the ignition.

Comment Re:Jailbreak (Score 1) 94

This is strictly my opinion, but jailbreaking the 3.0.x iteration of the firmware on the 2G and 3G has been the easiest to jailbreak yet. A heck of a lot easier than trying to jailbreak firmware from the 1.0.x days.

Comment U100 MSI Wind (Score 1) 993

I too have a white MSI Wind. If you're really all that self conscious about your Wind, do like I did and brag about how you voided the warranty by adding another gig of ram (MSI no longer claims this voids the waranty), how you overclocked the atom processor to 1.9Ghz and how you can mod the Wind as a dual boot hackintosh as well (I never got around to that part). Well, at the very least, doing as I mentioned will scare most of the women fawning over your netbook away. Why did you want to do this again?

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